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[YesAuto Electric Vehicles] With the development of technology, the battery capacity of electric vehicles is getting higher and higher, and the problem of slow charging speed of household slow charging piles has gradually become prominent. In the forthcoming fourth quarter of this year, Weilai will launch a 100kWh capacity battery pack. If you continue to use the included 7kW household slow charging pile to charge it, it will take nearly one night to charge even half of the power. Unable to meet users' needs for fast replenishment. It is against this background that Weilai recently launched a 20kW home DC fast charging pile. The official claims that its charging speed is close to three times the speed of the Weilai home slow charging pile. So what is its actual charging speed? How is the experience? Are there any special requirements for installation? You will find the answers to the above questions in this article.

★Quick questions and answers about common questions about Weilai 20kW fast charging pile:

1: Can other electric vehicles use Weilai’s 20kW DC home charger?

Answer: As long as there is a DC fast charging port, NIO uses the national standard charging protocol, and the charging power will not change, but it requires remote authorization from the car owner to charge.

2: How to buy Weilai 20kW DC home charger? how much is it?

Answer: Weilai car owners can directly purchase through the car mall of the Weilai mobile app. Currently, non-Nio car owners cannot buy it . The new installation price of household fast charging piles is 16,800 yuan; if there are slow charging piles, they can enjoy preferential installation, the price is 15,800 yuan; the first owner can pay 9800 yuan for household fast charging piles directly without the home slow charging piles.

3: What are the installation requirements?

Answer: The parking space must not only have the installation conditions of charging piles, but also have the power supply conditions of 380V three-phase power (home slow charging piles only need 220V power supply conditions). If the user purchases a 20kW household fast charging pile, NIO will provide free survey services and enjoy a 30-meter free installation. If it exceeds 30 meters, the extra part will be charged at 90 yuan/meter. The slow charging pile also enjoys the same policy, but because the wire is thinner, the charging standard is 70 yuan/meter.

4: What is the quality assurance policy?

Answer: Weilai provides a three-year warranty for the entire pile.

★Full charge speed test

The results were announced directly without selling the gate. The car finally took 2 hours and 17 minutes to charge the battery from 20% to 80%, and the car showed a total increase of 254km in battery life. During the entire charging process, the power has not always been maintained at the level of 20kW, and there will still be a certain attenuation, but even in the later stages of charging, the charging power can be maintained at the level of 15kW.

The above figure is the result chart of this charging test. We can see that the increase in the vehicle's cruising range is relatively linear throughout the charging process, basically maintaining a 2%-3% increase in power every five minutes, and a cruising range of about 10km. If your daily travel radius is around 20km, it means that as long as it takes less than half an hour to charge, the vehicle power can meet your round-trip travel needs for this trip.

As for the performance of the charging power, from the actual measurement results, the charging power was up to 19kW at first, and after about 20 minutes, the charging power was gradually reduced to 17kW and remained stable for a long time. Until the power reaches about 75% and the charging time exceeds two hours, the power continues to decrease to 15kW.

★Comparison of charging speed with 7kW pile

After doing the charging test of the 20kW household fast charging pile, in order to give you a horizontal comparison, we also tested the charging speed of the NIO 7kW slow charging pile, but due to time constraints, we only recorded one hour of charging data , The following is the result of this test.

It can be seen from the above table that the actual charging power of the Weilai 7kW slow charging pile is around 6kW, which can bring the ES8 a 2km-3km cruising range improvement every five minutes. After one hour of charging test, the car's mileage increased by 31km in total. In contrast, Weilai's 20kW household fast charging pile increased by 117km in the first hour of charging test. The charging speed difference between the two is almost the same. 3.8 times.

So far, we have concluded through actual measurement that the Weilai 20kW home fast charging pile can significantly improve the energy replenishment efficiency of car owners in their own parking spaces. The charging speed is nearly 3.8 times faster than the 7kW home slow charging pile. It can be an ES8 in one hour. It can bring more than 100km or more to increase the cruising range. If it is EC6 or ES6, the performance can be better because of lower energy consumption.

★Use experience sharing

After talking about the actual test results of the charging speed, let's get closer and take a look at the appearance design of the Weilai 20kW household fast charging pile. As a DC charging pile, it needs to convert the AC power delivered to it from the grid into DC power, so its body shape is much larger than that of a 7kW household AC slow charging pile.

We learned from the official that if you are a Weilai car owner and choose the vertical charging method, the fixed column does not require additional payment, and Weilai will give it as a gift. As for the wall-mounted charging pile, the installation cost is also included in the purchase cost of the charging pile.

According to official personnel, there are silent fans inside the home fast charging pile, and they will only start when the internal temperature of the charging pile reaches a certain threshold. The heat dissipation hole on the right side of the pile is the air inlet area, and the left side is the air outlet area. During the second half of the charging test, I got out of the car and felt its running noise. I could hardly hear the fan running. But when I put my hand on the air outlet on the left side of the pile, I can clearly feel a warm current flowing through, which proves that the cooling fan is indeed working.

Hold the charging gun in your hand, the gun and cable have a certain weight, but this is compared with the small charging gun and thin wire of the household slow charging pile, if compared with the weight of the charging gun cable of the fast charging pile above 60kW in the State Grid , Its weight is actually much smaller, and the lifting is not difficult.

Later, after communicating with the charging pile design engineer of Weilai, I learned that many electric vehicles, including all Weilai models, can only accept a voltage of about 400V. Even if some vehicles can be boosted and charged, they are charged at this time. The pile can only give a current of 40A, so there will be no faster charging than 20kW.

Another point worth mentioning is that in order to avoid rubbing power, many car companies generally design a set of authorized charging procedures at home. Either authorize by swiping a card, or authorize wirelessly via Bluetooth or cellular data. There is an independent Bluetooth verification program between the NIO 20kW home charger and NIO models. Users only need to plug the charging gun into their own models, and the charger will automatically authenticate through Bluetooth. If it is the owner's car, the charging pile will automatically charge without any authorization. This is another small detail design to enhance the user experience, but there are not many car companies with such a design.

★Summary: What kind of people need fast charging at home?

In the editor's opinion, this should be judged based on the actual situation of the user. For many car owners who are not very intensive in using the car, they can make full use of the time of resting at home at night to charge the car through the slow charging pile. Even if the vehicle is not charged for a few days, the vehicle still has a certain amount of power to meet the owner's daily car needs. At this time, the fast charging pile is not so important.

However, if the owner's car is relatively strong and the vehicle is often in low battery, the value of the fast charging pile will be revealed at this time. What is the main emergency of the car, it can bring the owner more than 100km of battery life in one hour Mileage allows car owners to calmly deal with more car usage scenarios. So will you choose to buy Weilai home fast charging pile? Welcome to share your views in the comments section of this article. (Picture / Hu Yongbin, Home of the Car)