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[YesAuto News] The Jetta brand may be “the most familiar stranger” to netizens. As the third brand of FAW-Volkswagen after Volkswagen and Audi, Jetta has been the name of the classic car series in China for many years. The upgrade has evolved, and its brand is positioned under Volkswagen. In the future, the FAW-Volkswagen system will form a low-medium-high three-level offensive with Volkswagen and Audi to jointly explore a larger market share. At present, Jetta already has two models of VA3/VS5 on sale. Unlike the previous newsgroup’s predictions for children’s shoes (click here for details), Jetta’s new cars seem to be selling in full swing, and there is a trend of upwards. The editor decided to “dive into” the 4S shop to see what the real situation is.

Too lazy to read too many words? 3 sentences take you to quickly browse the full text:

1. The Jetta 4S store is built independently from the FAW-Volkswagen 4S store, new cars are sold independently, and the after-sales service is shared with FAW-Volkswagen.
2. There are VA3/VS5 for sale in the store, and most areas need to book a car , and there is basically no discount; VS7 has no show car and does not accept reservations, and it is expected to be listed in November.
3. Jetta appeared as a brand new brand, but there are still many consumers showing full interest in it, and there are many reasons for feelings, product strength, and cost-effectiveness.

● Jetta car purchase survey in five places-no car, waiting for a car up to 1 month

Through Jetta’s official inquiry, we randomly selected two dealers of different sizes in 5 cities to conduct this car purchase discount survey. However, since the sales channels of Jetta 4S stores are not yet popular, there may be only one 4S store in some areas, please understand.

Jetta Beijing Survey
Brand Model Storefront Preferential (ten thousand yuan) Current car situation Additional payment
Jetta VA3 A no no On the card / out of the library, etc.
B no no On the card / out of the library, etc.
VS5 A 0.3 no On the card / out of the library
B 0.3 no On the card / out of the library, etc.
Jetta Shanghai survey
Brand Model Storefront Preferential (ten thousand yuan) Current car situation Additional payment
Jetta VA3 A no no License plate/insurance, etc.
VS5 A Need to talk in detail no License plate/insurance, etc.
Jetta Guangzhou survey
Brand Model Storefront Preferential (ten thousand yuan) Current car situation Additional payment
Jetta VA3 A no no In-store licensing
VS5 A 0.3 no In-store licensing
Jetta Capital Investigation
Brand Model Storefront Preferential (ten thousand yuan) Current car situation Additional payment
Jetta VA3 A no no Optional license plate
B no no Optional license plate
VS5 A 0.3 no Optional license plate
B 0.3 no Optional license plate
Jetta survey in Shijiazhuang
Brand Model Storefront Preferential (ten thousand yuan) Current car situation Additional payment
Jetta VA3 A no Few cars no
VS5 A 0.3 no no

Friendly Reminder: Considering that the 4S shop's quotation will be adjusted frequently, the discounts of different models and the current car situation in the table appearing in this article are for reference only . If you do have purchase needs, please go directly to the store and discuss with the sales.

From the table, it is not difficult to find that currently only Beijing and Chengdu have 2 or more 4S stores. In terms of specific products, VA3 has no existing cars, and the purchase requires reservations. It takes about 10-30 days to wait, and there are no discounts; VS5 also does not have existing cars, and the purchase requires reservations. The reservation period varies from 10-30 days. but VS5 buyers can enjoy preferential 3,000 yuan, but due to the increasing number of car customers in some areas, even in November to cancel preferential policies.

From the perspective of the store, the Jetta 4S store is jointly operated by the dealers who operate the FAW-Volkswagen 4S store, and the store is built next to the FAW-Volkswagen 4S store. However, since it will take time to lay the channels, there are only two 4S stores in most areas at most, and most of them are just beginning to operate. The facilities of Jetta showroom are relatively new, and the overall decoration style tends to be younger, with blue and red as the main color, which is very jumping. At the same time, there are many rest areas in the store. Some 4S store sales wear branded work clothes, while others wear FAW-Volkswagen work clothes, which seems to imply the inseparable relationship between the two brands.

In terms of products, the VS5 is obviously the absolute protagonist in the exhibition hall. There are many different show cars appearing in the “C position”, and the VA3 is quietly parked in the corner. As for the VS7 with a larger size and level, it did not appear in the store. After consulting the sales, I learned that there is no show car in the VS7 store and no reservations are accepted. It may be listed in November.

The sales in the store have obviously undergone systematic training. During the editing process, the Jetta brand and the highlights of the new car are constantly introduced. The words “buy the engine and get the car” make people a little bit dumbfounded. When it comes to after-sales service, sales also mean that the maintenance of the new car is the same as that of FAW-Volkswagen. After buying the car, only the first guarantee is carried out at the 4S store of the car. Follow-up maintenance can choose any FAW-Volkswagen 4S store.

In terms of car buyers, the editor chooses to conduct surveys on weekdays, but there are still many consumers who come to the store to ask questions. The age of the people who enter the store shows a trend of polarization: both young people come to the store to ask questions, and some are older. Consumers gathered around the show car to check. According to the survey results of colleagues in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shijiazhuang, the population also maintains a two-level polarization, and the majority of elderly consumers are.

According to the results of our investigation in the store, Jetta has obviously made great efforts in channel construction, and the overall facilities and environment are at a good level. Consumers seem to be full of curiosity about the new brand, and at the same time, the quite active demand for car bookings has basically maintained a state of no existing cars and no discounts in the stores.

● The first battle in the market with high brand attention

After upgrading the name of the classic car series to the brand, how much attention does consumers pay to the Jetta brand? Through our September car purchase popularity ranking (referring to the proportion of sales leads in the corresponding selling price area, click here for details) to find out.

In the list of SUV models ranging from 60,000 to 90,000 yuan, Jetta VS5 is on the list, ranking seventh. For this new car that was just launched in September with a price range of 8.48-112.8 million yuan, the price range of 60,000-90,000 yuan is obviously not the main product range of Jetta VS5. It can be seen that the Jetta VS5 has achieved “leapfrog” attention.

In the price range of 90,000 to 120,000 yuan, the Jetta VS5 ranks second in popularity. As the main competitive area of the car, such a result can be achieved in the first month of listing, which shows that the publicity and pricing of the new car at the beginning of the market have indeed attracted the attention of many consumers. For other brands, Jetta is indeed not acceptable. Ignored opponents.

From the perspective of sales performance, there are currently two models of the Jetta brand, VA3 and VS5, and both of them will be launched in September. VS5 submitted a sales score of 8,100 vehicles in the first month of its campaign in the market, and VA3 also had a score of 2,900 vehicles, which can be said to have won a “good start.” At the same time, for a brand-new brand, the sales volume exceeded 10,000 in the first battle, which also provides a positive signal for the next brand's development.

In a specific analysis, the key factors affecting the sales of the Jetta brand are the high brand influence and high cost performance. It is undeniable that the name “Jetta” itself is a golden sign, and it has accumulated a large number of fans and reputation with its user base for many years. Even before production was discontinued, it still maintained good sales. A few days ago, the old Jetta, which was riotously raged a few days ago, was fooled by second-hand car dealers with a high price of 550,000 yuan. Although the owner said that the price was untrue, it was enough to prove the influence of this classic model.

While having brand influence, Jetta is also working hard on product strength. Taking the Jetta VS5 as an example, it uses Volkswagen’s iconic “EA211 series engine” and “MQB platform” configurations to lay the foundation for the “German taste” of the Jetta brand. However, unlike most other Volkswagen brand models, the Jetta VS5 uses Aisin 6AT gearbox. Although the gearbox has not many gears, it is a more “pragmatic” combination for family cars. In addition, in terms of intelligent configuration, the 8-inch central control screen supports both Apple's CarPlay and Baidu's CarLife, becoming a smart “standard configuration.” Of course, the price of such a car is more “surprise”. The landing price of about 120,000 yuan for the high-profile model puts Chinese brands under pressure, so it brings an intuitive expression of sales to the Jetta brand.

Edit summary:

     In fact, judging from the current development trend of the automobile market, it is not a wise move for new brands to enter the market at this time. This means that the Jetta brand has faced many market challenges since its establishment. At the same time, the industry is also holding a wait-and-see attitude on whether the development of the Jetta brand can achieve the rebirth of Nirvana.

However, from the actual situation of our investigation, we can clearly feel that the Jetta brand still has a good degree of attention. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, the people who enter the store are mainly “old and new”, which shows that the Jetta brand has a certain influence. Secondly, there are more people entering the store, which shows that consumers pay more attention to the brand. Third, the car buying popularity ranks high, attracting online users' attention to the brand. Fourth, the brand's sales volume exceeds 10,000, which directly shows consumers' recognition of the product.

The purpose of Volkswagen Group's launch of the Jetta brand is relatively clear-to seize the cake of the low-priced market segment. In terms of the audience, as early as when the Jetta brand was released, the Volkswagen Group gave its position as a “German brand that further meets the needs of young users for car purchases”. It can be seen that the post-90s and post-95s will be its main audience. However, judging from the current audience, the Jetta brand is mainly favored by people born in the 80s and 70s. To achieve brand rejuvenation, we still need to work hard in marketing and product promotion.

Judging from the current market performance, the Jetta brand has achieved good results in sales. Thanks to Volkswagen’s endorsement of its brand, and at the same time, with its low price and high cost performance, it has become a major guarantee for winning market attention and gaining sales. However, it still needs to be noted that the current Chinese automobile consumer market is gradually showing a high-end trend, while Jetta focuses on the low-end market, which brings certain unknowns to the future brand development and sales. Faced with the “ace” in hand, whether Jetta can achieve a critical victory, Jetta still needs to adopt a multi-faceted “tactic”. We will wait and see how the Jetta brand will develop in the future. (Pictures and texts/Auto House Jiang Che Li Na)