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[YesAuto News] The pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus is still under emergency control. To ensure that GAC Trumpchi owners can use their cars with peace of mind, GAC Trumpchi has upgraded the “virus shields” of its models and introduced N95 level protection capabilities Filter technology. All Trumpchi models will be purchased today, and the filter technology will be upgraded for free. It is expected to be installed on all models from March 1st.

It is reported that the filter element technology is produced using high-efficiency and low-resistance melt-blown composite technology, which has a more efficient filtering capacity, and the triple filtering technology can effectively isolate harmful air substances. The filtration efficiency for particles ≥0.3um is ≥95%, and the sterilization rate for a variety of bacteria is above 99%. For old users who have already purchased a car, they can go to the store to enjoy a 99 yuan car health purification package. At the same time, GAC Trumpchi users can also download the App to receive door-to-door service coupons and use the door-to-door health purification service in the car.

As of February 4, GAC Trumpchi's group company GAC Group and its affiliated companies have donated many times, and the cumulative donation amount and value exceeds 22 million yuan. During the epidemic, in order to protect consumers' car viewing, car purchase, and after-sales needs, GAC Trumpchi launched the “4 Major Cares, 12 Major Initiatives” for customers and the “Four Major Initiatives” for dealers. In addition, GAC Trumpchi has also prepared funds (a total of 11 million yuan) for special epidemic prevention in special stores to ensure safe operations in the stores.