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[YesAuto concept car real shot] At the just-concluded night of the new Baojun brand, Baojun Automobile brought its new concept car Baojun RM-C, which is positioned as a crossover medium-sized SUV.

The Baojun RM-C concept car adopts the design concept of interstellar geometry and is built with rational aesthetics, pioneering design and precision technology as elements, which represents the future product design direction of Baojun Automobile.

As a concept car, first of all, it must be bolder in styling. Baojun RM-C concept car is like this. The closed inverted trapezoidal front grille adds dot-matrix LED lights to make the visual effect more coordinated.

The length, width and height of the car are 4775/1904/1596mm, and the wheelbase is 2880mm. The overall size of the car has reached the level of a medium-sized SUV.

Another conspicuous sign on the front of the car is the penetrating LED light strip, which runs through the entire front of the car along the edge of the front hood, which brings a higher degree of recognition to the car after being lit.

There are two black polygonal outlines on both sides of the front enclosure, and the outer edge is equipped with LED lights. The lines of the front part of the overall front are more rigid, and the sense of science and technology is highlighted through more layered designs.

The side part of the car is relatively slender. From the perspective of the layout, it adopts a side-opening design. It is expected that this function will not appear in the future mass production version. The hidden handle is also part of the wind resistance optimization for pure electric vehicles. .

Judging from the renderings released on the spot, the sunroof is of two-stage left and right, and the entire roof is almost covered by the sunroof, which cannot be opened visually. Its performance in lighting and vision will be better.

In addition, the blackened A/B/C column and the semi-blackened D-pillar create the effect of a suspended roof. The shape of the rear wing is exaggerated. It is estimated that it will improve the aerodynamic design of the vehicle to a certain extent. .

In order to better display the effect, it uses 275/40 R20 size tires, which resemble the Tomahawk-style rims, which are full of dynamic shape. In terms of details, a number of LED lights have been added inside, which looks more profound.

The rear of the car is more layered, and the middle position is a circle of red light strips extending to the sides. The middle position is the BAOJUN brand logo to further highlight its brand.

Below it is the rear light of the car. The Y-shaped style is also recognizable after being lit, and the new diamond logo LOGO is in the middle.

The bottom of the front and rear surrounds are made of black plastic, especially the design of the diffuser at the rear of the car is somewhat similar to that of a performance car. It is estimated that the original intention is to allow the airflow under the car to flow faster.

The size of the rearview mirror is small and the connection point with the body is also very flat. A camera is designed on the edge of the rearview mirror to watch the real-time road conditions behind the side and rear.

The interior was not exposed this time. Judging from the official map on the scene, the interior part adopts a minimalist design style. The instrument panel and the central large screen are connected together, which greatly improves the sense of technology.

The steering wheel has a D-shaped design, and there is a BAOJUN pinyin logo on the top, which is very similar to the Baojun RS-5. In addition, it can be seen from the figure that the air-conditioning control is still the familiar button type.

Baojun RM-C represents the future design direction of Baojun automotive products. This concept car will be exhibited at this year's Shanghai Auto Show. Friends who are interested may wish to come to the scene to see it.