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[YesAuto News] According to the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, from 0:00 to 24:00 on September 27, Beijing had no newly reported locally confirmed cases, suspected cases, or asymptomatic infections; Beijing had no newly reported imported confirmed cases or suspected cases Cases and asymptomatic infections.

This year, the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are combined, and some friends plan to go out for fun. The Beijing Municipal Health Commission reminded that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is currently in a pandemic state, and it is still spreading outside the country, and the epidemic situation in many countries has rebounded. According to the current epidemic situation and some uncertain factors, it is recommended that citizens and friends should travel to the outskirts of Beijing and short- and medium-distance travel, focusing on outdoor activities, playing in open areas with fewer people, country parks, etc., focusing on family trips, not recommended If more people gather, do not travel to overseas countries or regions where the epidemic is still severe.

The Beijing Municipal Health Commission pointed out that if you must leave the country, you must check the website of the World Health Organization, the General Administration of Customs or the official website of the destination country in advance to understand the epidemic situation of the destination and travel advice, and prepare for targeted protection and bring enough Protective equipment such as masks and hand wipers, and pay attention to maintaining social distancing.