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[YesAuto Interactive Topic] When it comes to SUV, what do you think of related words? High body, large space, high ground clearance, four-wheel drive… Among the many SUVs we have come into contact with, the proportion of urban SUVs is still very high, and for these urban SUV models, would you choose Four-wheel drive?

Everyone knows that SUVs were designed for better comfort and stronger passability at the beginning. As the SUV market gradually expands, there are more and more urban SUVs. They are facing More than 90% of the use environment is in cities, so is the four-wheel drive system still so important?

For most urban SUVs, the four-wheel drive system is more of a form. In the face of some relief tests, it basically fails, and the four-wheel drive system will bring higher fuel consumption in daily use. . Of course, these are only the shortcomings of the four-wheel drive system of urban SUVs, so what are the advantages? For example, the four-wheel drive system on wet and slippery roads, icy and snowy roads can provide better driving force, allowing the vehicle to start more easily, and on some unpaved roads, it will indeed walk more than the two-wheel drive Take it easy. So, for most people, the chance of a non-paved road where the four-wheel drive system may need to work is only 10%. For this 10%, are you willing to pay an extra 10,000 yuan or more for the purchase of a car?

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