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[YesAuto Electric Cars] Before getting married, many people promised their daughter-in-law: I will cook, I will do the dishes, I will take care of the children, and you will go shopping; promises will give people peace of mind, but are they not unconditionally implemented? Not necessarily. Just like many pure electric vehicle users, they are worried about the degradation of the power battery and the failure of the three-electric system. At this time, the manufacturer will give a promise: a lifetime warranty for the power battery pack! Are you relieved? Some people are relieved, but some people “chicken thief” flipping through the terms of service and saying that this is not easy.

As early as around 2015, there were not many new energy vehicles in the Chinese market at that time, but many users were already paying attention to the “battery degradation”; today, China has become the world's top new energy market in terms of production and sales. More consumers are exposed to new energy vehicles, and more and more users are concerned about “battery degradation”.

Why worry about battery degradation? I think there are three main reasons:

1. Suspicion of unknown things; compared to fuel vehicles and engines, pure electric vehicles and power batteries are still a “new thing”; everyone knows that the internal combustion engine has mature technology and high quality stability, but the current power How long can the battery last without decay? Many people can't give an answer.

2. The cost of power batteries is high; according to the data of true lithium research, as of the end of 2019, the unit price of domestic ternary lithium battery packs is 1.05 yuan/Wh, and the unit price of lithium iron phosphate battery packs is 0.8 yuan/Wh. Once there is a problem with the power battery, which user is willing to spend tens of thousands of yuan to replace the battery?

3. Endurance anxiety: Affected by factors such as vehicle endurance and overall charging convenience, many users themselves have “endurance anxiety”. If the battery is attenuated again, does pure electric vehicle still have its tool attributes?

In the promotion of new cars, many manufacturers claim that the power battery can last for several years or hundreds of thousands of kilometers without attenuation, but black paper and white letters are justified. Therefore, more and more car companies are providing consumers with information about the life of power batteries. The terms of service of the warranty, they hope to gain the trust of consumers, at least to some extent, reduce consumers' worries. Indeed, manufacturers have achieved their goals. According to some brands, many consumers have a good impression of the “lifetime warranty”, which they believe is quality assurance.

We have also voted against netizens before: “Lifetime Warranty” for power batteries, can you buy new energy vehicles with confidence now? In the votes of more than 5,000 people, more than 3,000 people think that the pre-conditions of the warranty are too harsh and it is difficult for consumers to benefit; at the same time, nearly 2,000 people still believe that the lifetime warranty will have a positive effect on the development of new energy vehicles.

According to the Autohome Model Library, there are currently more than 400 new energy models (including pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid models) on sale in the Chinese market; we have found that many new models that have just been launched are currently on sale. It has a battery life-long warranty policy, and some new energy models that were originally launched have been reissued with a battery life-long warranty policy in the later period. This is enough to prove that car companies are keen on “lifetime warranty”, and it can also prove to a certain extent that consumers have This demand.

Part of the battery pack warranty for pure electric vehicles
Model Battery pack warranty policy
Polar Fox Alpha T Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
BYD Han EV, Tang EV Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
BEIJING EU5, EU7, EX5, EX3, EC5 Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
BAIC New Energy EC3 Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
GAC AION S, AION V Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
HiPhi X Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
Zero Run T03 Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
Euler Good Cat Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
Chery New Energy small ant, big ant Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
Roewe Ei5 Super Cool Edition/Super Power Edition Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
R car ER6 Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
Weilai EC6, ES6, ES8 Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
Xiaopeng Motors G3, P7 Pay to upgrade the first car owner for unlimited years/mileage
Battery pack warranty for some plug-in hybrid models
Model Battery pack warranty policy
BYD Han EV Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
BYD Tang EV Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
Beijing Benz E-Class New Energy Three years unlimited kilometers
Geely Borui New Energy Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
Lynk & Co 02 New Energy Unlimited years/mileage for the first owner
Polestar 1 Unlimited kilometers for eight years

In addition to the unlimited lifetime/mileage warranty for the first owner, there are also some models with longer battery warranty periods; for example, Mercedes-Benz E-Class plug-in hybrid models and Polestar 1 provide three years of unlimited kilometers and eight years respectively. The battery pack warranty is unlimited kilometers, while the Qichen D60 EV standard battery life smart version provides users with a six-year or 600,000 kilometers battery pack warranty.

Although a lifetime warranty is a good thing for consumers, it is not an unconditional lifetime warranty. Just as there are product descriptions and exemptions in the car manual, the lifetime warranty also has various service terms, including the scope of service, service conditions, and conditions for terminating the warranty. However, it seems that few consumers have seriously understood these terms. This has also caused many friends to have disputes with car brands after encountering problems. The “lifetime warranty” has also become a “scam” in the mouths of many car fans.

The lifetime warranty service of each brand has clauses that clearly stipulate what circumstances are not covered by the warranty. Natural disasters, wars and other factors are irresistible to our ordinary users, but in daily use of the car, if the user does not follow the relevant brand requirements or user manuals If the vehicle/vehicle battery is used, maintained, repaired and damaged according to the regulations, the vehicle/vehicle battery may also be out of the scope of service. At this time, the manufacturer has the right to terminate the lifetime warranty service.

New energy vehicles have fewer maintenance items and relatively low costs, so maintenance at 4S stores does not seem to cost much, but if some vehicle repairs are involved, pure electric vehicles are similar to fuel vehicles, and 4S stores are still better than third-party agencies. The cost is more expensive. The maintenance price of fuel vehicles is higher, so many car owners choose not to carry out maintenance or postpone maintenance at 4S stores. At this time, the manufacturer may terminate related services. We have seen netizens have disputes with the brand. Various terms may terminate the lifetime warranty. Is this reasonable?

Automobile manufacturers have the qualifications to formulate relevant service terms, and they also have the final right to interpret these terms of service, so they can indeed stand up and say, “I'm sorry, the lifetime warranty service has been terminated.” In fact, when we understand the purpose and cost of the life-long warranty service for battery packs launched by automakers, it is not difficult to understand why the terms of service are so harsh.

What is the purpose of launching the “Lifetime Warranty”? Some people in the industry revealed that they are actually using it as a marketing tool to increase vehicle sales. Of course, this marketing method may cause manufacturers to pay a certain amount of cost, just like users can spend 2999 yuan/3999 yuan to buy the life-time warranty service of Xiaopeng Motors G3/P7 battery packs, and many brands have paid extended warranty services. You can It is understood as spending money on an “insurance”; and for those models that directly enjoy the lifetime warranty of the battery pack, it is like the manufacturer giving consumers an “insurance”.

In the process of consumer car use, we may really encounter situations that require repairs due to quality problems of parts. Even if there is no quality problem, can the durability of various parts support the vehicle to travel for several years and hundreds of thousands of kilometers? This is why the current lifetime warranty of battery packs for all pure electric vehicles is limited to the first owner, because this can allow car companies to eliminate the risk as early as possible and eliminate the risk of paying a certain cost. In addition, these purposes and risks are not only applicable to pure electric vehicles, but also to fuel vehicles that provide a lifetime warranty for the entire vehicle.

For consumers, perhaps some friends will regard lifetime warranty as a very important factor in car selection, but after reading today’s content, I believe you can downplay the importance of lifetime warranty in your mind. In the actual use of the car, there will indeed be individual quality problems in some products. Even if the extended warranty and lifetime warranty are not so reliable, the three guarantees policy for automobiles must override the services of these manufacturers. Once the vehicle appears Consumers can still defend their rights in accordance with the law for undue quality problems.

As for whether the lifetime warranty of pure electric vehicle battery packs will be a major trend in the future, judging from the current fierce competition in China's new energy market and the richness of products, I think most pure electric vehicles are facing sales pressure, so it is very likely that there will be More and more pure electric vehicles will launch a lifetime warranty policy to achieve certain marketing goals.

Finally, we return to the battery attenuation that everyone is most concerned about. We have also produced some content before, such as why the battery should not be overcharged and overdischarged (click to review), whether it is a fuel car or a pure electric car, good car use habits can indeed make The vehicle remains in better condition. At present, most of the power batteries of pure electric vehicles are equipped with redundancy. The purpose is to prevent the overcharge and overdischarge of the power battery due to bad car usage habits. The so-called “trickle” is also set to make the battery relatively good. The state of charge. In short, in daily use cars, we don't have to be too real to be more battery friendly; and when choosing a car, we don't have to regard the “lifetime warranty” as a very critical factor in choosing a car.

to sum up:

After reading this article, I hope you can get a positive guide, that is, do not take the “lifetime warranty” too important; at the same time, car companies dare to introduce a longer warranty, which is indeed good for consumers, but there is no harm, so We expect manufacturers to continue to introduce more policies that are truly beneficial to consumers, and we also expect technological advances to enable power battery packs and even vehicles to have good durability and reliability.