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[Autohome Race] During the 58th Macau Grand Prix, Autohome interviewed Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, Director of Volkswagen Brand Technology Research and Development. The doctor communicated with us in detail on Volkswagen's investment in motor sports and future plans.

● Volkswagen will withdraw from the 2012 Dakar Rally

Volkswagen’s decision to withdraw from the 2012 Dakar Rally from both the manufacturer's team and the customer's team surprised many people. Everyone is very concerned about why the public will retreat bravely. The doctor showed us the attitude of Volkswagen on this matter.

“Previously, Volkswagen participated in the Dakar Rally. We have achieved great success in this event and have won three championships, so we need to find new challenges. The World Rally Championship (WRC) is our next Goal. In 2013, Volkswagen will participate in the WRC, which is a new challenge for us. At that time, Volkswagen’s POLO R WRC car will participate in the event.” Dr. Hackenberg explained.

● Volkswagen supports the development of China's motor sports

The Scirocco Cup is a single-model cup introduced by Volkswagen to China in 2009. After two successful seasons, it was upgraded to Scirocco R-Cup in 2011. At present, there are only a few manufacturers like Volkswagen that carry out motor sports in China, so why is Volkswagen keen on this? The doctor talked about his thoughts.

Dr. Hackenberg said: ” Volkswagen has always supported the development of Chinese motor sports. Motor sports can bring more passion to consumers. Chinese consumers are full of passion. They need unique and personalized products. Cars should not only be It is a means of transportation, which can take you into a new world, and motor sports can play such a role. If a car brand can participate in the competition of motor sports, it will definitely be able to manufacture good cars. In the future, other Manufacturers will understand this truth and gradually join the motor sport.”

● Further expand investment in Formula Three

Volkswagen has been involved in motor sports for more than 40 years. In addition to achieving outstanding results in sports car racing (such as Scirocco R Cup) and rallying (such as Dakar), it also has many gains in formula racing. At present, Volkswagen provides engines for five Formula 3 teams, and they have won numerous honors in the international arena.

When talking about the reasons why Volkswagen was able to win, Dr. Hackenberg said: “To defeat the opponent and win in such a high-level race, we must continue to develop research and development. What we have to do is to make the car faster and safer. . this is what we have been doing in the future will be, too, so we can maintain a leading position in the race. “

Regarding Volkswagen’s plans for F3 in the future, the doctor replied: “Signature team and Carlin team are our two best F3 teams. We will continue to introduce excellent teams.

● New energy technology will be promoted in more motor sports

Finally, when we asked Dr. Hackenberg about the prospects of new energy technology in motor sports, the doctor replied: “Only with efficient technology can you succeed in motor sports. Therefore, you need to learn from the energy you use. To obtain the best performance, the same is true for new energy vehicles. At the same time, racing means lightweight body, which is also the development direction of electric vehicles or new energy vehicles. In addition, in the competition, you need strong torque, excellent acceleration and Braking performance, these are also applicable to the development of new energy vehicles.”

“In the future, motor sports will also introduce new energy drive technology. The most advanced technology is always applied to motorsports first, and motorsports will also raise this technology to the highest level. In the competition, you must continue to break through the technology. To the limit, new energy vehicle technology also needs to go through the same process. Therefore, if you want to develop new energy vehicles, motorsport is a good platform, and new energy technology will also play an important role in future motorsports.”

“For example, in F1, the braking energy recovery system can charge the battery for the next acceleration. We can see that new energy technology has already played a role in the top races. It is conceivable that this kind of successful example will also be used in the future. Promote it to other events.”

Postscript: When we interviewed Dr. Hackenberg on November 20, we asked the question of the driver selection of the Volkswagen WRC team. At that time, the doctor did not give us a clear answer. But on November 23, Volkswagen Motorsport officially announced the contract with Ogier. The latter has previously played for the Citroen team. In the 2011 season, Ogier won five championships.

[Autohome: Will Ogier participate in the WRC on behalf of Volkswagen? 】

[Dr. Hackenberg: We are still looking for drivers. Volkswagen's racers are the best. 】

Subsequently, in a press release issued by the Volkswagen Sports Department, Dr. Hackenberg gave Ogier affirmation: “It is a pleasure to see Ogier join. He will contribute to us building a top WRC team. In The ability to welcome such a high-level driver in the design and development phase of the prototype car is also an inspiration to our team’s confidence.”