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[YesAuto Featured Events] World Rally Championship (WRC) Italy and Poland just ended on June 5th and June 26th. Ogier from Volkswagen Team won his fourth and fifth place in the 2014 season. Champions. At this point, the total points of the Volkswagen team has been far ahead of other teams.

● Tournament in Italy

In the Italian race, Osberg of Citroen Racing Team drove a Citroen DS3 WRC car to win second place behind Ogier, and Ogier's teammate Latvala drove a Volkswagen POLO R WRC car to win third place. It is reported that Latvala, who was originally second in the stage, has been trying to catch up with Osberg, but the haste is not fast, and the tires are exhausted before the end. Changing the tires took more time, so he fell behind to third place. The fourth place is Mickelson, another driver of the Volkswagen team. Evans, who drove the Ford Fiesta RS WRC, finished fifth.

● Italy station video

● Poland race situation

In the Polish Grand Prix, Ogier won 10 stages of 22 stages, setting the first overall result. Teammate Mickelson ranked second. Hyundai's Neville drove a Hyundai i20 WRC car to win third place. This is the second time that Hyundai Motorsport has won the podium this season.

The last time the Polish station appeared on the WRC calendar was five years ago. The drivers are already very unfamiliar with this stage, and the difficulty of the competition has also increased. For example, in the 14th stage, a large rock hidden in the track made countless passing drivers “success”, in the slightest damage the car, and in the worst case, the car overturned and retired. Evans of the M-Sport team and Osberg of the Citroen team crashed and retired here. Even Latvala, who has won two championships this season, was not spared and crashed the suspension system here. But fortunately his car can still drive to the finish line, and did not retire.

● Poland station video

● Personal standings

WRC 2014 top ten driver points (as of the Polish station)
Rank Rider Fleet total points
1 Ogier Volkswagen Team 166
2 Latvala Volkswagen Team 116
3 Mickelson Volkswagen Team 2 83
4 Osberg Citroen Team 66
5 Havonen M-Sport Team 52
6 Navier Hyundai Fleet 46
7 Meke Citroen Team 38
8 Evans M-Sport Team 36
9 Prokop Czech National Team 31
10 Solberg twenty four

● Team standings

WRC 2014 fleet ranking (as of Poland station)
Rank Fleet total points
1 Volkswagen Team 262
2 Citroen Team 115
3 M-Sport Team 90
4 Volkswagen Team 2 82
5 Hyundai Fleet 80
6 Czech National Team 34
7 RK M-Sport Team 19

So far, the Volkswagen Team’s two drivers are far ahead of the other drivers with 166 points and 116 points. The total points of the Volkswagen Team 262 points are more than double that of the second-place Citroen Team. The 2014 WRC season has passed halfway, and the Volkswagen team’s championship throne should already be in the bag. This advantage can not help but remind people of the previous Citroen. World champion Loeb has won the WRC world championship for 9 consecutive years in Citroen (8 times). Manufacturer fleet, 1 private fleet). This year's Citroen team did not have Loeb, the former king team struggled to support the second place in the total points, because after all, they can no longer rely on Loeb.