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[YesAuto Preliminary audition] When I heard my friends talk about how fast each car is accelerating, how strong is the push back, and how accurate the direction is, what I want to say is that you can run as fast as you can. You must be able to stop. Today, we will use the braking distance to speak. From small cars to medium-sized cars, we select models with excellent braking performance to recommend. The selected vehicles are relatively close to the people, and there are no high-end models and low cost performance. In a personalized car, the braking performance is related to safety and should not be underestimated.

Please read this text before reading the article

The braking data in this article is the result of the actual test of the test car, and is the average value of multiple tests. The value is relatively reliable. We know that the braking distance is related to the road surface. However, due to the limitations of conditions, it is impossible to focus on the test for many years. On a road section with exactly the same road parameters, there is indeed an error, but we can ignore this only variable and show the actual situation of the vehicle to everyone.

Small cars

Great Wall Haval M2 is priced at 6.59-89,900 yuan

The Great Wall’s transformation from pickup trucks to family cars has been relatively successful; Haval M2 is another small car with distinctive features after the launch of the cool bear with its own personality, with thick and tense lines and a slightly exaggerated front face, similar to The decoration of the guard plate and the two-color underside of the body make this car full of cross-border elements. Like many Great Wall models, the M2 also has a good braking ability.

Since Great Wall Motors has a good reputation for its braking ability, we will compare the M2 with a small joint venture vehicle. The braking distance of 39.6 meters is definitely not bad. When braking at full force, the vehicle body has a high center of gravity, so the forward lean phenomenon is obvious, but The posture of the vehicle is not too ugly. Although the Sauer, which is also a “square box”, has wider tires, the actual performance is somewhat different from that of the Haval M2.

The box car’s space is its strong point. The Haval M2 has ample space in the car. The editor with a height of 178cm adjusts the seat in the driver’s seat and has room for more than a punch on the head; the M2 wheelbase is 2499mm, which is statistically classified from the data point of view. In the upper and middle class, we are very satisfied with the actual ride. The head and leg room are more than two punches, and the Erlang's legs can be easily lifted, which is rare among small cars.

The clearance between the Haval M2 and the ground is very small, so it will not be too laborious to carry luggage, and there is no need to lift it too high, which is also the advantage of this type of model; but the rear seats cannot be completely flat, so you need to pay attention to the items when loading. One thing needs to be reminded that the trunk cover is straight and the opening angle is large, so pay attention to safety.

●For a comprehensive understanding of Haval M2, please click on the link to enter the Haval M2 channel

It is very comfortable to test the Great Wall Haval M2 two-wheel drive luxury type

Chery Fengyun 2 is priced at 5.18-61.8 million yuan

A few years ago, the Chery Fengyun series set off an independent brand car buying frenzy. Due to the gradual enrichment of the product line, the Fengyun series gradually faded out of our sight. This year, the Fengyun 2 was redesigned and was launched on the market and positioned as a small car. , In comparison, the price is higher, and the braking performance is also reassuring.

Our performance test on the Fengyun 2 1.5L Hatchback Deluxe shows that from 100KM/h full braking to the vehicle stationary, the braking distance is 39.8 meters, which is very good; the brake pedal has a large feedback force, so it needs to be used when braking. With greater strength, the pedal has a large margin in daily driving, but once you step on it deeply, the braking effect is obvious.

We put the brakes, weight and tire data of the same level models in a table for comparison. The Fengyun 2 hatchback has a curb weight of 1200Kg, and uses Giti tires, the model is 185/60 R15, and the sedan model tires are 195/55 R15. In 10 braking tests, the braking system performed very stably. The brakes of the front and rear drums did not affect the braking. The distance difference was within 1 meter each time. Tires of the right size also provided sufficient friction. It is another commendable model among the independent brands.

Fengyun 2 is equipped with a 1.5L ACTECO series engine independently developed by Chery, with a maximum power of 109Ps/6000rpm, a maximum torque of 140N·m/3000rpm, and a 5-speed manual transmission. The acceleration time of h is 11.9s, which is comparable to that of a car in the same class. However, we are very satisfied with the fuel consumption of 6.2L per 100 kilometers, even if it is driving all day in a city with poor road conditions, the fuel consumption can be within our acceptable range.

In many details, we want to affirm the Fengyun 2. The center console is wrapped in thick soft material, which not only feels better, but also reduces the abnormal noise caused by assembly or aging. The door seal has a suede surface. In addition, there are warning lights after the front door is opened, and reflectors on the back door, which are rare in small cars and compact cars. However, the distance between the trunk and the ground is too high, which may cause some inconvenience when loading large items.

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Brake performance has surprises! Test Chery Fengyun 2 Hatchback 1.5

Compact car

Buick Hideo XT is priced at 13.49-18.69 million

The popularity of golf sales after its launch has continued to this day, because it seems that it has no direct rivals to compete with it, and Yinglang XT can compete with Golf in terms of performance and configuration; if the price can be more affordable, it will be more competitive. Stronger. This article compares the braking distance, and Yinglang XT performed very well.

The Yinglang XT 1.6T cutting-edge sports version is the most distinctive model in the car series. Compared to everyone, we conducted a performance test on the car. The average braking distance is 39.4 meters. The body posture is also relatively perfect. The braking force output is stable during the whole braking process, and it is very important that a car that is good at running can stop.

Similarly, we compare the Yinglang XT with its rivals of the same level, especially the most direct opponent Golf. Yinglang’s car is heavier than the Golf. The wider 225/50 R17 Goodyear tires provide a strong grip. In the braking test, Yinglang performed very well, with a best score of 38.8 meters. The braking effect was good every time and the system was relatively stable.

Yinglang XT 1.6T cutting-edge sports version is equipped with a turbocharged engine with 184Ps/5800rpm and a maximum torque of 235N·m/1980-5400rpm. The engine has a “superboost” super-propulsion function, which is realized by computer tuning, and it is deeply stepped on the accelerator. The function will be activated. At this time, an additional 35N·m torque output can be obtained, and the peak value can reach 265N·m. However, this function can only last for 5 seconds in order to protect the machine. The 6-speed automatic gearbox is simply and neatly; in addition, press the instrument The “sport” button on the stage will not only turn the instrument panel into a more provocative red, but also the gearbox will immediately downshift.

It takes 8.2 seconds for the civilian household small steel gun Hideo to accelerate from standstill to 100KM/h. It has to be admitted that its explosive power and sprint ability are indeed very strong, and it is a strong challenger; the rear suspension of Hideo is not an independent suspension, but The torsion beam is the same as many compact cars, but with the addition of Watt connecting rods, the dynamic performance is still good, and the suspension can resolve lateral forces in place, providing more reliable support.

Click on the link to enter the Yinglang car channel

“Small Steel Cannon” home test Buick Hideo XT 1.6T

Put on a stable coat of Buick Hideo GT dynamic test

Sagitar Champion Edition is priced at 17.28-18.48 million yuan

In the eyes of many consumers, German cars are sturdy and safe. In fact, safety is not only reflected in the number of electronic auxiliary systems and airbags, but the performance of the vehicle itself is the fundamental objective factor to ensure safety; the system of the Sagitar Champion Edition Dynamic performance also satisfies us.

In the actual brake test, the Sagitar Champion Edition did not disappoint. After full braking, the average braking distance was 39.4m, and the brake pedal felt soft, but the actual effect was obvious. Same as Yinglang, it has excellent performance in a compact car. . However, because the suspension hardness of the Champion Edition is not adjusted, the body posture is not so perfect. Let's do the same for comparison below.

The Champion Edition has obvious brake advantages compared with other Sagitar models. The car is larger than the Sagitar 1.4TSI, but the actual braking distance is shorter by 1 meter. The wide tires play an intuitive and important role. When braking, the tires have a large contact area with the ground. , To ensure sufficient friction; 10 consecutive braking tests, the stability shown by the Champion Edition brake system also let us rest assured, the distance deviation is small.

The Sagitar does not have many luxurious and eye-catching configurations, and the champion version is also the same. This may be the obstinate side of the Germans, but some small details also let us see its kind side; all Sagitar series have ESP, active safety The probability of accidents will be minimized; in addition, the trunk cover and the front engine compartment cover are both opened by hydraulic levers, which are relatively rare in compact cars.

We already know the Champion Edition very well, so we won’t elaborate on the already familiar engine here. Let’s introduce the basic changes of the 2010 Sagitar Champion Edition, adding belts on the basis of the same price. The dissatisfaction of the xenon headlights with automatic cleaning function has been surrounding the public. This time the champion version reassembled the shutter-type cover next to the handbrake to the car, which is not only beautiful, but also dustproof. The red stitching can more stimulate the passion of sports, and the wheel hub is more concise than the old model.

Click the link to enter the Sagitar channel

Analysis of the difference between the new and old Sagitar champion version equipped with upgrade

Electronic system stays controversial test the strongest version of Sagitar-champion MT

225mm tires are the key! Sagitar Auto Champion Edition test

Mondeo-winning price of 169,800 to 229,800 yuan

First of all, the shape of Mondeo-Zhisheng is indeed very sporty. The grid-filled trapezoidal radiator is decorated with reasonable chrome. It looks high-grade, the extension of the single-lens headlights is sharper, the rear is full, and the sports model is unique. The flow board and sports surround add a little restlessness to this car. The sports must be able to walk and stop. The Mondeo-winning braking makes us very satisfied.

The braking performance of Mondeo winning is obvious. The braking distance from 100KM/h to static is only 38.4 meters. It has excellent results in mid-level cars. The strong braking force makes it difficult for the tough front suspension to support the heavier body. The suspension is compressed. Obviously, the actual effect of Michelin 225/50 R17 tires is good.

The current Mondeo-Zhisheng has two engines. 2.3L is the maximum displacement. The power performance is indeed not satisfactory. The driving feeling is too gentle, which is far from the dynamics of the shape. This year, the Mondeo-Zhisheng will be released on the market with a core change, and the power will be greatly improved. It will be upgraded to a turbocharged engine with 6-speed Powershift dual-clutch gearbox, 2.0L GTDi direct injection engine, maximum power 203Ps/5500rpm, maximum torque 300N·m/1750-4500rpm, and the official acceleration time is 7.9s.

I believe everyone has heard of the Mondeo-Zhisheng suspension system. The multi-link suspension structure of the front Macpherson and the rear makes the victory inherently possess the potential of athletes, plus the excellent training in the later period, whether it is in the high-speed straight line or the cornering suspension. The support of the vehicle is in place, and the trackability and stability of the body are also excellent. The tight and solid chassis suspension has been recognized by many car owners.

Click on the link to enter the Mondeo-Zhisheng channel

Enter the Mondeo-Zhisheng Forum to participate in the discussion

Magotan 2.0TSI is priced at 251,800/263,800 yuan

Magotan, a very low-key mid-sized car, looks calm and introverted, but not rigid and boring. The business style is obviously at the same time as home use, because Magotan has no advantages compared with mid-sized cars of the same level in the wheelbase; but German cars Technically, the confidence given to us is still very solid. Like the Sagitar champion version of the same “Teng Zi generation”, the brakes of Magotan are also excellent.

Magotan maintains a good body posture when braking at full force, with a braking distance of 39.14 meters per 100 kilometers. I believe everyone can be satisfied with this result. The braking system is quick to respond. In layman's terms: although there is a step on it, the strength of the foot is increasing, and the braking is The feeling became stronger, and the final result did not let us down.

We have selected 3 mid-size cars with similar prices to compare with Magotan, especially the most direct rival Regal 2.0T. Regardless of other factors, only the braking performance of Magotan is 39.1 meters stronger than that of many rivals. It has multiple braking systems. Very stable, although the tire size is not eye-catching, the 215mm tire is not very wide, but the actual effect is very good, as expected. In addition, the 2011 Magotan 2.0TSI model has been upgraded on the tires, which are described in detail below.

The 2011 Magotan 2.0TSI has upgraded the tires and replaced them with Goodyear EXCELLENCE tires with a size of 235/45 R17. The increased tire width will bring more reliable and in-place grip, and will improve the handling and braking performance. In addition, the new multi-spoke wheels are more visually eye-catching. Facing opponents will no longer “inferiority.”

Another major change of the 2011 Magotan is to set the rear “VIP” as the right to adjust the passenger seat. Passengers can adjust the position of the passenger seat and the angle of the backrest through the buttons on the side of the seat back, thereby obtaining larger legs. Ministry of space, which is also considered from the perspective of business use, to make up for the inherent shortcomings in the wheelbase.

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D block throttle adjustment needs to be adapted to test Magotan 2.0TSI+DSG

to sum up:

This article recommends 6 models with relatively short braking distances. The braking distances are all within 40 meters, and the stability of the system is relatively high. Among them, there are two cars of independent brands, which also gives us trust in domestic cars. However, no matter how good the braking performance is, the probability of danger in the face of emergencies is still very high, so careful driving is the first condition to ensure safety. (Picture Car Home Zhang Ke)