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[YesAuto Design Decode] Competing in the same field always seems to give people a burst of adrenaline. The process of 1V1 hand-to-hand combat with opponents will inspire players to perform beyond the ordinary level. The auto show is such an arena where major auto companies compete directly. Although everyone has different nirvana skills, we still find some commonalities and trends among them, some of which are unique to this era of change.

● Retro and fashion seem to be in conflict, but after classic shapes are incorporated into modern design, the previous problems are avoided, and the vitality of good design shines again. Among them are both overseas brands and Chinese brands;

● In the era of fuel vehicles, the horizontal and vertical engine layout will obviously affect the body shape, and even whether it is advanced binding. These ideas are gradually broken in the pure electric era;

For young people, whether you can catch up with the trend often means whether you are gregarious. When the trend hits, people are often willing to follow the trend. And these years, there is a trend called retro, which will give birth to new classics after collisions of seemingly contradictory things. Of course, those returning masterpieces are not static, they need to be slightly changed in accordance with the preferences of today's consumers.

For those who have experienced those years, retro design can evoke memories of the past. People, things, and things encountered when they were young may seem regrettable at the time, but looking back after many years is also a kind of beauty.

This may be what people often say in memories, everything is beautiful.

For cars, each car will be limited by the development and design concepts at the time, so there will be details that can be optimized and improved, but in the eyes of those former consumers, these imperfections are also part of the memories and will become A good link.

These parts that may be shortcomings will also look cuter, and they can accept them.

For young consumers, retro design is new to them. Although some of the details of these past classics seem a little weird today, after reshaping with modern technology and concepts, the charm of the classics can also attract today's consumers.

It can not only catch older consumers, but also attract young consumers to pay. Therefore, at this auto show we saw more brands start to launch retro models, including Chinese brands.

Unlike European and American consumers who bought, used, or witnessed classic products in those years, the vast majority of consumers in my country did not have fetters with these models at the time. This requires the promotion of retro design into a trend, which is also what car companies are working hard to promote.

Looking back at the source, the use of retro design is not accidental. At present, most of the pure electric vehicles on the market are pursuing a sense of technology, whether it is the cold lines or the interior composed of large screens, they are trying to create this feeling.

If you want to make your products stand out through design, it is a wise choice to use different design styles. The opposite of avant-garde technology is the retro design like pure brew.

In the sea of cars, driving such a product can also get a good return rate, which hits the heart of many young consumers who desire to show themselves.

It is not all retro trends that promote the development of design. Technology advancement and revolution are also important factors. At present, traditional internal combustion engines are forced to surrender part of the market due to policies and regulations, and new energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles, have begun to move on to the stage.

Although the concept of vertical engine equal to high-end and luxury is not so rigorous, it is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, it is not very suitable for electric bodies.

This is because the integrated and miniaturized motor and electronic control system have a smaller volume than the combination of an internal combustion engine and a gearbox, so the cabin area is smaller and the passenger compartment area is larger.

From the styling point of view, the length of the front of the car is reduced, and the wheels are close to the four corners, so that the space inside the car is increased without a significant increase in body length.

In addition to changes in the overall proportions, many consumers have become accustomed to the details of the design also quietly changed due to changes in the powertrain, such as the most important element on the front of the car grille. No matter which country it is a car company or its positioning, this is an excellent way to improve recognition.

However, the drive core motor of a pure electric vehicle has a drastically reduced demand for air intake, and the significance of the grille from the perspective of technical requirements has been drastically reduced. The ensuing problem is that directly canceling the grille will contradict people's aesthetic habits.

On the one hand, Tesla-led car companies have chosen that long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. They simply eliminated the front grille, and some traditional car companies chose to keep this detail. Although they have no functional requirements, they have become part of people's brand styles, and removing them is tantamount to self-breaking arms.

The trend of car design is not only reflected in the overall proportion and volume, but also reflected in the details. As the development direction of technology evolves towards intelligence, the speed of research and development of fully automated driving functions is greatly increasing. There are new problems that follow.

With the deepening of aerodynamics research, the shape of the car has undergone drastic changes. Today's rapidly advancing autonomous driving technology has brought more sensors to the car body. To ensure the detection effect, many of these sensors have not been integrated into the car body.

Full text summary:

The fierce competition urges car companies to continuously develop new market segments, while technological innovation also promotes the development of styling design. Once classic models rely on modern pure electric technology, they once again entered the eyes of the public, and once again proved that the classics will never go out of style. On the other hand, today's increasingly powerful autonomous driving technology has made sensors a must-have. Their existence has destroyed the shape design. Their ability to integrate into it again depends on the further maturity of the technology. In any case, this is still an era full of changes.