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[YesAuto professional evaluation] Hello, everyone, I am Liu Tao, the home of cars. In 2008, my colleague Han Lu and I went to Germany to test drive the new Regal. Sun Xiaodong, then deputy general manager of Shanghai GM, said when introducing the product: “The new generation of Regal will be launched. The new generation family design language of the Buick family”. One year later, in 2009, I became the owner of the new Regal 2.4L flagship. The reasons for choosing it were covered by three key factors: “Beautiful exterior and interior, good quietness, and high configuration”. Until 2013, the new Regal with a mid-term facelift was ushered again. As the owner of the old car, with expectations, he took over the keys of the 2014 Regal 2.4L luxury and fashionable car from a colleague, and got the following car review. (Click here to see Han Road's evaluation of the 2014 Regal GS 2.0T top-of-the-line model)

Note: For the convenience of everyone, the following describes the 2014 Regal 2.4L luxury and fashion model as “New Regal”. In order to make it easier for everyone to have an intuitive experience of this new improvement, the evaluation of each link below is based on a full-point system.


Pass: 6 points

Fair performance: 7 points

Excellent performance: 8-9 points

Perfect performance: 10 points

Appearance: good congenital embryos, change and change more “fashionable”

Improvement score: 7 points

When I saw the vertically renewed Regal in the United States in 2008, I was touched because Buick applied the design that was originally in the concept to the actual mass-produced model. At that time, the 245mm tire width and 18-inch wheels were applied to a mid-level car, and it was undoubtedly ahead of the opponent. This preconceived approach to establish visual benchmarks has benefited Regal a lot. Coupled with the exterior line design that seemed extremely “provocative” at the time, it was said that Regal had a “good appearance”, I think no one would vote against it.

Regal 2014 2.4L SIDI Luxury Fashion Type

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The new Regal inherited the advantages of the old model's appearance design. The 18-inch large wheels are not only retained, but also replaced with a dense spoke design. The front grille is modified visually, which is more three-dimensional, but personally, it is more three-dimensional. I like the old style, because the new style always reminds me of “whale's chin”. As the saying goes, “7 points are innate, 3 points are acquired”. In order to keep up with the evolution of competing models of the same level and respond to the requirements of Chinese people for “fashionable lamps”, the headlights of the new models have added a blue aperture. Frankly speaking, it is not my favorite. If I change to a Camaro, I think I’ll vote for it. The rear taillights are upgraded from ordinary light bulbs to LED light-emitting diodes. The visual effect is good, the brightness of the light source is not glaring, and the car behind will not greet “family” when lit.

Interior: Optimized the deficiencies, and there are still regrets in the details

Improvement score: 7 points

I have to admit that I am a very picky person on details. From 2009 to 2013, the new Regal has undergone at least two facelifts and upgrades, and the problem of poor opening and closing of the storage box facing the knee of the left leg in the driving position, which has been criticized, has not been improved. Obsessive-compulsive disorder only needs to remember the lack of details at a glance, and it will be uncomfortable to see it in the car every day. Especially, between the front instrument panel of the new Regal and the seat, there is not much space for the driver to cross the legs. When you knock to the outside of your knee, you will lick your teeth and bounce a few “dirty characters”.

After talking about dissatisfaction, let me talk about the good points. When I get on and off the car every day, the two side wings of the seat cushion have become the most important locations for me to ravage. My 09 Regal drove for 4 years and ran 50,000 kilometers. The “sensitive” part of the seat has been ravaged and peeled off by me. The scum, wrinkles like the “stretch marks” of pregnant women after giving birth, are visually very sloppy. This problem has been significantly improved on the new Regal. The erection angle of the side wings has become smaller. The point is that the surface material is replaced with a more elastic leather. (Although it does not look like it, I have confirmed this problem with the manufacturer. Leather), and the side position has also been replaced with a delicate suede fabric material. With this item, the impression of opening the door can be increased a lot. There will also be extra points for the preservation rate of second-hand vehicle transactions in the future. When my old Regal was sold, it was “deducted” because of the aging of the seat leather.

One of the key points of the interior improvement of the 2013 new Regal is the redesign based on the layout of the control buttons on the center control panel. After the modification, it is much better than the layout of the old model that caused the intensive phobia to collapse at a glance. The 8-inch central display with touch function looks and operates more comfortable and clearer than the old model, but the high and low temperature adjustment of the air-conditioning temperature is changed from the previous mechanical knob to the touch design, which looks flashy in actual operation. . In most cases, to adjust the temperature, you can only use your fingers to “wipe”, and the ability to recognize the touch-type action function keys is very poor, and there is no vibration feedback prompt, and the operation is not user-friendly during driving.

A mouse-like multi-touch system (Multi-Touch) has a stronger visual sense of technology than the old knob control. In actual operation, the ability to recognize the sliding displacement of the finger is poor in response. Although the handwriting function is supported, the surface area of the handwriting board is small. If the fingers are thicker, the surface area is not enough to support the requirements for the handwriting area. Simply, I prefer to choose to complete functional operations on the screen by touching the screen.

Tips: I have consulted the manufacturer for the “chicken ribs” of the above functions. The final conclusion from the other party is that at the initial stage of development of this function, the evaluation of the computing power of the CPU processing system of the entire system stayed a few years ago. In order to meet people's requirements for the smoothness and animation effects of the in-vehicle interactive system, the previously set CPU computing power is slightly “tired”.

This LCD screen on the dashboard supports a variety of information switching and viewing, and the visual effect is naturally more fashionable, and it is also in line with the current hardware upgrade and evolution trend. However, personally, I think that the advancement and application of any technology is based on a mature detailed experience. In the normal mode of the new Regal’s instrument LCD screen, the response speed of the CPU processor cannot meet the dynamic requirements of the animation effect by 10 minutes, so the speed indicator of the instrument panel has obvious lag and frustration when climbing. When the normal mode is switched to the radio mode, the dashboard display will prompt a “progress waiting” problem, and the time is about 2 seconds.

The navigation of the 2014 model is upgraded to support the 3D search mode. Because of the system upgrade, the navigation from the start of the path to the positioning confirmation navigation is logically much more reasonable than the old model. The unimaginable “press number 6 to confirm the selected” logic of the old model has been completely improved. A suggestion is that the new voice for route navigation is improved. When judging the route, especially when approaching the current intersection to make the voice prompt of the driving route change, if you change the words “please turn right at the next intersection”, “please change “Turn right at the current intersection” is more convenient to use.

The 2014 new Regal 2.4 top is replaced with a BOSE speaker, which abandons the Harman Kardon speaker used in the old model. The overall effect is that the treble has improved, but the bass is at least one grade worse than Harman Kardon. The vigorous and deep bass performance of the previous “boom, boom, boom” can't be found on this set of BOSE speakers.

Driving control performance: significantly improved compared to the old model

The new Regal still uses the same power configuration as the old model in terms of power. The 2.4L naturally aspirated engine has a maximum power of 186 horsepower (137 kW) at 6200 rpm, a peak torque of 240 N·m at 4800 rpm, and a second-generation 6-speed automatic manual. Gearbox, the official acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 9.5 seconds.

Improvement score: 9 points

In my previous 09 Regal, the rigidity of the front suspension was obviously insufficient. The shorter suspension stroke when passing the deceleration belt, there is always a feeling of “unbearable” when filtering vibration, and it is also accompanied by “grumbling”. “sound. In contrast, the multi-link structure of the rear suspension is very rigid. Compared with the previous model, the new Regal has a very significant improvement in the damping texture of the front suspension. When filtering vibration, it is more tenacious, and the texture is more delicate and heavier. The rebound speed of the shock absorber and spring has been specifically optimized, which obviously helps to improve the comfort. Although part of the road feel is sacrificed, this adjustment The school is more worthy of recognition. Frankly speaking, the overall performance of the new Regal chassis has found a good balance between comfort and sports. Hengbi Reiz, Teana, Accord, Magotan, Passat, are already at the top.

The 09 version of the 2.4 Regal uses the S6 generation six-speed gearbox independently developed by GM. I remember a well-known car video host commented: “Every time it lifts and shifts, it seems to be thinking about life”, although the description is exaggerated. (If you use your life to think, in most cases, you should go to another world), but the actual performance is really slow and let people collapse. Since the 2012 model was switched to the second-generation S6 transmission, the logical selection of gears, especially the response of the midway up/down gear control, has increased by at least 10%. The intuitive feeling is that the power of the engine is transmitted by the past… K…hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, with 2.4L SIDI direct injection engine After stepping on the accelerator, it can decisively downshift and cooperate with the driver to quickly complete the overtaking and merging. The gearbox logic selection at the critical point of up-down gear is also more straightforward and responds more quickly.

Performance test: meet the expected standard

0-100km/h acceleration test

Depressing the accelerator with all effort, the explosive power of the new Regal in the early stages is average, with a maximum G value of 0.59g at the start, and the sustained strength is maintained quite well. The second-generation S6 gearbox still cannot cope with rapid acceleration. It can be seen from the graph that there are obvious shift gaps at 3.5 seconds and 7 seconds, indicating that this gearbox is still adjusted It is not extreme enough, the daily driving smoothness is improved, and the sportiness is not strong enough. In general, the performance of the new Regal in the acceleration test is worthy of praise. The actual 0-100km/h acceleration time is 9.4 seconds, which is an improvement compared to the old model's 9.67 seconds (the official time is 9.5 seconds). Not outstanding among the levels, enough for home use.

100-0km/h brake test

The ordinary new Regal does not have the attractive Brembo brake calipers on the GS, and the results are naturally relatively mediocre. It is not excellent in the same level, and has a steady improvement compared to its own. The final 41.8m result is considered an excellent performance. When braking at full force, the initial deceleration G value descends significantly, and the later ABS intervention is timely and feels obvious.


The new Regal has received unanimous praise from the editorial department in the noise section. The overall noise suppression performance is excellent. The noise value at each speed is significantly lower than the standard value recognized by the car house. Actually feel that whether it is running at high speed or driving in the city, the car can guarantee a quiet driving environment, which belongs to the leading position of the same level. This is a commendation for the new Regal.

Fuel consumption test

The fuel consumption test has a total mileage of 105.6 kilometers and an average speed of 30km/h, covering high speeds, loops, congestion, and ordinary road sections with signal lights. The final fuel consumption is 12.44 liters/100 kilometers. Compared with the 2.0T Regal GS 11.2L/100km fuel consumption performance, this performance is in line with our expected judgment and is a relatively fuel-intensive model in the same class.

Test drive summary:

2014 Regal 2.4L Car Review
Scoring item Exterior Interior Driving control
score 7 points 7 points 9 points
summary Acceptable Acceptable excellent

From the perspective of model evolution, the new Regal has improved in appearance, interior and driving experience, and the overall performance is worthy of recognition. Especially the improvement in the damping performance of the chassis is very obvious. But there is still some distance from the benchmark for mid-level cars. The details of the design are not satisfactory. In order to pursue the upgrade of the human-computer interaction experience of similar competitors, the control response speed of the configured Multi-Touch system is far from the expected value of use. There is still room for improvement. As a mature model, the workmanship and design issues that focus on details are a bit regrettable that it has not been improved.