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[YesAuto News] As the Weimar EX5 is about to be delivered, the negative impact of Ceres Battery pushed Weimar to the forefront, and even the news that “nearly 1/3 of the intended users unsubscribe” was announced. The founder of Weimar, Chairman and CEO Shen Hui responded that this is not in line with the actual situation, and said that “the current cancellation rate of Weimar Motors is not 0.3%.” Recently, we have learned the latest developments from Weimar Motors, including the following points:

Product progress : The specific model configuration will be announced in July, and the C2M mode (Customer-to-Manufactory customized production mode) will be available, and the car will be officially delivered before September 30 (this is the same as the 9 Same month to start delivery).

Battery : NEDC battery life (New European Driving Cycle, which refers to the European driving test conditions) has three versions: 300/400/460. The four suppliers are CATL, Gushen, Lishen, and Suzhou Yuliang . Among them, CATL will appear in the 309 batches of model catalogs announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology around June 18, mainly for C-end sales; while Gushen battery-related products tend to be B-end users.

Offline experience store : Beijing Wangfujing exhibition store will open before September, and Shanghai exhibition store is also under preparation.

Order status : Currently, Weimar has 87,000 registered members; 13,000 have delivered a 3,000 yuan deposit (it is reported that Weimar’s orders have exceeded 10,000 as early as the end of March). In terms of geographical proportions, Beijing, Guangdong, and Shanghai ranked the top three in terms of order volume.

Established in December 2015, Weimar Motors has made rapid progress in the production of new car companies. On April 20, 2018, EX5, which was priced at 179,800 to 298,800 before the subsidy, was officially launched on the market, and orders exceeded 10,000 in 63 days. Shen Hui said that at this stage, the delivery volume is not pursued, and the delivery plan for 2018 is more than 10,000 vehicles. (Compilation/Car House Cai Liyuan)