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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Last week, a police officer of the Fremont Police Department in California, USA, encountered the embarrassing situation of the police car running out of power while driving a Tesla police car to chase the suspect, which eventually caused the suspect to escape. The police stated that the accident was caused by the failure to charge in time and had nothing to do with the vehicle itself.

Fremont Police Department spokesperson Geneva Bosques told the media: The police officer in question was Jesse Hartman, who was driving the only electric police car in the police department-a 2014 Tesla Model S 85 patrolling the Bay Area. , He accidentally found a suspicious vehicle, the driver may be suspected of guilty of a felony. Hartman tried to stop the suspicious vehicle, but the vehicle suddenly accelerated to escape, and then pursued it. However, Hartman immediately realized that his car was running low, and he asked his teammates for help: “My Tesla's battery life has dropped to 6 miles. I may be out of power soon. Can others continue to chase after it?” The Rimont Police Department released the intercom recording to the media.

However, shortly after he issued a request for help, the police stopped the chase after considering that the suspect’s escape route was dangerous. Then the California Highway Patrol discovered the suspect’s abandoned vehicle in San Jose. Afterwards, Hartman drove the police car to a nearby charging station for charging before returning to the police station. Bosques told reporters: “We have not mandated the time for police cars to refuel or charge, but the default rule is that when the shift starts, it should be at least half full. At that time, the battery of this Tesla had lasted for almost two shifts. I don’t know why Officer Hartman. There was no charge when changing shifts.”

The Fremont police said that the Model S that was involved was not only the Fremont Police Department, but also the first electric police car officially put into patrol in the United States. They are currently conducting a six-month electric police car test program. Although the Los Angeles police also purchased Tesla as a police car, currently only some of the vehicles are used for daily activities, not for patrols and hunts. “This accident did not make us question the performance of the Tesla police car, because it performed very well in another pursuit not long ago.” Bosques said. (Guo Song, Home of Wen Auto)