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[YesAuto Smart Car Federation Evaluation] According to Oula’s official report, according to authoritative surveys, China’s cats population is 78.56 million, ranking second in the world. According to many people, “cat culture” is a healing culture, and cats are more of a healing culture. Is gradually becoming the “best life partner” for young people. The white cat of Euler, just listening to the name is very cute and warm, but I wonder if the inner performance of the white cat can make it a life partner for young people? Today we will experience from the perspective of the intelligent vehicle linkage system, whether the white cat has the ability to “accompany you”.

Human-computer interaction

The UI design of the central control screen of the Euler White Cat is still quite in line with the car's tonality, and the fresh color scheme and rounded corners of the application icons can capture young people. The central control screen integrates most of the car control functions including the air conditioning system, so there are few physical buttons in the white cat car. With the upper connecting screen design (23-inch connecting screen), the atmosphere in the car is simple, which is great The degree of refinement of the car is improved.

If you have seen the exterior design of the white cat, you might expect it to have some unique shapes in the car. In the car, we can't find more interesting things except for the air-conditioning outlets of the same color as the body. Although the connection of the screen can improve the sense of visual quality, it would be better if the screen can have some interesting designs. The workmanship of the central control screen is fair, but there are still some small details that need to be improved. In addition, during our experience, the screen will heat up. Fortunately, the system is smooth and the user experience can be guaranteed.

At a glance, the functions of the car and the machine seem to be quite rich. The layout of the buttons in the central control screen is still very regular. The home button, function page button, and air-conditioning control button are permanently located in the lower left corner of the screen, so it is not difficult to get started. Compared with the central control screen, the instrument may bring us less surprises, but it is still sufficient to reach a qualified level.

At first glance at the instrument, I think you might feel similar to mine: it looks complicated. The instrument has richer functions, and information such as vehicle status, vehicle remaining power/endurance can be displayed, but more important information such as remaining endurance range is not highlighted.

The white cat is equipped with a voice recognition system from iFlytek. This system has a good basic quality, good recognition rate, and basic software function control can also be achieved. At present, more and more cars are equipped with voice assistant avatars, but most of the designs are unable to complete the task of “emotional communication”, the white cat, the “Little Pan”-like voice assistant is no exception. If possible, I still hope that in the future, the assistants can increase the sense of communication with users and increase the interest.

The recognition rate of the speech recognition system is good. As long as you wake it up, it can basically understand your speech. However, in the actual experience process, even in a quiet environment, the voice assistant occasionally does not respond to the wake-up words, and perhaps the sensitivity of wake-up can be improved a bit.

In some functional aspects, the performance of voice assistants is still far from excellent. It does not support some wake-up-free operations for music and air conditioning, such as next/previous song, pause/play, increase air volume, etc. In addition, users cannot control vehicle hardware such as car windows through voice assistants.

It can be seen from the scoring that the basic quality of the white cat in the central control screen and instrument part is qualified, but there is definitely a distance from the excellent, such as the screen size and the display effect. And in the voice assistant part, its recognition rate can get full marks, but the function performance is very average. Thanks to the basic quality of passing the customs, as well as the two bonus items of the driving recorder and the front-row mobile phone wireless charging, the white cat scored 84.8 points in the human-computer interaction section, which performed well. It should be noted that the above two bonus items are the unique configuration of the white cat top model, and the other three models do not have this configuration.

Function realization

Don't say it, if a cat can play with you, so can this white cat. For example, in the function realization part, the white cat has a richer entertainment function, which is enough to help you relax the boring time when the vehicle is charging. For many pure electric vehicles priced between 100,000 and 200,000 yuan, iQiyi and online audio are almost standard, but the white cat is a model priced at 70,000 yuan and 80,000 yuan, so this I am very satisfied with his performance.

The white cat has the entertainment tools that most young people like. It can listen to music, listen to novels, read dramas, and read short videos. Through the voice assistant, users can directly search for music, such as “I want to listen to Jay Chou's song”, “I want to listen to “Broad Sea and Sky” sung by Beyond” and so on.

There are not many new things to say about map navigation. The car version of AutoNavi Maps should be the navigation that can be seen on many models at present. The car version and the mobile version of the navigation are basically similar, and it is not difficult to get started. At the same time, the former also supports routes. Preferences, related facilities search and other functions. Navigation information can be mapped to the instrument, and necessary information can be displayed. However, the navigation is also unique to the white cat top model, and the other three models do not have it.

Panoramic image is optional for white cat top models (optional price is 1500 yuan), and all models of the white cat are equipped with reversing images as standard. If you don’t have much confidence in your driving skills, you can choose a set of panoramic images, because the sharpness is good, the images are not too obvious, and the actual value is high.

Function realization is the “big head” in the car machine evaluation content, and this part accounts for 50% of the total score. Although the price of the white cat is relatively basic, the score of 80.2 is not low. Friends can compare the performance of other models in the rating list at the end of the article.

Service ecology

Service ecology is the part where many models lose points, but the white cat is equipped with functions such as Meituan and Lushu beyond expectations, which makes it score 46 points in this part. However, many models currently have the SOS one-key emergency rescue function, and hope that the white cat can also add this function in the future.

Communication Favorability

As for the degree of communication favorability, many current models are basically in the state of “scoring is victory”. The white cat's voice recognition system can understand the user's natural semantics and has a virtual image, so the car received 30 points.

to sum up

Auto Home Smart Car Association Evaluation
Rank Model Human-computer interaction Function realization Service ecology Communication Favorability Total score

Qi Chenxing

Kaichen Zhilian System 4.0

91.5 92.8 74.0 20.0 85.95

Haval F5

86.5 85.2 60.0 30.0 79.05

Roewe RX5

Zebra 3.0

83.6 81.2 66.0 50.0 78.08

Star Way LX

83.7 91.7 36.0 30.0 77.86
5 Territory S 87 93.2 20.0 40.0 77.70

Changan CS75 PLUS

Wutong Auto Union

89.5 95.2 8.0 30.0 77.15
7 Ideal ONE 101.5 86.2 10.0 40.0 77.10
8 GAC Trumpchi GS4 92.0 83.0 40.0 30.0 76.60


102.7 78.9 22.0 60.0 76.56
10 WEY VV6 88.5 84.2 42.0 20.0 75.95
14 Euler White Cat 84.8 80.2 46.0 30.0 73.94

To be honest, the score of the Euler White Cat is a bit beyond my expectations. We have to know how many of the models that we have done in the evaluation of the Smart Car Linkage, how many models of the 3,300,000 or even higher prices have been scored by the White Cat. Left behind. The reason, I think, may be that the Euler White Cat has got good scores in terms of service ecology and function realization. After all, there are still many models that have not taken the step of combining online/offline services. Although the score is good, it does not mean that the white cat no longer needs to continue to work hard. In terms of basic screen quality and operation logic, it still needs to learn from the “predecessors”. (Photo: You Dongqing, Auto Home)