[YesAuto Watching the Race] Last weekend, the Formula Youth Series held the third round of this year at Inje International Circuit in South Korea, the seventh, eighth, and ninth races. Through two days of experience, I got a preliminary understanding of this ups and downs track and got some understanding of the cars and drivers of the Formula Youth series. Let’s take a look at the contents following my lens.

This is the end of the introduction of the Formula Youth Race at Inje SPEEDIUM International Circuit in South Korea. The purpose of Formula Youth is to train young racers and deliver “fresh blood” to higher-level events. The drivers participating in this event, Hong Kong, China and foreign drivers are basically about 15 years old, while the mainland Chinese drivers are all over 26 years old, and there is a great disadvantage in terms of age. This is related to the racing environment. After all, European racing has a history of a hundred years, while Chinese auto racing is still in its infancy. I hope that over time, more young drivers will emerge. (Photo/Text/Photo by Meng Huan, Home of Cars)