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[YesAuto Design Palace] This year, all the stars emphasize cross-border development, break through the inherent impression, and open up new fan groups. This happened not only in the show business circle, but also the stars, coaches, and godfathers of the car design circle who are keen to show their faces at popular conferences and events in other fields. No, we caught a few celebrity designers among the visitors to the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Godfather: Peter Cyrill

Company: Kia

If you count the golden names in the automotive design circle, then “Peter” should be on the list, Peter Hobley-led Volvo into the Nordic minimalist design style, now in charge of the Geely design direction, and there is Peter who will be mentioned below. · Cyrel, he promoted the design trend of Volkswagen and Audi in Europe. After he came to Korea, he saved the design of the entire Kia brand with his own power. His every move will inevitably make the outside world think about it.

During his tenure at Volkswagen and Audi, Peter Cyrill not only successfully created many classic models for the two brands, but more importantly, he sorted out future design directions for the respective brands. This ability was found in Asia. Kia, which lacks design capabilities, value it. After in-depth communication and exchanges, this legendary designer came to Korea and started a new legend. We have talked about this story in detail before, and interested friends may wish to click on “Designer Biography (3) Peter Cyrill to Subvert Kia” to read it.

Coach: Gordon Wagner

Company: Mercedes-Benz

When it comes to Mercedes-Benz, people always think of elegance, especially the family styling brought by this generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class with chassis number W222 after its debut, which gives competitors a lesson in what luxury is. However, with the passage of time, consumers will gradually experience aesthetic fatigue, and it is time to re-stimulate. However, when the new generation of CLS-class and the new Mercedes-Benz A-class hatchback were unveiled, word-of-mouth was mixed, and its “biological father” Gordon Wagner needed a platform.

Artist: Alfonso

Company: Nissan

Unlike European and American car companies, although Japanese car companies have the same physique as the mainstream, the core executives of the company have always been held by the Japanese. In other words, the Peter-style legends mentioned above rarely appear, but these Japanese-style rules are not very applicable in Nissan. Carlos Ghosn, who just broke the scandal, is in a senior position, and on the other hand, he succeeds Shiro Nakamura. The new design director is also a “foreign monk”.

Full text summary:

Automobiles have become one of the protagonists of the CES Consumer Electronics Show for no more than 10 years. Such changes are due to the rapid advancement of new energy and autonomous driving technologies. Hidden behind this is that the basic attributes of the car have extended from the original means of transportation to a role that solves all the needs of people in the travel process. On the other hand, car designers have more room to play. The design that used to need to serve the driving function now has the opportunity to reflect their dreams into reality. Therefore, when these well-known car company designers appear at CES, people’s attention will be triggered. Imagine.