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[YesAuto Smart Car Association Evaluation] There are not many pure electric vehicles with a subsidy guide price of more than 100,000 yuan, but most of the users who buy electric vehicles at this price are affected by the license plate limit, and their daily travel is commuting. Demand is dominant, and the purpose of buying a car is mainly for transportation. However, even in this price range, there are no shortage of novel and unique models, such as the Zero Run S01. The frameless double-side door and four-seater layout can be said to be an outlier in the same class. The small sports car model is really novel. As a model launched by a new power brand, the intelligent connection system is naturally indispensable, so is the system of Zero Run S01 easy to use? Let's try it together!

The Lingpao S01 is currently the only mass-produced car launched by the brand, but the Lingpao T03 will soon be launched in the second quarter to expand the brand's product line. The Zero Run Zhilian system has just completed an OTA upgrade before, and today we are testing its latest version (1.01.12). After the OTA upgrade, the system has been optimized in some functions, such as the addition of a quick control interface and scheduled charging. For the detailed items of OTA upgrade, click to enter ” Features Richer Zero Run S01 OTA Upgrade Experience ” for details.

Human-vehicle interaction

Zero Running S01 uses a dual-screen design, and the size of the full LCD instrument and the central control screen are both 10.1 inches. The style of the entire center console is very concise. There are only a few commonly used functions such as electronic handbrake, door locking/unlocking, and trunk unlocking in the center channel. The rest of the multimedia buttons are integrated into the steering wheel. The resolution of the central control screen is 1280×720, and the interface fineness is not bad.

However, there are still areas for improvement in the hardware. First of all, the screen is slightly reflective, especially when the external light enters the car from the passenger side, it still affects the reading of the central control screen information. The second is the problem of heat. If the central control screen is kept on for a long time, the entire screen will emit a certain amount of heat, and the temperature is quite suitable for warming hands in winter. Like most other intelligent connected systems, the zero-run system also has an OTA upgrade function, and a system upgrade has just been completed not long ago, adding many functions.

Lingpao S01 provides two sets of biometric technologies: face recognition and finger vein recognition. Face recognition is realized through the camera in the cockpit, while the finger vein recognition technology uses near-infrared rays penetrating the vein pattern image of the finger to perform personal identification. The sensor is arranged inside the clasp of the main driving door. When the user pulls the driving door, the sensor will automatically recognize the user's identity and unlock the vehicle. Up to 8 users can be bound to each Zero Run S01.

The main interface is based on cool colors. The default functions of the first screen are navigation, multimedia and time display. Swipe left or right to view more functions. On the left are three commonly used functions. Users can adjust the functions and order according to their own habits. , On the right is to view all the functions of the system. Do you see the light gray vertical line near the left in the main interface state? Press and hold and swipe to the right, there are also functions such as quick navigation, panoramic image, driving mode switching, and the usage is not much different from that of a smart phone.

The 10.1-inch full LCD instrument is also based on dark colors. Previously, the ZeroRun S01 had two interface designs to choose from, but after the latest OTA upgrade, the interface design only retains the more technologically-sense one. The button panel on the right side of the steering wheel can control the functions of the right area of the instrument. Through the scroll wheel and buttons, you can even quickly navigate home/go to the company, adjust the air-conditioning temperature/air volume and other functions.

The wake-up method of the voice assistant is the same as that of other smart-linked systems. In addition to the steering wheel buttons, the voice assistant can also be awakened by the command of “Hello Xiao Zero”. The system supports natural voice input. Although the response time is a little longer, the recognition ability and accuracy are still good. Functional systems such as hotel search and ticket query are also supported.

In terms of interaction, the performance of the Zero Running S01 intelligent connection system is not outstanding. Although the dual screen design is adopted, the screen size is not particularly large. In addition, the system has problems such as reflection and heating. The hardware does lose a lot of points. . However, in terms of communication skills, the performance of the zero run is still good, the ability to recognize natural speech is very strong, and it also provides a certain information query function, and it is possible to use voice commands to replace buttons during daily travel.

Other hardware and software equipment

The air conditioning control is also fully integrated into the central control screen. The bottom of the main interface is equipped with three common functions: temperature adjustment, air conditioning switch, and windshield defogging. However, the bottom bar is really narrow and it is not particularly smooth to press. It is recommended that the driver use it as much as possible. Steering wheel buttons and voice control are replaced. The zero running S01 Pro version is equipped with ambient lights in the car as standard, and the color can be steplessly adjusted. After the OTA upgrade, the function of changing with the music is added. There is no outstanding in terms of audio and charging, basically reaching the mainstream level of models of the same level.

Entertainment and navigation functions

In terms of functions, let's start with the entertainment system. Local music playback covers FM/AM radio, Bluetooth music and USB input. Networking resources cover NetEase Cloud Music, Himalaya FM, etc. Through the intelligent connection system, you can also search for radio stations in other parts of the country. The resources are relatively rich. In addition, Zero Run will provide 6GB of entertainment data for free every month, which can meet the needs of listening to network audio resources during daily travel. If it exceeds, it needs to be purchased separately, but it should be noted that the additional purchase of data cannot be postponed to the next month.

AutoNavi's online navigation is the first choice for many intelligent connected systems. The navigation application of Zero Run is not much different from other intelligent connected car machines. The functions of real-time road conditions, dynamic avoidance of traffic restrictions/congestion, and group travel are all complete, and are bound to AutoNavi After the account number and WeChat, the destination can be sent to the car through the mobile App and WeChat, and the convenience reaches the mainstream level.

Panoramic parking image and function score

The 360-degree panoramic image is standard on the Pro version, while the standard version is only equipped with the rear parking image. The resolution of the panoramic image is high, and it also provides dynamic auxiliary lines, zoomed-in display of the camera image, etc. In addition, when the vehicle turns on the turn signal during driving, the central control screen will also switch to the camera screen on the corresponding side to reduce blind spots. The automatic parking function is also a configuration worth mentioning for the Zero Run S01. The system has four modes of horizontal/vertical driving in/out, and its convenience is worthy of recognition.

Remote vehicle locking/unlocking, window opening and closing, and air-conditioning control can all be achieved through the mobile phone App. In addition to common functions, the App also adds services such as power battery preheating and maintenance appointments, which basically cover most of the daily travel scenarios. It should be noted that since none of the zero running S01 series is equipped with an electric tailgate, the trunk opening is only for unlocking and does not have the automatic opening function. In the end, the user still needs to open and close manually.

Service ecology

In terms of bio-services, the performance of Lingpao S01 is not outstanding. Although the system has the ability to query weather and ticketing, it lacks pan-life payment functions, such as popular functions such as ticket purchase and food ordering, and the on-board system does not provide it. One-key appointment maintenance or call for rescue function. In terms of hardware ecological adaptation, Leo Running S01 can only connect to Le Orange’s devices through the “Le Orange” application, but the brand currently only has a few devices such as security cameras, which is limited in practicality.

Communication Favorability

The voice interaction function of the Zero Run Smart Link System performed fairly well in terms of comprehension and communication friendliness, and there were basically no problems with normal questioning and communication. After the upgrade, the newly-added cartoon image of Xiao Zero has improved the communication affinity of the voice assistant to a certain extent, but the actual senses have not changed significantly from the old version of the voice assistant. In addition, the voice system of Zero Run does not support more avant-garde technologies such as coherent voice input, and hopes to be able to be introduced in future upgrades.

● Article summary:

Auto Home Smart Car Association Evaluation
Rank Model Human-computer interaction Function realization Service ecology Communication Favorability Total score

Roewe RX5

(Zebra 3.0)

83.6 81.2 66.0 50.0 78.1

Star Way LX

(Lion 3.0)

83.7 91.7 36.0 30.0 77.9
3 NIO ES6 102.7 78.9 22.0 60.0 76.6
4 WEY VV6 88.5 84.2 42.0 20.0 76.0
5 Changan CS95 92.0 82.8 22.0 40.0 74.0
6 Hongqi HS-5 88.5 79.5 40.0 30.0 73.8



(Zebra 2.0)

95.3 77.9 32.0 30.0 73.8
8 Pentium T77 84.2 83.0 26.0 60.0 73.7

GAC New Energy

Aion LX

(Aian LX)

70.4 95.4 20.0 60.0 73.7
10 Star Way-TXL 85.0 80.2 44.0 20.0 73.2

Zero Run S01

59.5 81.0 20.0 40.0 63.4

There are many pure electric new energy models with a price of more than 100,000 yuan, but if the limitation of sports car design is added, only the zero-run S01 remains in the same level of the market. It can be said that the new energy + sports car design is this car. The biggest feature is also its biggest selling point. The intelligent connection system has played a role in the icing on the cake for the zero running S01. The abundant networking resources and auxiliary functions including automatic parking and adaptive cruise all enhance the sense of technology of the whole vehicle.

Although the zero running S01 did not achieve outstanding results in the total score of Zhilian, if combined with its guide price, it is already at a relatively leading level in the ranks of new energy vehicles at the same price, and its performance is worthy of recognition. Of course, affected by the design of the entire vehicle, it is not a model suitable for large families, but if you want to have a model that can only be used by two people or less, and at the same time is subject to license restrictions and car purchase budget restrictions, the Zero Run S01 should be included Your candidate list.

Special thanks to the following dealers for providing shooting vehicles:

Zero Run Shanghai Experience Center
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Business address: No. 1150, Wanrong Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai