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[YesAuto Interactive Topic] Now more and more families are considering 300,000-class SUVs, because SUVs at this price have more space and can meet higher travel needs. In this price range, there are hardcore SUVs and urban SUVs to choose from. So, should you buy an urban SUV or a hardcore SUV with a budget of 300,000? What do you think for this?

Urban SUVs pay more attention to road performance, can cope with light off-road roads, and focus on comfort and handling.

Hardcore SUV pays more attention to off-road performance, it will be easier to deal with ditch ridges and ridges, and will have obvious advantages on non-paved roads.

Faced with a budget of 300,000, would you choose an urban SUV or a hardcore SUV? What do you think for this? Everyone is welcome to discuss actively in the comment area.