[YesAuto Car Race] The Malaysian F1 Formula One Championship will be held at Sepang Circuit on March 27-29. The Sepang circuit has a single lap distance of 5.543 kilometers, and the competitors have to compete for 56 laps totaling 310.4 kilometers. Hamilton and Rosberg of the Mercedes team continued to play in a steady state, leading the opponent behind to complete the game 41 seconds. But it is a pity that they are not the champions and runners-up this time, but the second or third place. The champion driver was won by the “dark horse” Vettel of the new season.

Vettel posed a threat to Mercedes-Benz's success in qualifying and finished second in qualifying. He said that the current Ferrari car is not in perfect condition, the car has some unnecessary slip in the corners, but it can already run very fast. He ran at his own excellent level in the race, with a total score of 8.569 seconds ahead of runner-up Hamilton and 12.31 seconds ahead of third runner-up Rosberg. In the Malaysian station, Ferrari's car used a new technology called “front axle center of gravity ventilation”, which provides cooling for the front brake system in the hollow front axle and has a lower drag coefficient than the original cooling system. Vettel told reporters that in addition to Ferrari's progress, it may also be related to the hot weather in Malaysia. He said that the weather at the next stop in China will be cooler, and perhaps Mercedes will catch up again.

Vettel's teammate Raikkonen used his own strength to fight his sad weekend. After regretting to retire due to a fixed problem with the left rear wheel in the last stop, he continued to be troubled by the left rear wheel problem. This time, he suffered a puncture on the left rear wheel shortly after the start of the race. As a result, he struggled back to the pit lane for replacement and fell to the last place. Räikkönen did a very inspirational thing, which is to use a stable and crazy driving to chase the result to fourth place and finish the race safely. He scored 12 points for Ferrari and surpassed all teams except Mercedes. .

The 17-year-old Verstappen of Toro Rosso retired from the last race due to a mechanical failure. He finished sixth in the qualifying and seventh in the race, becoming the youngest F1 driver in F1 history to earn points. It is a powerful response to the FIA's statement that “too young drivers cannot control F1”. Verstappen expressed his gratitude to the rainy weather during the second quarter qualifying, which alleviated the overheating problem of the brake system at that time. Later, the team ruled out the brake failure before the race so that Verstappen did not look like the last stop. Retire like that. Verstappen's young teammate Sainz played some small mistakes and only finished eighth. The 2014 season's popular driver Cado was implicated in the braking system of the Red Bull Racing and only finished tenth.

Is there any other heavyweight that hasn't been introduced? By the way, McLaren driver Alonso, who was hospitalized due to a crash during the test drive this season, finally appeared in the second race. He denied the previous rumors of “amnesia, electric shock”, etc., and said that he recalled that it was a crash caused by a failure of the steering system. The temporary coma was also caused by the drugs used before taking the helicopter… No matter what, these have passed. How did you perform in the Malaysian race. The helpless power unit supplier Honda does not know whether it lacks experience or puts more energy on its own “New North's fastest front-wheel drive”. In short, the two McLaren cars are due to ERS (kinetic energy recovery system) and turbochargers. Failure to withdraw from the game. So Alonso and teammate Barton experienced the worst match of their lives-I don't know if there is “one”. In fact, for the once dominating McLaren team, they are not afraid of opponents like gods.

● Malaysian race driver’s transcript

F1 2015 Malaysia transcript
Rank Rider Fleet Power unit Total score/Reason for withdrawal
1 Vettel Ferrari Ferrari 1 hour 41 minutes 05 seconds 793
2 Hamilton Mercedes Mercedes +8.5 seconds
3 Rosberg Mercedes Mercedes +12.3 seconds
4 Raikkonen Ferrari Ferrari +53.8 seconds
5 Bottas Williams Mercedes +70.4 seconds
6 Massa Williams Mercedes +73.5 seconds
7 Vistapan Toro Rosso Renault +97. seconds
8 Sainz Toro Rosso Renault +1 circle
9 Kovoat Red Bull Renault +1 circle
10 Ricardo Red Bull Renault +1 circle
11 Grosjean Lotus Mercedes +1 circle
12 Nasser Sauber Ferrari +1 circle
13 Perez Force India Mercedes +1 circle
14 Hokenberg Force India Mercedes +1 circle
15 Mosi Mana Ferrari +3 turns
16 Maldonado Lotus Mercedes Braking System
17 Barton McLaren Honda Power unit
18 Alonso McLaren Honda Power unit
19 Erickson Sauber Ferrari out of control
20 Stevens Mana Ferrari absence

Judging from the current situation, Lali has already begun to counterattack the Mercedes camp. Whether it can really pose a threat has to wait and see. The prospect of the Renault camp depends on its own further research and development and the cooperation of the Red Bull team. As for Honda… let's not say it. The Malaysian race has come to an end. The next race will be held in Shanghai, China on April 12. Friends who like F1 can consider buying a ticket to go there. Those who don’t have time to go there can also watch it through TV, the Internet and other media. , We will also bring back even more exciting content this time, so stay tuned.