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[YesAuto Connected Travel] When it comes to V2X technology, many people are familiar with it. Simply put, it gives vehicles the ability to communicate with the world and share information, so that we can early warning and avoid many possible risks during the driving process. And hidden dangers, although this technology has been shouted for many years, few car companies have put it into practice. With the opening of the Guangzhou Auto Show, SAIC-GM’s Buick brand took the lead in releasing the V2X technology landing plan, which brought The upgrade of the eConnect3.0 system shows that Buick has made up his mind to eat “this crab” first.

What can V2X bring us?

Simply put, V2X (Vehicle to X) literally means: the car connects everything! V (Vehicle) means car, and X is very broad, other vehicles, transportation infrastructure, and other traffic participants. With the possibility of this kind of connection, vehicles can naturally have the ability of prophecy, and traffic safety and order can also get a qualitative leap.

Editor's summary: Challenges after being alone

Judging from the V2X landing plan released by Buick this time, Buick’s V2X has been clearly thought out in terms of function realization and scene application. Autopilot has not arrived, but V2X that can interact with the environment is the first. This idea is very reliable. If we want to talk about challenges and problems, it must not be our own, but whether the infrastructure can be followed up in time and whether the network construction can match. Just like today's 5G, mobile phones are created, and the network and the corresponding service ecology are the The key point is that from this point of view, Buick has successfully completed self-realization. Whether the next step is to work together with external resources, let us wait and see.