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[YesAuto Event] The players who can participate in the Dakar Rally must be extremely powerful iron men. This seems to be the consensus among Dakar fans without exception. In 2013, a new team that joined the Dakar event, they had to face the cruel torture of the event with their crippled bodies. This team is Race2Recovery-a Dakar team composed of disabled British veterans. .

Tom said: I know that there are still many people in the world who have suffered amputations. For us, participating in the Dakar event is once again pushing our life to a new limit. If you have to drive 18 hours a day for two consecutive weeks , Then you can overcome almost any challenge in life.

These former fighters were all seriously injured and maimed on the battlefield in Afghanistan. Perhaps the friendship between their comrades has always supported them not to fall, but now they have set foot on the most severe Dakar arena together. We must not only be at the starting point. Send them our compliments and wait for their triumph at the end.