[Car Home Race] In 2012, BMW will enter the DTM German Touring Car Masters. This is the return of the BMW brand after an 18-year absence. It also means that the three major German luxury brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi will gather at DTM. In the new season, BMW will use six M3 DTM racing cars, so who will have the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of these super racing cars?

Two of the six BMW driver seats have been settled. They are the former WTCC BMW factory driver Augusto Farfus and Andy Priaulx. They also played in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2011. In the endurance race (LeMans), driving an M3 GT2 car for BMW.

After Farfors and Plyox, who will be BMW's next DTM driver? There are still four M3 DTM racing cars waiting for his owner to sit in the cockpit, but where are the possible candidates?

Conjecture 1: Mercedes-Benz DTM top driver Spangler

Now in the media, the current Mercedes-Benz DTM top driver Bruno Spengler's transfer to BMW next year is already a certainty. However, until the weekend of Brands Hatch (referring to the DTM UK station on September 4), the official news has not been released. Spangler and Haug (Norbert Haug, the head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport) are still very tight.

“In this season I don't want to talk about what will happen in the future, that is the topic of the future.” Spangler said in Brands Hatch.

Haug did not comment, nor denied the rumors: “We are now doing our best for this season, and we will prepare for the next season after the end of the season. I don't want to fight back those rumors, they make life more interesting.” To Christmas Before the holiday, Hauge did not plan to talk about the driver lineup.

Conjecture 2: Former BMW F1 driver Hayfield

Now there are rumors that Nick Heidfeld will join BMW to participate in DTM after finishing his F1 career with Renault. Considering his past cooperation with the Munich manufacturer (referring to BMW), it is very possible for Highfield to enter DTM. And the Monchengladbach (referring to Hayfield) confirmed that he will return to the game soon. But neither Heyfeld nor BMW Sports Director Jens Marquardt are willing to comment on this.

Conjecture 3: Former Audi DTM driver Winkhawk

In addition, the former Audi DTM driver, Markus Winkelhock (Markus Winkelhock), who once drove a Spyker in F1, is also a possible candidate. He disclosed to the media: “I still pay attention to DTM and always keep in touch with this event.” Considering that Audi is basically full next season, and his performance in Audi that year was not outstanding, it is not impossible to switch to the embrace of Munich. Currently Winkhawk drives a Lamborghini car to participate in the GT1 race.

Conjecture 4: Former BMW WTCC driver Jorg Muller

Jorg Muller also looks like a good choice. After BMW withdrew from WTCC, the 42-year-old German has always maintained close contact with BMW. He is currently participating in the Le Mans Intercontinental Cup (ILMC). Last year he drove a BMW and won the Nurburgring 24-hour race.

Marco Watt said: “Of course we give priority to our own people.” So in that case, German drivers, German manufacturers, German races, this is the perfect combination for fans. Marco Watt did not want to disclose more: “In the next few weeks and months, we will start signing the drivers. In any case, we will have strong drivers at the beginning of the 2012 season.” The final result, the most It will be out late to the start of next season. Fans should be happy, because they can at least see Puliox and Farfors competing on the field again. (Hello F1/Maitag)