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[YesAuto Movie Car Appreciation] As a side story of the classic car movie “Fast and Furious” series, “Fast and Furious: Special Operations” rushed to meet you in the last week of the summer vacation. Although the film lacks the company of the speeding family, there are two tough bald guys, Hobbs and Shaw, with full firepower. Of course, the wonderful car chasing drama and the AI elements that keep up with the times are indispensable. In this article, let's talk about the main vehicles in this movie.

Reminder: Introduce according to the order of appearance of the vehicles, with a small amount of spoilers.

The first car to appear in the movie is the high-tech motorcycle of the villain “Black Superman” Brixton, which has functions such as automatic driving and transformation. The prototype of this car is the Speed Triple, a performance street car of the Triumph brand, which has been modified and disguised on this basis.

Next came two Volkswagen Transporter vans and a DAF LF truck. The former only appears as a background, while the DAF LF is equipped with important biological and chemical weapons that the pros and cons are fighting for. Agent Heidi (the heroine, Xiao's younger sister) was attacked by Black Superman while driving a DAF LF, and the car overturned just tens of meters away.

Heidi managed to take away the biological and chemical weapons, and Black Superman killed other agents and blamed her on her. The villain rushed to the scene to wait for Black Superman's orders. Their car was the 990 Super Duke, a two-cylinder street car from the Austrian car manufacturer KTM, which was also modified and disguised.

The double male protagonists Hobbs and Shaw later appeared. As a federal agent, Hobbs uses a Ford Bronco SUV and a modified Harley-Davidson soft-tail series fat boy motorcycle. The characteristics of the series It uses a hidden rear suspension design. On the other side, British agent Xiao’s garage parked the sports car McLaren 720S and BMW’s flagship S 1000 RR motorcycle.

When Xiao drove the McLaren 720S on mission in London, the two soy sauce cars at the entrance of the nightclub were quite eye-catching, namely the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and the Aston Martin DB11. Later, when Xiao talked to the detective at the prison gate, the police car passing by was a Ford Transit.

In the first head-on confrontation between the two male protagonists and Superman, the background vehicle was the Land Rover Range Rover in disguise of the armed villains. At the same time, McLaren 720S, Triumph Speed Triple and KTM 990 Super Duke appeared again in the subsequent chase drama.

Xiao’s secret base contains five British cars, including three McLarens, one MG MGB GT, and one Mini Cooper. The protagonists did not drive away these cars, but instead used false identities to board the plane to Russia. .

Professor Andrek, who dealt with the problem of biochemical weapons, was driving an old Mercedes-Benz E-Class W123. As soon as the professor got into the car, he was taken away by Superman before he could start the car.

After arriving in Russia, Hobbes, Shaw and Heidi drove a Porsche Panamera to the manor of the arms dealer Mrs. M. In order to get into the villain’s lair, the protagonists ask Mrs. M to hand Heidi to Black Superman, and the two protagonists follow the villain to the biochemical weapon base in Ukraine.

A large number of Land Rover Range Rover camouflage cars and BUGGY off-road vehicles customized for the movie were assembled at the villain’s nest. After getting the virus extraction equipment, Brother Xiao drove one of the BUGGY out of the siege, while Hobbs used a MAN KAT 1 Highly maneuverable 8×8 trucks respond. After some melee, the protagonists managed to escape.

In order to repair the virus extraction equipment, the three chartered flights returned to Hobbes' hometown of Samoa. On this beautiful island, the three people drive a Jeep pickup truck-type Gladiator, and the front face of the car is highly consistent with the Wrangler.

After getting the support of their families, the three took a Dodge M37 pickup truck to the refitting depot. Here, Hobbes' brother Jonah used 3D printing technology to repair the virus extraction equipment. At this time, the villain also arrived in Samoa by Range Rover camouflage vehicles, BUGGY off-road vehicles, and KTM motorcycles.

The war was about to start. Xiao drove a Ford Hot Rod to create a circle of fire, and the enemy used a helicopter to take Heidi away. Hobbes and Shaw confronted each other and drove a modified version of the Peterbilt heavy-duty truck tractor to stage a “fishing for a plane” scene. However, the car was hard to beat the plane and was almost dragged into the sky.

At the moment of crisis, the Hobbs Brothers arrived in time. Ford Hot Rod, Chevrolet C-Serie pickup, Dodge M37 pickup and Peterbilt heavy truck tractor were connected in series, pulling the helicopter to stage a soul drift on the edge of the cliff.

The scene after that is like a confrontation between Superman and a robot, and the ending will not be revealed. At the end of the whole film, Jeep Gladiator once again appeared, conveying the affection of three generations. Finally, it is worth mentioning that there are 4 easter eggs at the end of the film, don’t forget to watch them.

Summary: As a rumor of the “Quick Excitement” series, “Speed and Passion: Special Operations” is completely unfolded outside of the main story, but the core is still “family”, focusing on the mother-child relationship, father-daughter relationship, brotherhood, siblings situation. The advantage is that the double male protagonist is very burning and explosive, and the female protagonist is beautiful and can play. The disadvantage is that the plot is average, too much chattering, and the second half is procrastinated. The car element has three main scenes in this film, including the street chase of McLaren 720S and the villain, the escape of BUGGY and MAN KAT 1 from the biochemical weapon base, and the four-car “fishing plane” in the ultimate battle of Samoa. In short, fans of “Speedy” may wish to take a look, and then continue to look forward to next year's “Speedy 9”.