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[YesAuto Car Life] In addition to producing cars, some car manufacturers always “do not do their jobs properly” and are also trying their best in other fields. Recently, following the successful launch of the 650S, McLaren once again launched a new car, but this time it is a “super sports car” in the bicycle industry. This bicycle named S-Works McLaren Tarmac was jointly developed by McLaren and the famous American bicycle brand Specialized. It is limited to 250 units worldwide.

However, this is not the first cooperation between McLaren and Specialized. As early as 2010, McLaren obtained the S-Wroks series of top road bike prototypes produced by Specialized and conducted technical research and development, and finally launched the frame. The McLaren Venge S-Works ultra-lightweight road bike weighs only 2.071 kg. This time, McLaren cooperated with Specialized to develop a set of data acquisition and simulation system to simulate the actual force of the frame and maximize the strength of the frame. McLaren Composites Engineer Joe Marsh admitted frankly that the problems faced by the development of S-Works McLaren Tarmac are more severe than the previous Venge S-Works.

Thanks to the carbon fiber technology used by McLaren in its own Formula 1 car, McLaren 12C, P1 and the newly launched 650S, the weight of the frame of the S-Works McLaren Tarmac bike is effectively reduced by 9% to 11%. As far as road bikes are concerned, this degree of “slimming” is undoubtedly extremely revolutionary. In addition to the extremely lightweight frame, the tubular carbon fiber rims of S-Works McLaren Tarmac have been redesigned, and their weight has been reduced by 30g compared to the Venge S-Works rims.

In addition, the paint on the frame and fork of the S-Works McLaren Tarmac comes from the McLaren spray shop, and uses the same orange paint as the McLaren P1, which sells for up to 1 million euros. During the development process, the development team realized that the different body conditions of each rider were enough to affect the final riding performance. For this reason, Specialized provided a complete set of parts of various sizes including handlebars, stems, and seats to meet different requirements. According to the needs of body riders, almost every part of the body has been specially designed to make its overall performance even more outstanding.

The biggest problem facing McLaren is how to mass-produce such a high-tech road bike. For this reason, McLaren has created a separate production line to produce the important components required on the S-Works McLaren Tarmac bike. Components, only a few experienced technicians can do this job. Having said that, how much does S-Works McLaren Tarmac cost? This limited edition of 250 McLaren road bikes sells for up to 16,000 pounds, or about 170,321 yuan.

From July 2 to July 31, 2014, users can log on to the Specialized official website to book the S-Works McLaren Tarmac bicycle. In addition to this expensive “McLaren bicycle”, users who successfully order will also receive a free package. Customized nameplates, display racks, cycling shoes and S-Works Prevail helmets in the same color as the body. Like the McLaren supercar, this McLaren limited road bike belongs to only a small group of people. (Picture: roadbikereview text: Li Haopeng of the car home)