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[YesAuto Illustrated Concept] With the continuous advancement of science and technology, people are also letting their imaginations go. Have you ever imagined what will become of urban traffic in the future? What will the daily commute trip be like? Not big enough to think of it? It's okay, Audi will give you some inspiration. At this Shanghai Auto Show, Audi brought a new concept car-Audi AI:ME, expressing Audi's vision for future urban commuting.

Full text summary:

This is the first time that Audi has launched a cutting-edge concept model for travel in a mega-city. It pays more attention to the comfort and privacy of the interior space. It has L4 autonomous driving functions and brings a more pleasant driving experience to the crowded rush hour. So far, Audi The prototype of the electrification strategy has been slowly unfolding. Some are focused on long-distance travel, some are biased and passionate on the track, and some are committed to commuting. Then what future vision will the next Audi concept car show us?