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[YesAuto Appearance Modification] VORSTEINER is one of the top manufacturers in the automotive high-performance upgrade parts industry in the United States. Each product designed by VORSTEINER is very individual and perfectly combines cutting-edge technology and beauty to continuously promote art and The boundaries of technology.

The Porsche GT2 can be said to be a legally modified car. Born to be a sportsman, it enjoys high prestige in competitions all over the world, and of course it is also a very dazzling star in private club events.

The Shift-S3ctor club was the first club in the western United States to start organizing straight-line acceleration events. They have their own cars, allowing them to test vehicle performance in a safe and legal racing environment. Participating in the event can show the good performance of the modified product.

This Porsche 997 GT2 of the Shift-S3ctor Club is equipped with Vorsteiner brand V-FF 104-style forged wheels. The front 20 inches is matched with 9J rim data, and the rear wheel is 20 inches with 12J data. This rim is The main body is in carbon graphite color and the center rim cover is red. This is also a limited edition of the Vorsteiner rim brand.