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[YesAuto News] June 5-6, the 2018 (Ninth) Global Automotive Forum co-sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automobile Industry Committee, the China Chamber of International Commerce Automobile Industry Chamber of Commerce and the Chongqing Auto Show Organizing Committee at Chongqing Yuelai Held at the International Conference Center. The theme of this forum is “Shaping the future of the industry in an era of change”. Guests from the automotive industry from all over the world gathered together to discuss new changes and trends in the automotive industry under the new generation of technological revolution. The following is the speech record of Wang Xia, Chairman of the Automobile Industry Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Chairman of the Automobile Industry Chamber of China Chamber of International Commerce:

Wang Xia said that the wave of technological revolution is sweeping the world. Unlike the technological revolution in human history that is relatively single or in a certain field, what we are now facing is the linkage of multiple fields: Internet technology, new energy technology, and new material technology. , The concentrated outbreak of the biotechnology revolution, the entire technological ecology, business ecology and social ecology are undergoing profound changes simultaneously, and the automotive industry has become the most fierce, fastest and most anticipated industry in the practice of “Internet +”.

How to shape the future of the industry in the era of change is a big and difficult question to answer. Wang Xia believes that in one word, it is “innovation.” It is the emergence of a large number of innovations that has triggered changes in the industry, and for this change to proceed smoothly, more, higher-quality, and continuous innovations are required.

Model innovation

Wang Xia introduced that from e-commerce to new retail, from crowdfunding to sharing, business models are constantly being renovated. Corresponding to this is the continuous innovation of corporate cooperation models and corporate portfolio models, such as the integration of new entrants with traditional companies, the integration of car companies and platform operators, after the opening of the stock ratio, the competition and cooperation of domestic and foreign car companies, etc. , All need an innovative thinking.

The restructuring of the industry has transformed the entire automotive industry chain from the original chain structure into a network structure, and vehicle companies are also transforming from automakers to travel service providers. This requires innovative thinking to build a more scientific and efficient industrial combination model.

Innovation and breakthrough of core technology

Wang Xia said that the wave of change that the auto industry is experiencing is triggered by technological change, and technological innovation should become the key. The success of the transformation of new energy vehicles depends on the improvement of batteries, motors and electronic control technology. Whether autonomous driving can truly be on the road depends on whether sensing technology and data processing technology can truly surpass human eyes and brains.

It should be noted that fuel vehicles have undergone more than 100 years of evolution before they have today's technology. New energy technology and autonomous driving technology also require a long evolutionary process. We must be soberly aware that in many core technology levels, China's technology is not very strong, and even compared with the international level, there is still a lot of gap between the core technology investment in the entire industry has not reached the level of model innovation and industrial integration.

Innovation in industrial and social governance capabilities

Wang Xia believes that model innovation and technological innovation will inevitably bring new issues to management. For example, the legal issues caused by car sharing and driverless driving, the access management of new energy vehicle companies and the adjustment of energy policies, the coordinated development of new energy vehicle companies and traditional car companies, and cross-field and cross-industry coordinated management Questions and so on.

When the industrial boundary is broken, the boundary of management also needs to be reconstructed. The original block-type and segmented management model can no longer meet the new development needs, and there is an urgent need for targeted management innovation. Only when the institutional reform of management keeps up with the pace of industrial innovation can model innovation and technological innovation be able to form a synergistic effect and a stronger synergy.