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[Autohome Race] On September 17, the fifth round of the 2011 Volkswagen China Motorsport Scirocco R Cup will be held at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. But unlike the previous regular races, this time the team and drivers will face a new test of the 12-hour endurance race.

It is reported that this competition is the first time that the Scirocco R Cup has tried the 12-hour endurance race in the world. The 12-hour race starts from the warm tyre lap at noon on September 17 and ends in the early morning of September 18. During the race, each car is driven by three drivers alternately, and each car can only use four sets of tires. The car that has completed the most kilometers in 12 hours will become the championship.

Among them, the ranking of the first ten laps will determine the points of the ninth round of Scirocco R Cup, and the ranking at the end of the 12-hour competition will determine the points of the tenth round. Compared with the regular season, the endurance race is a new challenge to the drivers, the team and the car itself. The stability of the car and the will of the driver will be the key to the success of the race. At that time, Autohome will bring live reports, so stay tuned.