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[YesAuto New Energy] On February 29, a Tesla owner revealed on social media that his Model 3 is equipped with autopilot hardware 2.5, but the “Electric Vehicle Environmental Information Car List” shows that it is equipped It is autopilot 3.0 hardware. Subsequently, Tesla officially responded, stating that the cause of the incident was a “supply chain problem” and the use of alternative hardware with “basically the same” experience. In the future, affected car owners will be replaced with Autopilot 3.0 hardware for free. In response to this configuration downgrade incident, Tesla CEO Musk recently responded indirectly on social media.

A few days ago, a foreign netizen posted his views on the Tesla configuration downgrade incident on social media. He said: “It’s no big deal to use Autopilot Hardware 2.5 on new cars delivered. Tesla promises to upgrade Autopilot Hardware 3.0 for consumers who have optional FSD (Full Autonomous Driving Optional Package) for free. The FSD preview feature is only available. It is applicable to the models equipped with the FSD optional package. Therefore (for owners who do not have the FSD optional), the hardware of the two versions is the same in terms of function.” At the same time, below this remark, the author also added a “Tesla secretly downgrades chips to anger Chinese consumers” article.

Tesla CEO Musk left a comment below the netizen’s remarks. He said: “Indeed. It’s strange that those who complained didn’t actually choose FSD. Maybe they didn’t realize that even after buying a car, FSD can still be upgraded to autopilot hardware 3.0 for free.”

After replying to this netizen, Musk’s reply received a lot of comments from other netizens. Among them, a netizen nicknamed XIXIXXMLGB claimed to be the party concerned. He replied: “I am Shawn shen mentioned in that article. (Owner of Tesla in Suzhou), you may not be aware that it is written on the China Environmental List of Model 3 that the car is equipped with autopilot 3.0 hardware, but the car delivered to me is equipped with autopilot 2.5 hardware. Violated Chinese law.” The netizen also attached two photos that could be used as evidence in his comments.

At this point, we found that Tesla, represented by Musk, responded to the hardware function level, but the consumer's concern is that the actual configuration does not match the official “list”, and the two sides are not considering the issue in one dimension.

Tesla configuration downgrade event progress time point
time event
February 27 The owner receives a new domestic Model 3 car
February 29 The car owner found that the autonomous driving hardware was inconsistent with the “Environmental Information List” and announced it on social media
March 3 Tesla official release statement
March 4 Autohome asked Tesla officials about the concerns of car owners and readers, and has not yet received a reply.
March 5 Musk responded indirectly

According to the official response, Tesla’s explanation of this incident was due to a “supply chain problem” in the autopilot hardware 3.0. In order to deliver the new car to the owner as soon as possible, some of the domestic Model 3 standard battery life upgrades produced after the Spring Festival were installed. It is Autopilot Hardware 2.5. In the future, these car owners will be upgraded to Autopilot Hardware 3.0 for free. In response to this incident, Autohome has published an interpretation article: ” The Mystery of Hardware 3.0 Interpretation of the Tesla Configuration Downgrade Event “, and we will continue to pay attention to the follow-up progress.