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[YesAuto electric car modification] After Formula E, another electric car event is coming soon, it is the Electric GT Championship.

The first electric GT championship will kick off in 2017. The first season is expected to be 7 games. The venues will all be held in Europe. There are many world-renowned circuits, such as the Nürburgring circuit in Germany and Catalonia in Spain. Ronya Circuit, Donington Park Circuit, etc.

The cars of the first Electric GT Championship will all use modified Tesla MODEL S P85+ cars. This model is used because the organizers hope that the cars can be rear-wheel drive, because the rear drive is usually considered to be better adapted to the race. Road driving. The power system of the racing car is still the original factory configuration, but the suspension system and steering system have been modified. In addition, a lot of light stealing treatment has been done inside the racing car to reduce the weight of the MODEL S. It is worth mentioning that the iconic large screen in the MODEL S has been retained.

Electric GT hopes to sign 10 teams in the first season, with each team sending 2 cars to participate. The schedule will include: a 20-minute practice, 30-minute qualifying and two 60-kilometer (37-mile) races.

Perhaps it was the success of Formula E that gave birth to the electric GT. However, electric vehicles have attracted more and more attention from the FIA. There are even news about the increase in sales of electric vehicles in the FIA official magazine in the third quarter. The organizer of the electric GT (ELECTRIC GT Holdings.Inc) also hopes that more manufacturers of electric vehicles will participate to make the competition more exciting. (Compilation/Auto House Guo Feng)