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[YesAuto Transmission Technology] For a long time, the powertrain has always played a weak role for Chinese brands. After Japan, Europe, and the United States respectively determined their respective development directions, my country led by the national level, assembled many Chinese brands and BorgWarner to form the China Development Alliance Investment Company, which determined the direction of the development of wet dual clutch gearboxes. Now, Geely, a member of this alliance, has taken out the latest wet dual-clutch transmission at the Beijing Auto Show.

When it comes to dual-clutch gearboxes, people will naturally think of the Volkswagen brand. Despite all the benefits, the poor performance and failure rate of the dry dual-clutch gearbox in congestion make people inevitably doubt this kind of gearbox. At this time, the wet dual-clutch gearbox that takes into account the shifting speed and durability has become the new darling, and Geely also introduced the wet dual-clutch gearbox.

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For recent Chinese brands, most of the research and development of gearboxes are no longer in a state of scratch. After the wet dual-clutch gearbox, which combines the advantages of shifting speed and stability, was determined by Zhongfa Lian as the research and development direction, various Chinese brands have come up with their own dual-clutch gearboxes. After Geely and Volvo share the development platform, this gearbox may also be mounted on Volvo models in the future. Let us look forward to its early mass production as to its specific performance.