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[YesAuto In-Depth Investigation] Popular thoughts and cognitions are easy to take with others, and many people agree with them. Many people just passively accept those views that are regarded as traditional cognitions in the general sense, and do not think independently; while personalized thoughts only exist in the minds of a few people, but most people who master it have gone through their own thoughts. Think about the judgments made. Those similar views and choices have allowed a sense of identity to grow among these people. The same goes for buying a car.

Fiat Ottimo Zhiyue is a relatively niche car. The more niche, the more different the people who choose it. The three car owners we interviewed this time made their own choices more or less because they were unwilling to follow the crowd. However, individuality is not equal to various colors. The three of them are very easy to get along with, and the communication between us is very pleasant.

Fiat Ottimo Zhiyue (hereinafter referred to as Zhiyue) is a hatchback version of Feixiang. At the beginning of the market, it received a lot of attention for its beautiful appearance and the standard 1.4T engine of the whole series. However, its number of licenses has not been high. In the first half of 2015, the country's sales exceeded 2,000 units in only one month, and more than 1,000 units in the rest of the month. In the compact car market where sales are substantial, this is a very small magnitude.

The reason is that in addition to the low brand recognition, there is another important factor, which is the body structure of its hatchback. So far, there are still a large number of domestic consumers who cannot accept hatchbacks. In addition, after a long period of use, how does Zhiyue feel? Come and listen to all car owners telling the truth.

Lovely car owners and their car

As you can see from the picture, the three cars that came this time are all blue, and all three cars are high-powered versions with 150 horsepower, and they are all automatic. Not only did everyone choose the same car, but also the same color and the same powertrain. Now there are more common topics.

Among the three, Mr. Yang and Mr. Zhang are about the same age, and when Mr. Wang said his age, everyone was stunned, because no one could tell that he was 45 years old, regardless of his appearance or his speech and demeanor. , Mr. Wang looks much younger than his actual age, he has a young heart. He also likes to make jokes, making everyone happy several times.

Mr. Yang and Mr. Zhang are the same age. According to my understanding of consumer positioning, they should be the main consumers of Joy. Both of them are buying a car for the first time. In the process of choosing a car, there will be more emotional elements. Mr. Wang is a veteran player. This is the third car he bought. Before buying the car, he had a fuller understanding of Zhiyue. He knew some of the advantages and disadvantages of this car in advance, and finally did it. A relatively rational choice was made.

How much does it cost to buy a bare car?

Mr. Zhang was the first to buy, only a discount of 7,000 yuan. Mr. Wang and Mr. Yang’s purchase time is similar, and the discount rate is basically the same: 15,000 yuan and 14,000 yuan. However, at the time, Mr. Yang applied for a 4,000 yuan voucher at the car home's “Double 11” car purchase event, so the overall calculation is equivalent to a discount of 18,000 yuan, which is very good value.

How do you fancy Zhiyue?

Why do you like Zhiyue? The appearance is of course the first reason, and all three of them expressed their satisfaction with its appearance. Before buying a car, everyone has paid attention to the Volkswagen Golf, Mazda 3 Angkerra, and Focus models. Among them, Mr. Wang has seen the most comprehensive view. He has seen almost all models of the same price. However, in the end, everyone chose the more niche Zhiyue. On the one hand, they did not want to reduce their cars to “street cars.” On the other hand, Mr. Wang lost confidence in the brand because of the problems with Volkswagen's suspension.

When talking about buying a car, Mr. Zhang said happily that he had actually ordered a golf at the time. They only noticed the joy when they were picking up the car and the wife sent a forum post. The parents were opposed to it at first, because Never heard of it. Later, I went to the store in Caoqiao (Changyi) together, but the store was quite difficult to find. I couldn’t find it after looking for it for a long time. I was planning to give up… But I found it and saw the red in the store. The sports version of the show car, I really liked it when I saw it, and my parents liked it too. After the test drive, I picked up the car the next day. It's a pity that the red car I wanted at the time was not available, so blue was mentioned.

Let’s start with the appearance

Only a well-designed car like Zhiyue will make people fall in love at first sight. I believe that fewer people will fall in love with Golf at first sight, because its design is relatively conservative and popular. Mr. Wang said that he likes its rear design the most. At the same time, everyone also gave a high evaluation of the level of configuration of Zhiyue: very kind!

Both the top and the second top are equipped with xenon lamps, and they are integrated with far and near light; starting from the 148,800 automatic sports model, it has been equipped with 17-inch wheels, 225mm Continental tires and Continental calipers with Brembo The brake system is composed of brake discs; from the 138,800 automatic comfort version, the keyless entry and keyless start system are standard…The outstanding configuration of the same level makes the owners very satisfied.

Is there any modification? Has anything gone wrong?

None of the three cars have undergone much modification. Mr. Zhang DIY some small decorations, and Mr. Wang added some equipment. When it comes to some of the problems encountered in the car, the three car owners all said that they are okay, and there is no major problem in the calculation.

The water leakage problem of the rear wiper water spray device encountered by Mr. Zhang does not affect the use much, but it is indeed a bit annoying. The key is that the maintenance staff can not solve the problem after arriving at the store. The problem lies there. I hope the manufacturer You can face this problem squarely and give an effective solution. Just like that recall, even if the potential safety hazards of vehicles are officially announced to the public, consumers can often understand and support them as long as there are reasonable solutions.

Let's talk about the inside of the car next

The ultra-high configuration is even more reflected in the car, and the three owners are very satisfied with it. Everyone mentioned that the covering material used in the interior panel is great. The soft fillers and leather used extensively in the car are very high-end, and the red stitching process is also exquisite enough to give people a feeling of value for money.

How about the ride space?

Among the three car owners who came this time, Mr. Yang has the most burly body. Sitting in the driver's seat, he feels the space is very good, and the ergonomic design is reasonable. Naturally, the other two car owners will not be dissatisfied with the space. Mr. Zhang hopes that the wrapping of the seat can be better. In fact, Zhiyue’s seat already has a good wrapping capacity, but it is difficult to adapt to everyone, Mr. Zhang Thin.

The rear space is a very important part of many consumers, which is not a strong point of Joy. The reason why the three car owners didn't care about this shortcoming was that there were very few people in the back of their car. I think this is a very correct logic. Only when we make appropriate trade-offs within a limited budget can we choose the car that suits us. Everyone is looking at the rear space, but the rear space is not very useful for more and more people. Maybe it's because parents also have their own cars, maybe because there are other cars at home, in short, you should not blindly pursue space.

What about storage space?

Regarding the storage space of Zhiyue, the three also gave a satisfactory evaluation, because each part is more practical, for example, the storage compartment under the central control is large enough, and the cup holder at the back is also quite large, so everyone All feel easy to use. It is more convenient for a hatchback to load some large items after the rear seats are down than a sedan. Mr. Yang has installed it once and thinks that it would be perfect if the transition between the rear seats and the trunk floor can be leveled. .

Let's talk about driving

During the chat, I learned that all three car owners had a test drive before buying a car, and agreed that the power of Joy was good, which was an important reason for them to buy. After driving more than 10,000 kilometers, have their opinions changed?

Overall, the three car owners are still satisfied with the power of Joy after driving for so long. Mr. Zhang smiled and said that because of the fleshy start, he was often caught in traffic jams. At this time, Mr. Wang pushed his glasses, and said in a “serious voice”: “Only meat people, no meat cars.” Later, after learning some details, I understood the reasons for the disagreement of several people. Since the 1st gear of Zhiyue is relatively large, even if the speed is high, the actual speed is not high. In daily driving, since Mr. Zhang and Mr. Yang both “cherish” the car, it is conceivable that they would not be willing to always Step on the accelerator deeply, so when you can't feel the continuous acceleration, and the vehicle speed is kept at a very slow state, you will naturally feel that the sensory stimulation is not strong enough. Here I would like to give you a suggestion. When you buy a car, you just need to drive it. It may not be a good thing to keep the engine at a low speed for a long time. Under the premise of ensuring safety and not overspeeding, please let go of the accelerator.

Mr. Wang also has a slight remark on the steering. He thinks that all aspects of the adjustment of Joy are very sporty (which is why he chose it), but the steering is not strong enough, and he always feels that he needs to hit a little more to turn it over. It can be seen that Mr. Wang's needs are relatively clear, and Mr. Yang and Mr. Zhang, since they bought a car for the first time, were unable to fully accept Zhiyue's sports adjustments. For example, Mr. Yang thinks that the chassis is not comfortable enough, while Mr. Zhang thinks that the engine noise is a bit loud. In my opinion, this is just a style orientation, not absolute good or bad. After all, the price is here. We can't ask for a 150,000 car that can balance comfort and sports. In fact, several car owners also very much agree with this view. Although they expressed their dissatisfaction, overall they still like Joy.

So, what about fuel consumption?

Mr. Yang has the lowest fuel consumption because he usually walks the smoothest. His apparent fuel consumption is generally 6L+/100km. According to his own fuel consumption, it is about 7.5L/100km , which is the same as Mr. Zhang's apparent fuel consumption. Having said this, Mr. Wang, who loves driving next to him, was “unhappy” again. He deliberately put out a very “disdain” tone and said: “Oh, what do you call driving.” Everyone laughed and asked him how much he was. His comprehensive fuel consumption is only 8L/100km , which is the closest to the car’s word-of-mouth data (the latter is 8.7L/100km, with an average value of more than 400 per capita). The three of them have relatively smooth daily routes, so fuel consumption is low.于average.

How about 4S shop service?

“Hi! Don't mention it!” Mr. Wang shook his head when he heard the word “service”. Everyone was amused again, they all looked at him, and the curiosity of breaking the casserole and asking the end came up. It turned out that Mr. Wang was deprived of the right to free first guarantee by the 4S shop, just because he was “late to go”. “Didn't the 4S shop remind you?” Everyone asked. Mr. Wang recalled, and he was sure he had only been reminded once, but that reminder was too early compared to the time when the maintenance should really be done: “Probably two months in advance.”

Mr. Wang seemed very calm when he talked about it. He was only disappointed: “It’s just that after a month’s time, the first guarantee will not provide free maintenance. I (to the 4S shop) said that you will lose some of it. For the customer base, the first guarantee is not done here, and I will not maintain it here in the future. The profit of 4S stores is one aspect of selling cars, and after-sales maintenance is more important.” Mr. Wang is right, 4S stores shouldn’t be taken lightly. Depriving customers of the promised preferential policies, the chain reaction caused by that may not be worth the gain. At the very least, it should be reminded several times before maintenance.

After listening, both Mr. Yang and Mr. Zhang felt that they were lucky. They went to the Salon in Turin instead of the Changyi shop where Mr. Wang went. Judging from their feedback, the Torino Salon in the north of Xingshikou Road is still good. Not only does it support take-out oil during maintenance, but the overall service attitude is also very good. Mr. Zhang said that there will be a return visit after the maintenance is completed. It feels good. In addition, everyone is also very satisfied with the maintenance cost of Zhiyue. The first time I paid for the maintenance, the cost of several people was about 600 yuan . More importantly, the maintenance manual stipulates that 15000km only needs to be maintained . Compared with those The maintenance of a 5000km car is equivalent to saving a lot of expenses.

Finally, a summary

The Zhiyue is a car with personality. Most people in the market do not cater for the comfort and space that most people demand. Instead, it takes a stance and stubbornly promotes a sporty style. This also gives those who do not want to go with the crowd a choice. For example, the three car owners who came this time insisted on their choice. Mr. Wang is the most prepared. He has a clearer understanding of Zhiyue’s style, so he is also most satisfied with this car, but he is disappointed with the service of the 4S shop; Mr. Yang and Mr. Zhang are both satisfied with Zhiyue after purchasing. With further understanding, it takes time to accept this style of sports. However, it can be seen that the two of them still recognize Zhiyue more.