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[YesAuto concept car real shot] At this year's Beijing Auto Show, the SUV model once again brought us the feeling of blooming flowers. Changan brought us the CS95, and Trumpchi also sent a brand new GS8. As one of the benchmarks of Chinese brand SUV models, Haval has also officially launched its H7 model for sale. Through the latest HB-02 concept car, Haval has shown us its understanding and exploration of future compact SUV models.

Due to conditions, we only took pictures of the appearance of the new car and a small number of interior pictures, so this article will only introduce the appearance of the new car in detail. More detailed content will be reported as soon as we collect relevant materials, so stay tuned.

to sum up:

    The dynamic appearance design of the Haval HB-02 concept car and the control of the details of the body show us the very high design standards of its design team, and it also makes us look forward to its styling after mass production. As for the interior part and power system, due to the current lack of information, it is not convenient to comment for the time being. I hope they can be as good as the exterior design.