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[YesAuto Engine Technology] In my impression, at a foreign auto show a few years ago, Suzuki launched a Swift concept car, which is equipped with a Volkswagen EA111 1.4TSI engine. You can understand this as a show of two companies. A way of love, but the good times are not long. Without Volkswagen, Suzuki has a blank space in the small displacement supercharged engine. However, at this Shanghai Auto Show, Suzuki finally took out their own 1.4T engine— —1.4T BOOSTERJET, and this engine will be installed on Vitra and Fengyu models in the future.

VITARA is a model positioned as a small SUV. The existing Angkola, Yibo, and Peugeot 2008 are all models of this level. Suzuki is also very optimistic about this segment of the market. Of course, judging from the size of the body, the Jimny is also a model of this level, but this product is too focused on off-road performance, but ignores the comfort and flexibility of city driving, which is now The most important part of users for small SUVs.

Comparison with Volkswagen EA211 power parameters
parameter K14C EA211
Displacement 1373 1390
Maximum power (Ps/rpm) 140 /5500 131/5000~6000
Maximum torque (N·m/rpm) 220/1700~4000 225 /1500~3500
Gas distribution technology Variable timing on intake side Inlet and exhaust dual variable timing
Intercooler type Air-cooled Water cooling

In terms of data, the Suzuki K14C engine power exceeds the Volkswagen EA211, while the torque is slightly behind. This data difference will not be directly fed back to the driving experience of the vehicle. However, in contrast, the difference in the transmission system and model positioning is actually It is easier to influence your judgment on the power performance of the two engines.

Edit summary:

The emergence of this engine filled the gap in Suzuki's turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The alliance with Volkswagen six years ago gave Suzuki the hope of launching a small-displacement turbocharged engine. However, since the two companies broke up in 2011 Seeing that Suzuki's wishful thinking fell through, he had no choice but to develop the engine of this level by himself. From the perspective of research and development results, the performance of the 1.4T BOOSTERJET can just cater to the positioning of the VITARA small SUV. In the future, Fengyu and even the Swift and other models will also be the beneficiaries. Personally, I still look forward to the 1.4T Swift. of. (Photo / Li Boxu, the home of the car)