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[YesAuto in-depth experience] The new Audi A6L is here, but not in its most typical way. The executive face that had been used for many years was abandoned, and even in terms of body size, there was no meaning to sweep the opponent. In addition to the word-of-mouth and consumption habits that have lasted for many years, how does A6L want to defeat several powerful opponents? I think this is the focus of today's experience.

Fortunately, despite the hardships when picking up the car, I finally got a non-top-of-the-line model. Audience friends have long criticized our various top-equipped test cars. If another 50TFSI is shown this time, I am afraid it will be “car supported”. What's more, I wrote 35FSI and 50TFSI in the “A6L Car Buying Manual” (click to read ) that I wrote two days ago. If you are lucky this time, they really give people a feeling of self-absorption.

I am very pleased to say that our test car is a 30FSI luxury model. Since 2.0T models are almost not available, the optional customization features have also been reduced to a means by profiteers to increase prices in disguise, so at present, if we can mention one at the original price The 30FSI luxury model is a blessing in misfortune. However, I would like to advise you that the money is in your pocket, so happiness is in your own hands. There is really no need to rush to choose this “unfortunate” for a while.

“Light” at the head

When many manufacturers' understanding of luxury cars is still at the stage of a deep-faced big fat man, Audi's understanding of its new generation of models is already at the head of the word “light”. This is the case with the new A8L I have experienced ( click to read ). The younger shape and lightweight aluminum body are all inherited from the new A6L.

Comparison of body size data of domestically produced new Audi A6L and competitors (unit: mm )






New A6L





Old style A6L





5 series extended





E -class lengthened





Let's talk about the appearance first. The old A6L (C6) feels low-key and stable. Of course, the brand is indispensable, but it is also related to its simple line and smooth design. However, on the new A6L (C7), the air intake grille is replaced with the latest hexagonal shield shape of the family, and the stereotyped image of the uncle is no longer there.

Of course, the changes don't stop there. The new polygonal headlights can definitely be described with bright eyes. In contrast, I feel that the old A6L has a kind of “stunned” feeling. Please don't blame me for loving the new and disgusting the old, this is really human nature, and there is no reason to hate it with such a design that is close to young people. As for the middle-aged directors and members of the Standing Committee, I’m afraid there is nothing to do if they don’t like it. After all, this is a bus. No matter how old and low-key Mercedes-Benz you buy, it is also a “big run”. The young and fashionable A6L is also an Audi. Fixed formula.

After talking about the young and light, let’s talk about the lightweight. Although the domestically produced A6L still does not use the so-called “all-aluminum” body, it is not a problem to use high-grade aluminum in local areas such as car doors, anti-collision beams, and tower tops. Yes, in the future, the car body will gradually be synchronized overseas, and the engine, luggage compartment cover, fender and other parts will also be “aluminized”.

The purpose of lightweight body is naturally to save fuel, the new A6L is also multi-pronged in this regard. What we see is the younger appearance of the design, but we don't know how many stories are hidden behind the design. Designers and engineers must be glaring at their enemies. Engineers always want to turn the car into an awl, and the highly paid Russian designer has to implement his own matryoshka plan. In short, after various challenges, the new A6L's drag coefficient is locked at 0.26, which is acceptable for a medium and large luxury car. At the same time, the orthographic projection area is only increased by 0.04 square meters, and the final driving air resistance is reduced by about 5%, which saves fuel and also Has the benefit of reducing wind noise.

The test car is equipped with a 30TFSI luxury standard 17-inch ten-spoke wheel, and the tyre match is also considered to be tailor-made. The Michelin Primacy LC “Boyue” is a mid-range product for the little white man. It is also characterized by quietness and durability. Oil is very suitable for the comfortable combination of 2.5L+CVT. If you want more face or higher performance rims and tires, don’t have to worry about it. The official website says that you can choose from two more impressive 18-inch wheels for an additional 3,500 yuan, and the tires are also equipped with Michelin. PS3 and Pirelli P7 are two high-performance models. If this price is really cost-effective, after all, the price difference for only 4 tires is around 3,000 yuan. However, judging from the car purchase experience of several netizens in the forum, the money they paid for optional parts in the 4S shop is obviously higher than the price given on the official website, so it is about whether the 4 wheels and 4 tires can be replaced by the 3500. You have to go to the 4S store and have a good chat with the merchant.

Front row configuration and riding experience: luxurious interiors and human-computer interaction are the highlights

What attracts me most about the new A6L is the luxurious interior comparable to the A8L and the powerful human-computer interaction system composed of a color-screen driving computer and the latest generation of hereditary MMI.

Let’s start with some of the standard equipment that are worth mentioning. The new A6L has two sets of human-computer interaction systems. The relatively simple one is the trip computer system composed of the instrument LCD screen and the steering wheel multi-function buttons, while the more complex The system consists of a centrally controlled eight-inch LCD screen and an MMI system with touch function. The same function can be operated in at least two ways, and the information displayed on the two screens is sometimes complementary, which is definitely an A8L level enjoyment.

Of course, the brand-new MMI is not all praiseworthy. Although its functions are much richer than BMW's iDrive, there is still room for improvement in ease of use and screen response speed. For example, our operating habit is mostly to turn the knob to the left to move the menu down, and turn the knob to the right to move the menu up. The MMI is just the opposite of our habit, which is very inconvenient at the beginning of use, and there have been many misoperations. In addition, most operations cannot be done independently with the knob, and need to be operated in conjunction with the four buttons around the knob and the BACK key, which greatly reduces the efficiency of use.

If the above words make you confused, then I will give you a few practical examples to illustrate. For example, choose a TV station. Both systems can complete the operation and are very intuitive; the same is true for making a phone call. You can use the multi-function steering wheel to select a person's name, or you can use the MMI knob to select. It even supports handwriting input. There is always one suitable for you in many ways.

This is not over yet, you can even make a call by voice. Indeed, many models have the voice dialing function, but the ability to recognize voices is very different. It is said that my Putonghua exam was also Level 2 A, but when I used the voice recognition of some models, I often made a lot of noise. It is difficult for many recognition systems to understand phrases with more than three characters, and I tried the medium to high difficulty phrase “Call the car home Zhang Ke” twice and finally succeeded.

Driving mode selection is also a personal favorite configuration, and it is also a standard feature of the whole system. You can choose from four modes: comfort, auto, sport and custom, and different modes have different performances in terms of steering wheel assistance, throttle response, etc. If you want to completely reach the level of A8L, it’s not impossible. Spend 29,000 yuan to choose the air suspension. It can adjust the height and damping of the suspension according to different modes to achieve different driving effects.

The last thing I have learned is the automatic start-stop function. The vibration and noise control are all in place when the car is stopped and when the car is on. A colleague even sat all the way without suspicion.

After talking about the standard good things, let's talk about other feelings about this 30FSI. It is more suitable for friends who have no requirements for power but pursue configuration and enjoyment. Panoramic sunroof, BOSE audio, reversing image, seat heating and other functions may not be needed for those who are good enough, but it is definitely not the kind of tasteless configuration that can’t be used once half a year, so if you can’t wait for 2.0T models or order options The installation and sales have been delayed and cannot be implemented smoothly, and this model still has a certain purchase value.

As for the front row experience, there is actually nothing to say. There is almost no car that cannot meet the space requirements of the front passengers, especially the A6L. The seat is still a harder design idea that Germans like. It has electric adjustment, 2-person seat position memory, and seat heating. Do you want perforated leather seats and ventilation functions? 12500 yuan optional.

Back row configuration and riding experience: The back row is not German, but very practical

I’m going to introduce the back row to everyone in the way of reminiscing about bitterness and sweetness. Let’s take a look at the rear row of the original German A6. Remember this feeling. It is simple like a plate of cold tofu shreds, absolutely without any fishy.

What about after coming to China? The 100mm lengthened wheelbase is almost all given to the rear row, and the central armrest has also become a place to make a big fuss. Both the length and the thickness have been greatly improved, and the comfort and luxury are greatly increased. If you choose to install the rear MMI control, seat massage and other functions, it will be a replica of A8L.

The space performance of the rear passengers is similar to that of the previous model. Since the wheelbase has exceeded 3 meters, there is no need for us to measure it in units of punches. In short, the space for the legs in the back row is just three words: “Definitely enough.” The space above the head is also performing well, with more than a punch, and ordinary people probably won't feel depressed anymore.

If you take 5 people, then the middle passenger in the rear row will be a bit wronged. The high raised floor in the middle will definitely affect the comfort of the ride. In addition, the heavy rear center armrest is not used as a backrest. Glory, there are not many fillers, at best it is “Microsoft”.

The buttons on the rear door panel are definitely the most abundant in its class. In addition to a set of buttons that can open and close the left and right rear windows with one key, the door panel of the new A6L also provides the opening and closing control of the panoramic sunroof and the sunshade. Electric switch control of the windshield sunshade and manual rear window sunshade control.

30FSI has been equipped with a four-zone air-conditioning system, and because of the existence of the B-pillar air outlet, the rear passengers can also enjoy the function of adjusting the air outlet angle. It is a pity that the 30FSI luxury model is not equipped with a 220V power supply, which is a configuration owned by both Magotan and Passat.

Model Audi A6L 30FSI
BMW 523Li
Mercedes-Benz E260L
Fashion type
Manufacturer's guide price 506,600 yuan 494,600 yuan 518,000 yuan
Panoramic skylight
Reverse image
Heated rear seats
Bluetooth phone
Rear side sunshade
Rear windshield sunshade
Independent rear air conditioner
Rearview mirror memory
Multi-disc DVD

It is not difficult to see from the table that the comfort configuration of the Audi A6L is more abundant when the price is similar, while the other two models are at the same level. Of course, considering the actual offers in the market, the Mercedes-Benz E should be the cheapest of the three cars, and it is also the most cost-effective choice at present.

Trunk: storage space close to the square

Unlike the general trunk that is mostly rectangular, the shape of the trunk of the new A6L seems to be closer to a square. The depth is only 100cm, which is considered to be a lower performance in the same class of cars, but the width has reached 105cm, so the length of the diagonal is satisfactory, at least one set of golf equipment can be put down. The opening of the trunk is large, it is convenient to take things, and the opening is only 68cm from the ground, which is a good result for this level.

to sum up:

There is no doubt that the new A6L will still dominate the market, just like Passat and GL8. After years of market cultivation, everyone has formed a mindset, and buying them is undoubtedly the safest choice. Of course, the new A6L also has enough strength to make you fall in love with it, with its youthful and fashionable design, luxurious surrounding interiors, spacious seating space, and the most luxurious and technologically sensitive configuration at the same price.

However, if I were a consumer, I would not rush to sell. First of all, the most cost-effective 2.0T model has not yet been sold on a large scale. The overall price of the vehicle is relatively high, and there is even a price increase. The second is the A6L optional business. Due to the initial production capacity, it cannot operate normally; if you want to buy a cost-effective A6L that suits your liking, my suggestion is to wait at least a few more months. (Photo by Wentu/Car Home Liu Yuxin and Jinxin)

[YesAuto Evaluation] Today is May 2, 2012, a special day. First of all, the laborers’ holiday is over. Everyone will take care of themselves and come back to work; secondly, the 2012 Beijing Breast Show has entered the last day. After watching Lulus, everyone should hurry up and take a look at the cars on display by the way. Friends who can go to the scene can visit the Autohome Auto Show topic, but here we only look at cars, please click other major automotive media to see the chest; finally, as of today, we have tested including A1, A3, A4L, Almost all Audi A-generation models including A5, A6L, A7, and A8L, if Audi revives the A2 or puts the A9 into production, it is not ruled out that they may also be borrowed for testing.

Today we are talking about the latest generation of A6L, a car series with a lot of stories. In China, it is the “King Dynasty veteran” of the localization of luxury cars. In 1968, the first-generation Audi 100 with platform number C1 was born in Germany. We omitted the intermediate situation. We skipped to 1988. FAW was authorized to start assembly and production of the Audi 100 C3 in China. In 1996, the Audi 100 was retired and the upgraded version Audi 200 replaced it. , And then in 1999 the Audi 200 completed its historical mission, and the A6 was ready to debut.

Early birds catch worms. These ten years have been the stage for Audi to lay a foundation in China. It has quickly accumulated a lot of experience in all aspects including the transformation of products in China, the construction of sales channels, and public relations. This was also an era of huge profits. At that time, people still called the wealthy “ten thousand yuan households.” Even ordinary people couldn't afford 400,000 high-priced luxury cars even if they sold iron. It was destined to be exclusive to a few privileged classes.

After bargaining with the Germans in 1999, the A6 C5 with a longer wheelbase was put into production. The sales performance proved that the Germans’ worries about the longer wheelbase were superfluous. In 2005, the A6L C6 naturally continued the road of lengthening. The word “L” is added. Today, people have long been accustomed to L versions such as A6L, 5-series L, E-class L, S80L, and so on. Even the lower-level A4 and 3-series are also engaged in a “distance” war. Without L, I am really embarrassed to say hello to people. This is not a joke. The Chinese market does not have to be arrogant. People on the earth are the same. Avatar, who is all over the world, has explained this principle. If you want to be the boss, you have to change to a big bird first.

For the detailed “modern history” of the Audi A6, you can click here to view

However, the A6L seems to be tired of playing games that are shorter than the length. The 3014mm wheelbase does not have the upper hand in comparison with the 5 Series and E-Class. Even the official website does not say anything about the size of the rear row. Anyway, there are survey data on Weibo that prove Audi The A6 is the model with the highest car shock rate, not to mention that the leaders who are not as tall as the “three heights” usually just sit and sit. This is a good thing. Let people shift their focus to the car itself. Relying on many elements such as a younger appearance, more technological interior configuration, the overall style of A6L C7 has changed, and private users no longer worry about being treated as a driver. When the people's purchasing power rises to the point where the not-cheap iPhone 4 can become a rotten street, A6L can indeed abandon its unsmiling image.

The highly technological configuration is still a strong point. The gorgeous LED lights, the dashboard to view the entire vehicle information, the on-board TV, the four-zone automatic air-conditioning, the new generation of MMI… even the A8L handwriting board is here, enough Set off the word “luxury”. The elder of the parameter configuration table drag, I believe that when the editor Liu Yuxin wrote the car purchase manual, he must have been dazzled. By the way, if you often run at high speeds, remember to install adaptive cruise, which is quite easy to use.

The 30FSI we tested is equipped with a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 engine, evolved from the original 2.8-liter, designed specifically for the Chinese market, with a maximum power of 190 horsepower and a peak torque of 250 N·m. It is matched with an 8-speed CVT gearbox. The mission is to replace the previous version 2.4, that is to say, under the young and handsome face, it is possible to maintain a mature and stable heart. I understand this fact when the vehicle starts. The throttle steering is relatively light, and there is no way to take a comfortable route. wrong.

The driving mode selection function is standard for the whole series, comfortable, automatic, sporty, and custom. It covers almost all the ways you can think of, but considering the rear leadership, there is no “Sport+” on top of the Sport like BMW. The power output is quite smooth. In response to the ad slogan of Dove Chocolate, the road feel is fully feedback, the driving state is smooth and stable, the sound insulation effect in the cabin is excellent, the speed rises unconsciously, and the variable power steering system makes the steering wheel heavier, reminding you It's time to take a look at the speedometer.

The gearbox doesn’t drop to the simulated low gear immediately after entering the Sport mode, but the speed climbs a lot faster. I really like the sound of this V6 engine at high speed, as if an elf in the singing world is stuffed in a crock pot. The analogy of playing hard is a bit miserable, but it does sound very high-pitched. The transmission of the suspension to the vibration is more direct, and the difference between it and the Comfort mode can be clearly noticed.

Manufacturers have previously stated that they have done a lot of work to improve handling performance, including the use of a large amount of aluminum on the body, and so on. We recognize this improvement. Its overall driving effect is similar to that of A8L: it looks big but not big, easy and easy. Control, there is a comfortable theme, and there is also a cheerful style of sports mode. But it's not much the same as real sports, and of course you don't expect it to actually move.

On the premise of ensuring comfort, another important task of naturally aspirated engines and continuously variable transmissions is to reduce energy consumption. We tested the fuel consumption with an adult male driver and several photographic equipment.

The test started from get off work, and after the evening peak, the road was smooth. About 15% of the congested roads of 105.6 kilometers, the rest was in good condition. A6L 30FSI consumes a total of 9.34 liters of No. 97 fuel, which translates into a comprehensive fuel consumption value of 8.84 liters per 100 kilometers, which is a seductive figure. The performance of the vehicle itself is remarkable, but better road conditions have to be considered. Before departure, the indicators were cleared. Finally, the driving computer showed that the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers was 9.3 liters, which was slightly higher than the actual use.

In addition to fuel consumption, noise suppression in the A6L compartment is also very effective. During operation, the engine speed is kept low under the control of CVT, and the sound insulation can be seen in the materials used in the cabin. The performance of this generation of A6L is close to the higher level of luxury models, and both private users and leaders will be very satisfied.

At present, the new naming rules used by Audi models sold in China, colleagues have also written interpretation articles, because mathematics and physics are not good, I haven't read it through for a long time, only remember one thing: the higher the number, the better the acceleration ability. It is said that this method is to prepare for the introduction of new energy vehicles in the future, which often have no displacement. This makes me very confused. The name has not been changed overseas, but the name has been changed in China. Is it possible that Audi should put top-notch technology products for domestic sales first? You and I both understand that the probability is comparable to that of Tang Sancai unearthed in a Han tomb.

Finally, let's take a look at the test results. The strength of the new engine should not be underestimated. The official data given by Audi is 9.5 seconds, which is quite conservative. Our actual test result is 8.51 seconds, which is good for the 1.8-ton body of the A6L.

In the S gear, the CVT gearbox will have a simulated upshift process, which takes a lot of time, so the fastest result needs to be run out in D gear, directly pull the tachometer to the red line area, and run the whole course in one breath. The tires do not slip at the start, and the body posture is stable. After the vehicle moves, the power output breaks the CVT limit, and the tires will slip briefly. The maximum G value is 0.549g, which is not high but it is maintained well. Because the gear is omitted Switching, there is no stepped attenuation throughout the acceleration phase. Among the four engines of A6L 2.0T, 2.5, 2.8, and 3.0T, 8.51 seconds is a very moderate answer.

The braking score was 39.45 meters. Although it was a little longer than the expected distance, it was still considered excellent. The body posture is stable at the moment of braking, especially the front suspension support is full, which guarantees good results. However, from the overall fluctuation trend of the G-value curve, some signs of the suspension system’s partial comfort can be detected. The performance is stable and consistent with many tests. Position yourself.

Performance test video


The performance of the new generation A6L is sufficient, fuel consumption and noise suppression levels have been greatly improved, and the new exterior interior plays a key role, giving a qualitative change in the style of the vehicle. The advantage of this is that it will be used by a wider consumer population. Accept, not just continue to be synonymous with the official car.

Counting from the Audi 100 in 1988, the car series in which the A6L is located has been in the country for 24 years. If the E-class is strong in the brand and the 5 series is strong in sports, then the A6L relies on a thorough understanding of the Chinese market. It took the lead in launching a lengthened war. After everyone thought the lengthening was justified, it used various means to allow domestic consumers to shift their focus from the rear space to the car itself. The opponents seem to be being led by the nose. Go, now it seems that the E-level is the most passive. Constantly lowering prices to attract attention, this is a “big trick” that is very powerful and hurts itself.

In addition, here is a preview. Next week, we will have a comparative experience article on the new Audi A6L and the BMW 5 Series. Please stay tuned!

2012 Audi A6L part of the detailed parameter configuration table