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[YesAuto Model PK] Even before the Shanghai Auto Show, there are new cars eagerly rushing to market. The day before yesterday, it was originally reported that the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, which will be launched on April 19, suddenly announced the price (listing news); yesterday, the Volvo V40 was officially listed (listing news). At this moment, in the face of Mercedes-Benz competing products, Volvo V40 has to face the double impact of two compact cars, B-class and A-class. At present, the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class has not yet arrived in the store, and the discount of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class in the market is generally 30,000 yuan or more. Although the Volvo V40 and Mercedes-Benz B-Class have different styling styles, the similar price, similar body size, and positioning of the same luxury brand compact car make this encounter inevitable.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2012 B200

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Manufacturer's guide price

32.80 million

Volvo V40 2013 2.0T Zhiya Edition

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The comparison models in this article are the 2012 Mercedes-Benz B200 (hereinafter referred to as: B200). The guide price of this car is 328,000 yuan. The current average preferential rate in the country is about 50,000-60,000 yuan. For the Volvo V40, we chose the 2.0T Zhiya version (hereinafter referred to as V40) with a guide price of less than 280,000 yuan. There is currently no discount for this car.

Price comparison of Mercedes-Benz B200 and Volvo V40 models
Model Mercedes-Benz B200 Volvo V40 2.0T Zhiya Edition
Guide price (ten thousand yuan) 32.80 27.99
Market preference (ten thousand yuan) About 5.00-6.00 No

Appearance comparison: The B200 has a taller body, and the V40 has a more dynamic styling.

Although the difference in length, width and even wheelbase between the B200 and V40 cars is not particularly obvious, the visual effects created are quite different. The B200 benefits from a taller body, which looks a lot bigger than the V40.

Comparison of body specifications between Mercedes-Benz B200 and Volvo V40
Model Mercedes-Benz B200 Volvo V40
Length (mm) 4359 4369
Width (mm) 1786 1802
Height (mm) 1541 1445
Wheelbase (mm) 2699 2647

In terms of wheel shape, tire size, etc., the B200 is obviously more particular than the V40. Not only the two-color collocation is unique, the 225/40 R18 Continental CSC5 run-flat tires (commonly known as: run-flat tires) are also much more expensive than the 205/50 R17 Pirelli P7 tires used for the V40. The price of the former is about 2000 yuan/ Article, the latter is 1300 yuan / article. The front brakes of the two cars are all ventilated discs, and the B200 also has more perforations.

The shape of the rear of the car, I personally think that the V40 is much more beautiful than the B200, and the shape is stylish and dynamic. Perhaps it is a compromise made for the styling. The luggage compartment opening of the V40 is much higher than that of the B200. It may not be obvious in the daily use of the car, but if you occasionally go to an airport to pick up people or load large luggage, it will still be more. Laborious.

Center console comparison: The center console of the B200 looks luxurious, while the Volvo V40 is simple.

The shape and appearance of the center console of the two cars are the same, but they also have completely different styles. Among them, the center console of the B200 creates a relatively strong luxurious atmosphere, while the V40 continues the simple style of the Volvo brand as always.

The steering wheel, no matter the B200 or V40, adopts a three-spoke design. The leather on the outer ring feels delicate and soft to the touch, making it more comfortable. The buttons of the audio and air-conditioning system are also excellent. Although the design of Mercedes-Benz looks more modest and traditional, I personally feel that it is more convenient to use and more suitable for “blind” operation when driving. As for Volvo, the human-shaped air-conditioning outlet adjustment button is one of its design highlights. It looks very user-friendly, but I am thinking about the air-conditioning outlet. Is your adjustment frequency high?

Skylight comparison: B200's two-piece panoramic skylight can be opened, while V40 can only take in light.

From the configuration table, both cars are equipped with panoramic sunroofs, but their understanding of this configuration is different. Among them, the panoramic sunroof used by the B200 is of two-piece type. The front half can be tilted up and slid backwards like ordinary sunroofs, while the second half is sealed. V40's panoramic sunroof is simply a piece of large glass. The overall lighting effect and visual transparency are worse than B200, but its practicality is not as good as B200.

Ride space comparison:

In terms of seating space, the B200 can be said to be better than the V40. No matter the front head, the rear head or the rear legs are more spacious than the V40, and the B200 also has rear air conditioning outlets, the V40 is only better than the V40. The place of B200 is that it has a central armrest and a cup holder in the back row. In addition, the floor swelling under the rear seats of both cars is relatively high, and passengers in the middle position will not be too comfortable after sitting for a long time.

Comparison of luggage compartment space:

The luggage compartment data officially announced by the two cars is not much different, but from our actual experience, the luggage compartment of the B200 is much more practical. The only regret is that there will be a gap between the rear seat and the luggage compartment floor. A small step cannot be completely leveled.

Mercedes-Benz B200 and Volvo V40 luggage compartment size comparison
Model Mercedes-Benz B200 Volvo V40 2.0T Zhiya Edition
Width (mm) 1050 980
Height (mm) 810 640
Do not put down the depth of the back seat back (mm) 740 770
Depth of the back seat back when tilted down (mm) 1540 1470
Official luggage compartment volume data (L) 488- 1547 496 -1444

Comparison of conventional storage space: The overall difference between the two vehicles is not too big.

In terms of conventional storage space, the B200 and V40 have a large number of front storage compartments, and they are not small in size. Both cars have USB ports in the front center armrest storage compartment, which is very practical. In terms of rear storage capacity, the V40 is slightly stronger than the B200, mainly because the former has an independent cup holder, and there are two “small lattices” on the side of the seat that can be used to hold mobile phones, which are more intimate in design. The door storage compartment of the B200 is larger than the V40. The former can easily put two water bottles in each door, while the latter can only put one.

Power system comparison:

Benz B200 and Volvo V40 engine and suspension structure comparison
Model Mercedes-Benz B200 Volvo V40 2.0T Zhiya Edition
engine 1.6T 2.0T
Maximum power 156 horsepower 180 horsepower
Maximum torque 250 Nm 300 N·m
Gearbox type 7-speed dual clutch 6-speed automatic manual
Front suspension structure McPherson independent suspension McPherson independent suspension
Rear suspension structure Multi-link independent suspension Multi-link independent suspension

The B200 uses a 1.6T four-cylinder turbocharged engine with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and the V40 uses a 2.0T five-cylinder turbocharged engine with a 6-speed automatic manual transmission. Both are Displacement, power, and torque data are quite obvious. The measured 0-100km/h acceleration results of the two vehicles are 8.34 seconds for the B200 and 7.9 seconds for the V40. As for the suspension, both cars use the front McPherson and rear multi-link four-wheel independent suspension structure.

Security configuration comparison:

Benz B200 and Volvo V40 feature safety configuration comparison
Model Mercedes-Benz B200 Volvo V40 2.0T Zhiya Edition
Rear side airbag
Tire pressure monitoring device
Parallel auxiliary
Active brake/active safety system
Lane Departure Warning System Optional

   For the two brands of Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, conventional “entry-level” configurations such as ABS, EBD, and body stability control systems are no longer worth mentioning. The main difference between them is that the B200 has more rear side airbags and tire pressure monitoring than the V40, while the V40 has more parallel assist and active safety systems than the B200. The performance can be described as each having its own advantages.

Edit comment:

Although both B200 and V40 belong to luxury brand compact cars, and the prices are relatively close, the temperament shown on each of them is slightly different from the target customer group. The appearance of the B200 is not as dynamic and fashionable as the V40, but it has a more spacious seating space and a more practical luggage compartment. In terms of power, V40 has come to a big counterattack, regardless of displacement, power, torque and our measured acceleration results are far ahead.

It is also because the two cars have distinct personalities, it is easy to recommend the purchase. If you buy a car for traveling and transporting your children to and from school, I recommend you to buy a Mercedes-Benz B200, which is absolutely in line with the positioning of a high-end grocery shopping cart. If you already have a big car (whether it's an MPV, SUV or sedan) and want to buy a small car as the second or third car in the family, the Volvo V40 may be a good consideration. Its appearance Beautiful, powerful, and Volvo's brand is also relaxed, which can show the owner's taste without being too high-profile and public. In addition to the Mercedes-Benz B-Class, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the most direct competitor of Volvo V40 from the perspective of model positioning, size and market price. It will be online in the future, so stay tuned.

Thanks to the following dealers for providing vehicle photography:

Shanghai Huizhixing Automobile Maintenance Service Co., Ltd. (Mercedes-Benz 4S shop)
Phone: 021-60979988
Address: No. 1233, Nanliu Road, Pudong New Area

Shanghai World Trade Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. (Volvo 4S shop)
Puxi Exhibition Hall Tel: 021-52122333
Pudong Exhibition Hall Tel: 021-68506333
Anting 4S Phone: 021-69502266

If you are interested in the Mercedes-Benz B-Class and have the intention to book a car, please click here and fill in your detailed information, and someone will contact you at that time. If you want to know which dealer in your location has more car source information, please click here to contact the local dealer to actually go to the store for a test drive or to discuss purchase matters. If you have a good impression of Volvo V40, please click here . There will also be someone to get in touch with you. You can also click here to check the dealer address and quotation.

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