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[YesAuto News] Short videos have become the hottest form of communication nowadays, and many people are obsessed with apps. In recent videos about cars/motorcycles, we can often see various dolls such as “turbo duck” appearing on the car. But do you know? Pasting these cute objects on the car will be regarded as illegal modification, and will even be punished by the traffic police. (Want to know more cold knowledge? Click here for details)

Car modification is not something that professional enthusiasts will come into contact with. We will often come into contact with it in our daily car. After reading the above long picture, I believe that you in front of the screen will have an understanding of the unpopular knowledge of car modification, and will be able to get out of misunderstandings and avoid being punished by traffic police. Of course, car modification is an emerging field. With the further improvement of national laws and regulations, as car users, we must modify rationally, drive legally, and respect every traffic participant. (Pictures and texts/Jiang Che from the car home)