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[YesAuto Event News] The third stop of the WRC World Rally Championship was held in GUANAJUATO, Mexico on March 6-9, 2014. This is the first all-gravel stage of the season. 400 kilometers. This time the Volkswagen team achieved a complete victory, with Sebastien Ogier and teammate Jari-Matti Latvala taking the championship and runner-up. Thierry Neuville of Hyundai Racing won third place on a solo after his teammates retired.

Ogier of the Volkswagen Team drove the POLO R WRC racing car to the top, maintaining a long lead in the three-day race. His teammate Latvala took third place on the first day, 16.4 seconds behind the second place. Later, after Citroen’s Mads Ostberg retired, he was automatically promoted to second place and remained in the first place. The three-day competition is over.

Neville of Hyundai Motorsport has just started to get in touch with Hyundai i20 cars this year and has shown extraordinary strength. When his teammates retired halfway through the race, he battled on a bicycle and finally ended in third place, allowing Hyundai Motorsport to stand on the WRC podium for the first time. After the third day of the race, the maintenance staff found a hole in the radiator, and the vehicle actually persisted until the end of the race. Neville almost broke down during the awards.

Citroen's Mads Ostberg drove the DS3 WRC car in second place on the first day of the race, and exerted considerable pressure on the champion Ogier. It was a pity that he crashed the shock absorber on the second day of the stage and retired in almost the same position as him in 2013. The three-day total score ranked ninth. Veteran Kris Meeke unfortunately retired due to a circuit failure and subsequent crash.

This year there are three teams competing with Carnival RS WRC cars, namely M-Sport, RK M-Sport, and Jipocar Czech National Team.

Elfyn Evans of the M-Sport team participated in the Mexico Grand Prix for the first time. He played a stable level and finally finished fourth without any pressure. His teammate Mikko Hirvonen (Mikko Hirvonen) continued to perform poorly after retiring due to a circuit failure on the first day, and finally ranked eighth.

Jipocar's Czech national team's Martin Prokop is fifth. He was only ninth in 2013 and only got 2 points in points. This year's 12 points can be regarded as a satisfactory answer to the team.

Prokop made a serious error on the final day of the game and nearly overturned. Prokop believes he is lucky and is ready for the next stop with ambition.

RK M-Sport team leader Robert Kubica's car had a hydraulic shift system failure in the first stop, and unfortunately retired in the middle of the race. Kubica turned the car upside down the next day, and did not participate in the third day of the race.

The local Mexican driver Benito Guerra is the only Mexican rally driver. He drove the Carnival RS car to win the sixth place in his home country. Even though the steering gear malfunctioned in the first stop and missed the brake point in the second stop and slid into a tree, he persisted in completing the race.

The current results of the drivers are as follows:

WRC World Rally Championship Mexico results
Rank Rider Model Grades Substation points total points
1 Ogier

Volkswagen Polo R


4 hours 27 minutes 41.8 28 63
2 Latvala

Volkswagen Polo R


4 hours 28 minutes 54.4 20 60
3 Navier Hyundai i20 WRC 4 hours 33 minutes 10.4 2 32
4 Evans

Ford Fiesta RS


4 hours 34 minutes 31.1 0 twenty four
5 Prokop

Ford Fiesta RS


4 hours 37 minutes 26.2 12 20
6 Gera Ford Fiesta RS 4 hours 40 minutes 39.4 0 18
7 Atkinson Hyundai i20 WRC 4 hours 42 minutes 57.2 5 18
8 Havonen Carnival RS WRC 4 hours 44 minutes 48.6 0 17
9 Osberg

Citroen DS3


4 hours 53 minutes 23.4 15 15
10 Protasov Ford Fiesta R5 4 hours 45 minutes 00.0 0


2014 WRC team total points (as of the third stop)
Rank Fleet integral
1 Volkswagen Team 115
2 Citroen Team 60
3 M-Sport Team 40
4 Hyundai Fleet 31
5 Volkswagen Team 2 28
6 Jipocar Czech National Team 10
7 RK M-Sport Team 4

In terms of total points, the Volkswagen team leads with an absolute advantage of 115 points, the Citroen team ranks second with 60 points, and the M-Sport team ranks third with 40 points. Volkswagen still has a strong lineup and steadiness to play the dominance. After Loeb retired, it seemed that no one could rival Ogier anymore. The former champion overlord Citroen was unlucky at this station, but it still occupies the runner-up position in the total points. The Ford team has made considerable progress compared to last year, and its rise is aggressive. And the rookie Hyundai team temporarily ranked fourth is already a very good result, whether it can last until the end, let us wait and see. The fourth race will return to Europe on April 3-6 and will be held in Portugal.