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[YesAuto designer interview] Luxury car companies are leading the design trend, just as LV and Hermès lead the fashion industry. In the general direction of pure electric vehicle design, how will Marc lichte steer the new era of Audi. We recently connected with him remotely and talked about several key issues about Audi's new car design.

●It is such a great god who is in charge of Audi design

Audi’s global design center has gone out of many design masters, such as Hartmut Warkuss, Peter Schreyer, Walter de Silva (Walter de Silva) , Wolfgang Josef Egger (Wolfgang Josef Egger), etc. are all famous in the design circle. And the cool current Audi chief designer below is not simple.

When Marc was promoted to Audi's chief designer, it was at the height of the new and old iterations of Audi models. He needed a new generation of product design to reflect his own value. It is not easy to not only inherit Audi's design genes, but also to make breakthroughs and innovations on this basis.

When asked how Marc maintains his continuous design inspiration, he talked about his life. Every summer, Marc spends almost all of his weekends on the coast of northern Germany. He likes sailing, and this place allows him to free himself, and it also encourages him to maintain his creative inspiration when returning to work.

Seeing the real car unveiled, many people may still say “there is no big difference” at first glance. But from the perspective of professional designers, the new generation of Audi models has completely transformed. The appearance design is more fierce and fierce. The four-wheel position emphasizes the sense of muscle. The gentle uncle has grown into a young elite with strong aura.

In the details, we can feel Marc’s understanding of Audi’s design language in the new era, and also feel his strength. He helped the entire Audi series complete such an overall style change, so now we see the A series, The Q series and the sports car series have adopted this new design language.

—— e-tron GT reveals the future of pure electric Audi design

The production version of the e-tron GT will be unveiled at the beginning of next year. As Audi's current most powerful electric car, it represents the future Audi's pure electric design to a certain extent. During the interview with Marc, he summarized three family characteristics in e-tron GT.

These inherited family characteristics make the e-tron GT concept car look from a distance, and it is still easy to tell it is an Audi. This point is similar to that of compatriots BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The pure electric vehicle products of the latter two also have a close design connection with their own traditional fuel vehicles.

—— How does he satisfy the careful thoughts of pure electric Audi owners?

Audi’s pure electric car owners certainly have the psychological needs of pursuing “extraordinary taste” and “different”. Marc emphasized the “exclusive” body color of pure electric on the e-tron GT, so that people can recognize it as a car at a glance. Pure electric Audi. The use of more radical aerodynamic designs, such as the front opening design, low wind resistance wheels, etc., can also effectively increase the vehicle's cruising range.

In the future, Audi will add more environmentally friendly materials. “Environmental protection” and “sustainable development” are the words that Marc mentioned many times when describing the future Audi pure electric design. This reflects the sense of social responsibility of car companies and conforms to trend. For example, many luxury brands no longer blindly pursue leather in their interior design, and add environmentally friendly composite materials to the dashboard and door panels.

— what? Will the future Audi be more rounded?

In the Marc video conference we connected to the German headquarters Ingolstadt, he said that the Audi styling language in the future will gradually become more rounded. This is reminiscent of the Audi era under the control of Peter Cyrill.

Just like the fashion trend of clothing, fashion often has reincarnation, with the cyclical changes of people's aesthetics. In the entire history of Audi, it has roughly experienced the process from Founder to Round and then to Founder. Marc said that he will once again incorporate more rounded styles into Audi's car design in the future, but the roundness he said is obviously not the roundness of the original Audi TT.

Rounding is not a direct return to the rounded Audi silhouette of the previous era, but more like a “rigid and soft” combination of rounded curved surfaces and tough lines, which will make consumers feel fresh. Not only the e-tron pure electric car series, the new generation of Audi's traditional fuel vehicles, such as the A series of cars and the Q series of SUVs, will also pursue more curved designs and more rounded body shapes. What will become of Audi in the future, we can look forward to the next generation of A6 or A8 first.

to sum up:

In terms of artistic conception, Marc's Audi still adheres to the Bauhaus design style. After years of evolution, based on the classic and simple Audi silhouette, the e-tron GT has made people eye-catching. Future new Audi cars may use this as a blueprint to derive a next-generation design language. (Xia Zhimeng, home of the car)