[Motor House Race] Sebastian Vettel said he doesn't care whether the flat tire that caused him to retire in Abu Dhabi is his fault-although the Red Bull team is still unsure of the exact cause of the flat tire. Although more and more people suspect that the hot exhaust gas directly blows to the tires and causes the tires to blow out after overheating, the teams and drivers say that they are not entirely sure what happened.

On Thursday of the Brazilian Grand Prix, Vettel said: “I don't think we will ever know 100% what happened, but I think it is important to understand that I did nothing wrong.”

“We can never find out what happened in the last game, but we didn't put any pieces on it. I didn't do anything different. I don't want to say it was a matter of luck, but I can't do anything to prevent this from happening.”

“After the race we had a little gain, which is very important. I personally went to the track to see but didn't find anything, and there was no problem with Turn 1. Many drivers chose different routes, and Pirelli also did a survey. , They didn't find any problems either.”

“Obviously this is not a small problem. I slowed down and had a puncture at Turn 2. There have been no problems in the test for three years. It is important to find the cause. Due to the sudden puncture, I cannot control the car. This is a fact. .”

The claim that the hot exhaust gas caused a puncture is because since the Korean Grand Prix, Red Bull only used heat-blowing diffusers in the race. According to Red Bull Racing Head Christian Horner, in the Abu Dhabi test conducted last week, they tried to reproduce a flat tire but failed.

“I think this is a failure, I think we will never know the truth,” Horner said. “Is there any debris or something else? There are too many possibilities. There are so many things stuck on the tires and it is difficult to see clearly. Obviously, in the Abu Dhabi test, we tried to simulate the accident situation and did not get the same As a result, although we worked hard to find questions with Pirelli engineers, it was difficult to have clear answers.”

When asked if the hot exhaust gas would cause a puncture, Horner said: “It's hard to tell. We can only say that when he was pressing on the shoulder of Turn 1, the tire suddenly had a problem. I think this is just one of them. There will be a lot of theory and speculation about the matter, but there is no strong evidence to prove that this problem or that problem is caused.”