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[YesAuto News] In 2013, Apple released the iOS 7 operating system for iPhone at its own developer conference. In addition to minor changes in system functions, what surprised consumers and the media the most was the new system interface ——The fully flat design completely replaces the quasi-materialized design. This is Apple's first major change in the post-Jobs era, and it is also an important step for Apple to strengthen the mobile nature of the iOS system. Since then, every iteration of the iOS system has not made major changes to the flat foundation laid by iOS 7, which is designing an excellent case that reflects the future trends of the brand. In fact, the design change of the car brand logo also has the same meaning-anticipation, foresight and transformation.

Starting from the intuitive visual effects, the flat design has more concise design details, more condensed visual focus, which is more conducive to highlighting the core key points of a logo; and discussing from the communication effect, it simplifies the flattening of gradients, shadows and textures. The chemical design is easier to express accurately, and can achieve higher consistency in many media such as screens, paper, and plastic packaging. The most important thing is that, combined with the current era, the simple visual effect presented by flattening is to some extent coincident with the future of electrification, automation, and technology. Therefore, many automakers are also used to using this method to optimize their brand logos, which directly reflect the company's next strategy and philosophy. We might as well experience the new plans and new routes of companies that have replaced logos and visual recognition systems since 2021 and their first cars to adopt the new logo.

★ Tribute to the classic Peugeot

Not long after the Spring Festival holiday, Peugeot announced the company's latest logo. The new logo uses a shield-shaped profile similar to the 1960 version, with a flat-designed lion head inside. Unlike many previous versions, the new logo abandons the metallic shadows and highlights, and uses only a few vigorous and powerful fold lines to outline the unique image of a lion from the beginning of the brand.

Obviously, Peugeot used modern design techniques to pay tribute to the 1960 design. The flat new logo is concise and clear. And if you are interested in observing several new products launched by Peugeot recently, you can find that many of the designs on the new car coincide with some parts of the new logo. For example, the sharper front face and lamp design on the new 208 and 2008, and the flat-line black center grid of the new 4008 and 5008 center grids. In fact, in all models of Peugeot's current product series, the interiors composed of broken lines and clear blocks have similar charm to the new logo in structure and style.

Peugeot officially stated that the first model to use the new logo will be the all-new 308, which will also be officially unveiled on March 18. It can also be observed from the previous spy photos that the front face design of the new 308 is more three-dimensional. The fangs daytime running lights are expected, but the slender headlights and the larger inverted trapezoid shape The grille really shines and is more aggressive. Such a powerful frontal vision really deserves the brand new lion logo.

It is worth mentioning that the 1960 retro logo was used on the e-Legend pure electric concept car launched by Peugeot at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. I don’t know if the current maturing pure electric/plug-in hybrid technology can make Peugeot have In your opinion, take the opportunity of the release of the new logo to mass-produce this model that has been well received by the public? If the “big trend” can grow like this, then I would be too willing to embrace it.

★ Imagine the future of Geely Holdings

Geely Holding Group released a new version of its brand logo on January 20. The new logo modified the original rounded English font. The new font is flatter and the strokes are more slender. The strokes at the top of the letter “E” have also changed to a right angle. According to Geely officials, it means that Geely will embrace the future with a more professional attitude.

At the same time, the new brand logo has also changed from the original blue to gray. Geely officially believes that the tolerant, humble and neutral attitude of gray can herald a new step in the development of the brand. It also includes high-tech, technology, universe, and exploration. Lenovo is more inclusive and forward-looking.

The release of the new logo in the 35th year of the company's birth obviously has a different meaning. The launch of the new logo marks a crucial year for the company to formally enter the technological transformation and sustainable development. Just one month after the release of the new logo, Geely Holdings announced an in-depth cooperation plan with Volvo Cars. The two parties will merge the powertrain business to establish a new company, and will jointly develop and use the next generation of pure electric exclusive modular architecture. In addition, the two parties will jointly develop a series of new technologies such as autonomous driving solutions.

I believe that this “big news” with Volvo is the first for Geely to open a new chapter. There will be more stories that satisfy our imagination waiting to be opened in the future, and the signature will be the new version of the brand that implies long-term development. Logo.

★ Embrace electric GM

At the beginning of the new year, General Motors also announced its own brand new logo. This is also the fifth logo change since the company was founded in 1908. The group logo used before was released in 1964. Putting the 57-year-old “old” logo together with the new logo is like putting iOS 7 and iOS 6 in the same frame. The contrast is very big.

GM’s new logo adopts a fully flat design. The original design details such as shadows, highlights and other prominent material features on the original logo have been simplified into a gradient between light blue and dark blue, and the combination of the original capital GM and underline has also become The lowercase gm and the underscore under the m. A very clever detail is that the space between the two vertical blanks and the underline in the letter m forms the shape of a plug (American standard two-hole plug), showing GM's next policy of electrification. . Well-known logos that use white space and color contrast to form additional graphics include FedEx and Formula One World Championship logos before 2020.

In addition, according to GM's official introduction, the horizontal line under the letter m represents the Ultium platform developed by GM. This platform is currently the largest pure electric platform supported by GM. The previously released Cadillac LYRIQ and GMC HUMMER EV pickups were born on this platform. Chevrolet electric pickups will also use Ultium as the infrastructure in the future. Not only that, GM has also stated that electrification will be the main battlefield for a period of time, especially in the face of China, a large market for new energy vehicles. For the sake of the new products launched within 5 years, 40% of the new products will be pure electric or plug-in hybrids. Models, including products using the Ultium platform.

Interestingly, the appearance rate of GM as a group logo is not as high as the brand logo. The last time a GM group car used the “GM” logo or the last-generation Chevrolet Impala, and the location of that logo was also very inconspicuous. And GM’s willingness to spend a lot of manpower to innovate a logo that is not frequently used also directly reflects the determination of electrification at the group level, so what new tricks will this group that can turn the former “oil tiger” into an electric pickup truck? It is still worth waiting for.

★ Going forward Kia

Just three days before GM released its new logo, Kia Corporation (formally renamed Kia Motors Corporation on January 15) also announced its new logo. The new logo has changed the previous elliptical frame + KIA three-letter arrangement and combination, and directly becomes a simplified variant of the three-letter KIA, and the strokes of the three letters are organically connected together, forming a regular parallel between each other. The state is more concise and smooth.

At the same time, in the new logo visual recognition program officially announced by Kia, there is also an all-black color scheme, which highlights the texture and grade after matching with a white background. This processing method is also adopted by the new Peugeot logo mentioned above. Plan. And similar to Peugeot, Kia has been working hard to enhance its brand image in recent years. From product design to experience, it pays more attention to the creation of exquisite atmosphere and texture. This can be felt from the latest generation of Sorento. And this is what the “Rising” in the new logo design concept emphasizes. Obviously, Kia wants to be a “Premium Brand” (literally translated in Chinese as a premium brand).

Regarding Kia’s clear transformation, Artur Martins, Kia’s global customer experience director, pointed out, “The biggest challenge the brand currently faces will be to ensure the continuous launch of the new brand image and product lineup on a global scale, while taking into account the different needs and tastes of different markets. “Because in addition to the North American market and the newly emerging European market that Kia has been focusing on these years, China's huge potential market cannot be ignored. How to balance the extreme price sensitivity of Chinese consumers with the ever-increasing product image will be quite important. For interesting topics.

Next, Kia will release the first pure electric SUV built on the E-GMP platform at the end of March—EV6. This will be Kia’s first car based on the platform. From the previous official spoiler picture, we also found the new rear. The “V” in the label “EV6” coincides with a structure in the brand's new logo. I believe that this unification of the visual recognition system will also appear on more Kia models. Of course, the specific performance of the new car is also very worth looking forward to. .

Edit summary:

If the scale of measuring time is moved from 2021 to 2020, we will find more brands/companies that have changed their logos, such as Nissan, BMW, Rolls-Royce and even Volkswagen who applied the new logo to the eighth-generation Golf for the first time. Can be counted as one of them. Although these brands have very different product positioning, model arrays and design languages, if you carefully consider the methods used in the new logo, you will not be able to find out. A simpler and clearer flat plan is their common idea, and this brand-level new The concept has also been implemented in all their new models, such as the new Qashqai, Xtreme, BMW iX, the new Gust and Volkswagen ID. series and so on.

Undoubtedly, the opening of a new era always requires some iconic events. For various automakers, this iconic event can be the release of a revolutionary product or the birth of a new corporate logo, just like Apple's death in Steve Jobs Two years later, iOS 7 was officially released.