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[YesAuto owner's return visit] Recently, I drove several medium-sized cars that focus on comfort, intentionally or unintentionally, Teana, Accord, Camry, and of course, Dongfeng Citroen C5 (hereinafter referred to as C5). I deeply feel the difference between their driving and riding, but my feelings are only a short experience. Today we invited 3 C5 car owners, might as well come and listen to their car life, let us have a deeper understanding Learn how C5 this car is in daily use, and make a reference for friends who are choosing a car.

Coincidentally, the three car owners invited today are usually more active in the forum, and they have communicated with each other through posting and follow-up posts. This time, they can sit together and communicate face-to-face and share their car experience. In the half-day return visit, the three car owners are highly unified on the advantages and disadvantages of the C5, so the advantages and disadvantages in the following article do not only represent a certain car owner, but can cover the opinions of the three of them. Let's restore the return visit of the day.

Owner 1: Mr. Gao

“Five degrees Celsius Xiaoyang” car home http://i.autohome.com.cn/3516945/home.html

Mr. Gao is 25 years old this year and he is engaged in automation-related work. He is a car fan and a loyal netizen of the car home. He has been thinking about whether he should have a car since he was in college, so he started various comparisons. I often go to 4S stores for test drives, and I have seen countless cars. My car selection cycle has gone through 3 years. C5 is his final decision after considering the comparison.

Why choose C5? What car have you considered before? Why eliminate them?

Don't get me wrong, Mr. Gao is not hovering between Sagitar, A6L and C5 when choosing a car. The reason why the two pictures of Sagitar 1.4T and A6L represent two levels. Before buying a car, Mr. Gao made countless comparisons. He has always seen medium-sized cars from compact cars. Each class has his favorite models. However, after comparison, the environmental factors around him made him give up compact cars; and the maintenance price Gao is the reason why he gave up medium and large cars and finally chose medium cars. Value C5's cost performance and safety.

What merits are found in the car? Where are the most satisfied with the vehicle?

The first impression of the appearance is very important. Mr. Gao appreciates the C5's appearance design. Business and sports coexist, suitable for a wide range of ages. But we have to admit that the design of C5 is not recognized by everyone, but once you like it, you will be deeply attracted. Just like Mr. Gao, he has been buying a car for a year, but it is still designed for C5. And feel happy.

Mr. Gao's C5 is a Zunya version, so it does not have headlights for follow-up steering. The auxiliary lighting for corners is a separate bulb, but the light supplement effect is still recognized. After a test drive, Mr. Gao believes that the C5 has the strongest overall strength. Whether it is comfort or driving pleasure, it will not be inferior to the competitors. At the same time, it has high cost performance, low price and high configuration.

The left and right partitions have obvious air-conditioning partitions, and sometimes even cold air can be emitted from the left and hot air can be emitted from the right. The other three car owners also expressed their approval. In addition, the rear exhaust outlet is located on the B-pillar. If the elderly air conditioner blows directly on the knees in the back row, it will affect the health, and the cooling effect on the B-pillar will be better.

What are the shortcomings in car life?

C5 is Citroen's first vehicle equipped with a 6-speed gearbox. Compared with the previous 4-speed, it has a qualitative improvement. However, the quality of the gearbox and the cooperation with the engine are not so perfect. The tuning aspect needs to be strengthened. In addition, Mr. Gao bought a spectacle frame himself, because the C5 does not have a spectacle case, this detail is inconvenient for the car owners.


After buying the car, there is no regret, Mr. Gao described C5 in four words-value for money. After a long period of comparison, Mr. Gao finally decided to buy C5. Obviously, he is a rational car buyer. Although he is 25 years old, he has not pursued passion too much. His mature performance fits the style of C5.

Car owner two: Mr. Lu

“Lv234567” car home http://i.autohome.com.cn/2995791/home.html

The C5 is the second car of Mr. Lu in the first year of life. The previous car was Jetta. Mr. Lu's C5 was purchased at the end of 2010. It is a 2011 model and currently travels 10,000 kilometers. Since it is an upgrade and replacement, he took more into account safety when choosing. Let's walk into Mr. Lu's car selection story together.

Why choose C5? What car have you considered before? Why eliminate them?

Because of the psychological requirements for safety, the goal of buying a car is directly directed to European brands. Before buying a car, Mr. Lu saw a lot of crash tests. When he got married at the age of 30, he put safety in the absolute first place. For the C5 crash test The result of full score for lateral collision is very satisfactory. Mr. Lu has a total of 4 alternative models, all of which are hot-selling products at the moment. The reason for abandoning them is simple, increase the price! No car!

What merits are found in the car? Where are the most satisfied with the vehicle?

The mature design is in line with the year when it was established, and the strong waistline highlights the sporty but calm temperament of the C5. Mr. Lu also carried out a personalized transformation himself, with a black film on the roof, which looks younger and looks like a panoramic sunroof. This kind of modification is very common and the cost is not very high, but it will bring inconvenience when inspecting the car.

Mr. Lu’s C5 is a 2.3L noble version, so the headlights are xenon lamps with follow-up and cleaning functions. The practicality of such a lamp set can fully meet daily use, but compared with the current fashion, if you add LED daytime running lights are even better.

During use, Mr. Lu found that when he was in reverse gear, or when the phone connected to the Bluetooth mobile phone in the car had a call, the speaker would automatically turn down the sound. The coordination between these electronic devices was relatively perfect and the details were in place. Tire pressure monitoring is very practical. There has been an alarm for tire pressure in less than one year of use. The tire pressure monitoring of C5 is direct. There are tire pressure sensors in all four tires, which is more accurate and sensitive than indirect alarms. . The other three car owners all gave a high evaluation of the comfort of the C5. From the perspective of the seat, all the supports are in place. The most important thing is the adjustment of the suspension. The suspension is soft but flexible.

What are the shortcomings in car life?

The storage space is not enough, especially in the front row. The door panel space is small, so you can put a bottle of water. Mr. Lu and Mr. Gao both bought a sunglasses holder and put it on the sun visor. Owners think that the closing sound of the front door of the C5 is very good, comparable to that of the A6L, but the sound of the back door is much inferior, so they are more willing to use the front door when showing their cars, a small episode.

Several accidental failures encountered during the year

The reason for the poor ignition occurred when the car was used for 800 kilometers after buying the car. Sometimes it takes three ignitions to start the car. Go to the 4S point to upgrade the ECU program and solve it. In addition, some netizens in the forum reported the abnormal noise of the water pump and the shaking of the car within 30 seconds after the cold car. The water pump of Mr. Lu's car received a free claim from the 4S shop. In the 2011 model car, these problems were basically handled.


During the chat, I found that Mr. Lu is a mature and stable person, and his temperament is the same as that of C5. He puts safety first and believes he is a man who cares for the family. Although his C5 had occasional failures, he was able to get a reasonable solution after arriving at the 4S shop. This made Mr. Lu satisfied and did not discount his impression of C5. He still believed that his original choice was correct.

Car owner three: Mr. Ji

“The Home of Cars in the “Drizzle on the River”” http://i.autohome.com.cn/395935/home.html

Mr. Ji is 42 years old this year. The C5 is his third car. The last car was the Dongfeng Citroen C2. In fact, I didn't want to continue the brand when changing cars, but I preferred C5 after test-driving alternative models and C5. He is engaged in the management of the company. The vehicle is a 2010 2.3L premium version. He purchased the car in May 2010 and has driven 14,600 kilometers so far. In addition, I would like to emphasize that Mr. Ji is the moderator of the C5 forum.

Why choose C5? What car have you considered before? Why eliminate them?

Mr. Ji intends to buy an SUV at the beginning of the change. He is optimistic about the Guide, CR-V, Tiguan and Beijing Hyundai ix35. I also had a test drive experience separately, but after the test drive, I felt that there was a big gap with the SUV in my mind. Not only did I doubt their off-road type, but I was even not satisfied with their road performance. I only had a good impression of the Tiguan. , But the evil price increase made Mr. Ji give up.

What merits are found in the car? Where are the most satisfied with the vehicle?

Like the owner of the car, Mr. Ji, Mr. Ji also made personalized modifications for his car. He also pasted the roof of the car in all black, but with a matte film. The three car owners also expressed satisfaction with the 17-inch wheels, which are more aggressive than competitors of the same level, and the noise control of the tires is also good.

Mr. Ji is very satisfied with the noise control and sound insulation of the C5. Both mechanical noise and road noise and wind noise are isolated to the greatest extent during driving. A colleague of mine is very sensitive to noise, and he also gave the same Evaluation. In addition, comfort is mentioned again. Mr. Ji likes the C5 suspension and the seat’s filtering of potholes on the road. Before driving 400 kilometers long distance, he needed to rest at least once. Now he drives directly to the destination without a break, and he doesn’t feel it. exhausted.

The three car owners believe that the C5 is made of good materials. The center console is made of soft rubber. The hand feel and texture are excellent. The armrests on the door panels are also filled with soft materials and wrapped in leather. The arms are draped when driving. The top is very comfortable.

Mr. Ji’s driving style is dualistic. When there are no passengers in the car, he is driving passionately. He usually doesn’t pay much attention to fuel consumption. The trip computer shows that the fuel consumption is 10 liters per 100 kilometers. This result is quite satisfactory. 10 liters of fuel in my car is a normal level.

What are the shortcomings in car life?

Mr. Ji also expressed his dissatisfaction with the storage space in the front row. You can usually put wallets and other items in your bag while driving, but your mobile phone is often used, but there is no place to put it. Generally, it is placed on the wide door armrest. In addition, there is only one cup holder outside in the front row, and the other cup holder is designed in the armrest box, which is very tasteless. It seems that the front storage space is indeed a common problem.


There is an episode here. The three car owners, Mr. Nakaji, are considered impulsive. They participated in a group test drive meeting before buying the car. They carried out a free and casual test drive in the open space, including some basic tests. Action, Mr. Ji, who was playing very high, decided to buy C5 immediately and paid the car purchase the next day without any discount. He was satisfied with the performance of C5 in his car life for nearly a year.

to sum up:

Satisfaction: high cost performance, high configuration. The overall comfort is unimaginable before you touch it.

Insufficient: Insufficient storage space in the front row, gearbox tuning and engine coordination still need to be more tacit.

Every time a car owner pays a return visit, I am very excited, and I want to personally feel the mentality of each car owner when buying a car. As a comfortable mid-size car, the C5 was not successfully recognized in the initial market competition, but gradually we found that there are more and more C5s on the road, indicating that the market and consumers have accepted it. However, compared with several direct competitors, its sales volume is still a little bit different, but it does not matter. Through a return visit, we learned that the C5 is a very cost-effective car, regardless of the configuration, space, and comfort compared with competitors. Inferior, as time goes by, when C5's reputation is established, I believe I can get my place. (Picture Car Home Zhang Ke)