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[YesAuto concept car real shot] On the eve of the Paris Motor Show last year, smart released a minimalist design of a convertible pure electric concept car-the smart forease, which is based on a pure electric smart fortwo convertible version. Miniature stylish and dynamic electric vehicles that solve the problem of urban travel congestion. Today, at this Geneva Motor Show, smart once again released the upgraded version of the car-the smart forease+ concept car. On the basis of maintaining the family design elements, it also added a detachable soft top, a duck tail style spoiler and other fresh element. Next, let's take a closer look at this stylish and sporty pure electric minicar.

Full text summary:

According to previous reports, the smart brand will be fully electrified by 2020, and how to launch an electric model with a product power that is not inferior to the fuel version is the primary issue facing smart. Although smart forease+ is a concept car, it has the possibility of mass production. As an urban transportation tool, the car can be used as a selling point to attract young people whether it is a soft-top convertible design or a dynamic shape, but whether it can provide ideal power and endurance performance is also the focus of our attention. We look forward to smart for us. Reveal the answer and be able to mass produce this car as soon as possible.