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[YesAuto News] A few days ago, there were media reports that criminals used their identity as car sales in the sales process to use loopholes in the sales process to defraud high amounts of money. At present, the suspect has been detained in accordance with the law, and all the losses of consumers have been recovered. The case is under further investigation.

Event review:

In November 2020, citizen Ms. Jiang paid a deposit of 120,000 yuan after she fancyed a Range Rover in a 4S store in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. After that, sales Lin claimed that if the deposit was not high, the car would not be available for purchase. So Ms. Jiang's husband paid an additional deposit of 500,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan in two separate payments. In March of this year, the ordered vehicle had not arrived. Ms. Jiang went to the 4S shop to ask for an explanation. Only when Ms. Jiang went to the 4S store to ask for an explanation, she realized that the original salesperson had resigned and the 650,000 yuan she had paid for the car was also taken away. The 4S shop initially offered to let Ms. Jiang negotiate with the salesperson in private.

When the manager surnamed Zhang of the 4S shop asked to check the car booking contract, Ms. Jiang failed to issue it truthfully. The reason was that the salesman signed a contract with Lin at that time, but the salesperson had to fill in a seal, and the seal should be sent by courier. To Ms. Jiang, but the contract has not been issued.

After that, Ms. Jiang went to the bank to print out the transfer record and confirmed that the deposit for the vehicle was indeed transferred to the account of the 4S shop. However, the 4S shop verified that the three transfers made by Ms. Jiang were noted as the frame numbers of the other two vehicles, corresponding to the Land Rover ordered by the other two customers.

Manager Zhang of the 4S shop said that the frame number in the transfer record was clearly written, and it was indeed not the vehicle Ms. Jiang ordered. Ms. Jiang explained that it was the sales consultant Lin who said that they had replaced a car for them, so the frame number was changed. And because the money was indeed transferred to the account of the 4S shop, there was no suspicion at the time. So why did this money disappear mysteriously?

The modus operandi:

When Lin, who was a sales consultant at the time, processed Ms. Jiang’s order, he also followed up with other customers’ orders. After receiving Ms. Jiang’s deposit, he distributed it to two other customers, and then paid for the cars paid by the other two customers. It was transferred to Lin's personal account. Then, through the form of “payment certificate” in the 4S store, I helped two other customers pay for the car on their behalf, and then showed the payment certificate to the other two customers, so that the trust of the customers can be defrauded to transfer the money for the car to themselves.

Coincidentally, on the same day that Ms. Jiang remitted the money to the company's account, Lin paid the car by means of a payment certificate. The customer successfully picked up the car on the same day, so from the book, there was no gap or stranded in the funds.

The criminal suspect Lin has been arrested by the public security organs and detained in accordance with the law. During this period, Lin has refunded Ms. Jiang’s 650,000 yuan of car purchase deposit. At present, the 4S shop has also agreed to return Ms. Jiang’s 650,000 yuan for car purchase. The case is in progress. Further investigation is underway. It is reported that Ms. Jiang is currently seeking financial compensation from the 4S shop and has hired a lawyer to resolve legal issues.


Consumers must read the contract carefully when ordering a car, buying a car, or even more large-scale purchases . If necessary, you can hire a professional lawyer to review the contract and keep the original. If the original is not available for some reason, you must take a picture and save it as soon as possible. When making a payment, you must also carefully check the payee information, collection notes, etc., in order to avoid economic, physical, or spiritual losses to the greatest extent. (Source: 1818 Golden Eye; Compilation/Car Home Ding Bojun)