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[YesAuto Design Decoding] “Going up” has been the development trend of most Chinese brands in these years, and Xingtu is the answer sheet handed over by Chery. New brands of course need products to prove themselves. Soon after the launch of Xingtu-TX, Xingtu-LX (hereinafter referred to as LX) appeared in front of us. In this era of beauty in power, the “face-saving project” on it is worth seeing.

● Know people and look at their faces?

For a long time, when it comes to car design, everyone's mind will be flooded with various terms, such as eagle-eye headlights and muscular shoulder lines. In fact, most of these so-called detailed descriptions, or sources of inspiration, are marketing techniques developed by the marketing department after the project is finalized. In the real design process, the team members do more to control the feeling and proportion.

Young brands need to make consumers remember themselves in the shortest possible time, and design is the best business card. Within a certain period of time, try a variety of design styles to test the market acceptance, which is of great benefit to the subsequent finalization of family design ideas. Of course, the degree of control is very important, too large differences between models will make it difficult for viewers to connect with different products.

Today, most brands have graphic logos or LOGOs. People who see these logos will also think of car brands for the first time. However, the current two models of Xingtu do not have this mark for the time being. The design team believes that abstract car logos need to be understood and are not conducive to promotion. On the other hand, Starway itself has been established for a short period of time. Before finding a suitable logo, they held a rather queer attitude. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility that the time is ripe to launch the logo. What do you think of the screen?

Judging from the appointment time, Kevin Rice, who has just arrived in 2018, is obviously not the biological father of TX and LX. He optimizes some details in the later stage of the project. Of course, what kind of design context this designer who once created the soul-moving design concept will create for Xingtu is even more exciting.

● Ideas of the younger generation

I saw a joke on Weibo not long ago. A post-80s kindergarten teacher felt that she was no longer young. The reason was that when she asked kindergarten children to simulate phone calls, the children used the touch screen to perform their actions. Hold the receiver while pressing the keys. Today, the younger generation who have grown up surrounded by touch devices and intelligent systems have different habits and needs when buying and using cars. The interior design of LX has carried out a characteristic attack based on the current situation.

Full text summary:

Going upward means that Chinese brands are beginning to touch the cake of joint venture brands. They used to rely on cost performance to win, but now they have to win through design and technology. This is undoubtedly a direct test of their own development strength. Xingtu chose a route that focuses on youth and technology, so whether it is appearance or interior, it is not difficult to feel that it looks a lot younger compared to the slightly stubborn Chery before. I don't know if this design is more suitable for your taste in front of the screen, or how much do you think its price is suitable?