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[YesAuto crash test interpretation] In fact, the BMW Z4 has never launched its replacement products. Compared with its competitors (such as Audi TT Roadster) through platform updates, it always follows the pace of the times. The biggest problem in front of the BMW Z4 is It is the fact that the development of electronic technology is lagging behind, especially in terms of active safety. In any case, with only three stars, the BMW Z4's performance on E-NCAP is unsatisfactory.

·Test overview and video

Frontal collision with 40% overlapping deformable barrier

· Frontal collision with 100% overlapping rigid barriers

·Deformable mobile barrier side impact

·Side collision

·Whipping test

·Pedestrian protection

·Active Safety System

·to sum up

Edit summary:

The BMW Z4’s E-NCAP test not only saw some of the potential safety hazards that exist in the Z4 itself, on the other hand, it also saw some of the E-NCAP’s safety display problems, such as our The icon found is wrong. Therefore, E-NCAP data is for reference only, and safe driving is the most important thing.