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[YesAuto owner interview] Among the domestic medium-sized SUVs with more than 300,000 yuan, the Volvo XC60 is not the first model that everyone thinks of, but when it comes to keywords such as safety and Nordic style, everyone must think of it. I believe that many friends also let everyone know about it through Volvo's safety promotion. In fact, it is definitely not enough to say here. Let us talk to the car owner about their real feelings after using it for a period of time.

● Mr. Liu: There was a phenomenon of burning oil in less than 10,000 kilometers

Mr. Liu is our first car owner today. The Volvo XC60 is his second car. He drove a Corolla bought in 2010. Five years later, he has higher requirements for the car. So he Have the idea of changing cars. His budget for buying a car this time is a bare car price of 300,000 to 400,000 yuan. Because of his work needs, he has certain requirements for the brand of the vehicle.

There are requirements for brands. High-end brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi can't escape the alternatives. However, the price of BMW X3 is a bit too high. Audi Q5 is seen frequently on the road, saying that the white spots have become The street car was gone, so it was also passed by Mr. Liu. As for the Mercedes-Benz GLK (there was no GLC at the time), Mr. Liu felt a bit old-fashioned and the space performance was average. In the end, these three first-tier brands were rejected. Later, he also saw the Infiniti QX50, but he didn’t want to change to a Japanese car this time, and finally saw the Volvo XC60. Its low-key appearance attracted him, and Volvo’s safety promotion has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The choice is set on the Volvo XC60.

When buying a car, Mr. Liu also entangled with the two different engines of XC60. One is the Drive-E series engine with direct injection in the cylinder, and the other is the old engine with multi-point injection before. The new engine is more powerful, and the fuel consumption value announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is also lower. However, the new engine has a small discount, while the old engine has a large discount and a higher configuration. The actual naked car price is not much different. However, Mr. Liu thinks In terms of technology, you should buy the new instead of the old, so the Zhijin version equipped with a 2.0T in-cylinder direct injection engine was finally chosen. The official quotation was 396,900 yuan, which was a discount of 38,000 yuan at that time, and the price was just in line with Mr. Liu's budget.

In terms of appearance, Mr. Liu feels that XC60 is not particularly attractive, but he personally likes this relatively low-key and more attractive style, so the style of XC60 just matches his appetite. Mr. Liu said: “The exterior part likes the rear of the car the most. The design of the rear tilt is quite sporty, and the large-size taillights are also very beautiful after they are lit at night.”

In the interior, Mr. Liu’s evaluation of the XC60 is similar to the appearance, both of which are of the kind to look good. He also mentioned that the style design of the center console does not have a high-end feel, but the various functions are very easy to use. And more than a year has passed, and I still don't feel tired when I look at the interior. This may be the advantage of the simple design style.

In terms of storage space, the XC60 performed very well. I was very satisfied with the storage compartment behind the center control panel. It is very suitable to place some car licenses and other items. When talking about the 12V power interface, Mr. Liu was a little unsatisfied. If the 12V power interface next to the cup holder is connected to the driving recorder, the upper cover cannot be closed, so you can only connect the recorder’s power supply to the rear 12V power supply. On the interface.

When Mr. Liu looked at the car before, the riding space was one of the important concerns. Compared with the GLK and other models at the time, I feel that the rear space performance of the XC60 is still very good. His evaluation of the trunk is large enough, which is another reason for choosing SUV models at the beginning. Mr. Liu likes to travel by car, so a sedan can not meet this requirement. Of course, this is also a lot of friends who choose SUVs. the reason.

Regarding the engine part, this is what Mr. Liu wants to talk about most, because it burns engine oil. Mr. Liu’s XC60 found that the amount of engine oil had decreased when he drove more than 4,000 kilometers. He didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. During a long trip, the trip computer prompted the need to add oil. At this time, the engine oil was found to be low. At the lowest point (the vehicle drove more than 6,500 kilometers at the time), I found a Volvo 4S store nearby and refilled 1L of oil. After refilling, I drove until about 9,000 kilometers without prompting. At this time, Mr. Liu went to the 4S store to do the first insurance, and The staff explained the situation. At that time, the staff mentioned that the manufacturer had released a new version, which should be resolved after upgrading the system, so they also upgraded the system of the vehicle while maintaining it.

After the upgrade, I have traveled to more than 15,000 kilometers, and occasionally check the oil level and found no obvious oil consumption. It should also be mentioned that the in-cylinder direct injection engine of the XC60 does not have a mechanical oil dipstick, but is checked by an electronic system. When it comes to this, Mr. Xu next to him said that he does not accept this form. (Who is Mr. Xu? I will find out on the next page)

In terms of fuel consumption, Mr. Liu’s XC60 is not only driven by himself, but also when his lover goes to work. Therefore, the daily traffic conditions are still relatively congested. The combined average speed is about 25km/h, which is enough for 12.3L/100km. He said that his fuel consumption performance is acceptable, after all, it is used in the city.

● Mr. Xu: Very satisfied with adaptive cruise and follow-up headlights

This is the Mr. Xu we mentioned earlier. The Volvo XC60 is Mr. Xu’s second car. The previous driver was the Volkswagen Sagitar purchased in 2007. It is also for this reason that Mr. Xu has a good overall impression of European cars.

This time, Mr. Xu still focused on European brands. I have seen Japanese cars before, but I really didn’t like it very much, and he drove a car before, so considering that he would often go out to play in the future, he was going to change to an SUV. Up. Like the previous owner, Mr. Liu, among the mid-size SUVs, Mercedes-Benz GLK and Audi Q5 are listed as candidates.

I have driven a friend’s Volvo XC60 before. I have a good impression of this car. This time I also paid close attention to this car. After seeing it at that time, the XC60 in the same price range has a more outstanding configuration and a great deal. When Mr. Xu was looking at the car, he also hesitated about the new and old power models. However, he finally chose the 2.0T engine with multi-point injection. The reason for choosing the 2.0T T5 AWD Zhiyuan version was mainly because of this car. The configuration is higher and also comes with a four-wheel drive system.

After two trips, he had a more comprehensive experience of the safety configuration performance of the XC60. He said that he did not regret choosing a high-end model at that time. Mr. Xu said that during a trip, when he came back when it snowed, he had to walk the mountain road. At this time, he felt that the four-wheel drive system could still make the car walk more steadily, and the follow-up turn headlights and automatic high beam functions were also available for night driving Brings considerable help. The automatic high beam will automatically turn off when it detects that there is a light ahead, which is much more convenient and can be more focused on observing the road conditions.

Like to travel by car, Mr. Xu also mentioned the convenience of adaptive cruise at high speed, especially if it is more convenient for a few friends to travel in groups. He also deliberately mentioned the active braking function of the XC60. If the current car brakes suddenly, his own car will also intervene in the brake, which makes daily driving a higher safety guarantee.

The performance of the trunk space is satisfactory. Generally, it is used by Mr. Xu and his lover. It is not a problem to go out to play and bring all kinds of items. At that time, SUV was chosen for a larger storage space.

Regarding the dissatisfaction, Mr. Xu mentioned the engine start-stop system. The XC60's start-stop function will start regardless of whether it is lightly depressed or deep depressed. This function makes daily driving feel uncomfortable. If it can be adjusted to lightly depress, it will not start. , It's better to step on it deeply and start again. The tire size of the 235/60 R18 is appropriate, and the ratio of the 18-inch rim is also appropriate, but the tire width of 235mm would be better if it could be larger.

Mr. Xu usually drives to far away places and seldom uses it in the city, so the fuel consumption is much lower than that of the previous owner. It's just that the weather has been relatively cold recently, so he will only drive to and from get off work. The fuel consumption is higher than before. Improved a bit.

For the car itself, Mr. Xu was quite satisfied, and he gave a high score of 99 points. At this time, I asked why the car itself is not satisfied with the service of the 4S shop? Mr. Xu said: “I hope that when I go to the 4S shop for maintenance, I can be more transparent about the replacement parts, the cost of the parts and other related items.” Mr. Xu is a very meticulous person for vehicle maintenance. When the vehicle is maintained, he will watch the staff complete it. In the experience of the first insurance, I feel that the staff does not complete the details of the work well, such as: If you change a few liters of engine oil, you don’t know how much information will be left in the end, whether the replaced accessories can be seen by yourself, etc.; therefore, I hope that 4S stores can be more transparent in these aspects, so that consumers can better understand their own money. where is it.

● Mr. Liu: I bought the Zhiyuan version with higher configuration because of the white color

Mr. Liu is our third car owner today. He bought the 2.0T T5 AWD Zhiyuan version, which has the same configuration as the previous Mr. Xu. It's just that the color is different, and the color actually roughly shows the preference for the body color of different age groups.

In the lottery lottery policy with a very low “winning rate”, Mr. Liu was very fortunate to get the car purchase index, which is very envious of many friends. Mr. Liu’s car purchase budget is similar to that of the previous car owners. However, among the alternative vehicles, it also pays attention to the Cadillac SRX. After much understanding, this car’s fuel consumption is relatively high (in our SRX’s word-of-mouth system, more than 80 owners’ The overall fuel consumption is around 14.7L/100km, which is really not low), so I gave up this car, and the reason for abandoning GLK is also because of the poor performance of the space. Q5 feels that the atmosphere in the car is a bit depressing. When choosing a car, he said that the smell of the XC60 car is the smallest, so small that it can be described as having no peculiar smell, while the performance of several other cars is not as good as the XC60. Talking about the taste of the car, the previous car owners also expressed their agreement. Everyone felt that the XC60 was the least tasted among the cars they had seen. When ordering the car, Mr. Liu initially focused on the 2015 Zhijin version, but because the car was not white when he bought the car, he finally chose the 2015 Zhiyuan version with a slightly higher price.

The appearance of XC60, Mr. Liu likes its side lines most, and the overall feeling is very heavy, it looks very strong and strong. Compared to many medium-sized SUVs, he prefers the XC60, which is not surprising and will not get tired for a long time. Indeed, for this relatively simple model, it will not be too easy to cause aesthetic fatigue after a long time.

Mr. Liu has been full of praise for the XC60, the urban safety system and adaptive cruise control. At that time, he bought a car with these safety configurations, which is rare among competitors of the same level. The Zhiyuan version is also equipped with lane departure warning. Seeing the more comprehensive safety configuration, Mr. Liu did not regret choosing the slightly higher price of the Zhiyuan version just because of the color. However, there are also complaints. The radar in front of his car occasionally makes false alarms. If there is no situation ahead, the radar will automatically alarm. I asked the other two car owners, and they said that they rarely encountered this situation, and it seemed that it was an accidental breakdown of the bicycle.

Regarding the interior, Mr. Liu’s opinion is similar to his evaluation of the appearance. The simple style is actually the most attractive. At that time, he also took a fancy to the XC60's good interior materials. The domestically produced model is not much different from the previous imported model. The overall feeling is still very good.

When it comes to configuration, Mr. Liu said that most of them have been praised by the first two owners. It seems that everyone is still very concerned about Volvo's safety configuration, and the overall experience is very satisfied. Mr. Liu doesn't like to walk on the roads with traffic lights. He will try to bypass the ring road or urban expressways if possible. Therefore, if he encounters traffic lights occasionally, he thinks that stopping the engine for a while can still help save some fuel.

Mr. Liu is still acceptable for his XC60’s “appetite” of about 12L per 100 kilometers. After all, he has to face various intersections every day. He also mentioned that if it is purely high-speed driving, the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers below 10L is still no problem. For the power of the XC60, he feels very good. He usually drives more aggressively and often uses sports mode. Although the engine is not the new Drive-E series, the power of 214 horsepower and 300 Nm is enough to make it drive. Quite briskly.

● Summary

After talking with the three car owners, I felt that everyone still recognized the Volvo brand's safety promotion, and this is also the impression that most people have of this brand. Regarding maintenance, everyone expressed the hope that the car owners would have more transparency. Volvo's first warranty is not free. The first two car owners chose to extend the warranty and vehicle replacement when they bought the car and gave away a maintenance. The third car owner Mr. Liu did not choose any additional costs, so there is no free maintenance. The cost of regular maintenance is about 1100 yuan, which is basically the same as compared to the maintenance cost of models of the same level. Everyone is quite satisfied with the overall performance of their car, especially the performance in active safety configuration. This is indeed the advantage of the XC60 compared to rivals of the same level.