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[YesAuto in-depth investigation] Hello everyone, this is the second issue of “What do young people think”, what? Haven't you seen the first issue? I will attach the link below, but it’s okay if you don’t click on it, because I didn’t write it. The author of the first issue was fattened by me ridiculed countless times below. Netizens with limited time will just read it directly. Exciting second issue, haha… (First issue link: “What do young people think” talk about the new Mondeo after 90)

In fact, after the first issue of the article went online, my heart refused. Shen Fat portrayed me as an image of a little old man who likes large spaces and comfortable cars. This positioning is not accurate! So I found him…

So, the first thing in this issue is to tell you what kind of car I really like. I like more pure and extreme cars. You can get into the horns with paranoia for cornering performance like EVO and STI. You can also restrain all the restless factors in the body for comfort like ES. Yes, it is all; Like Carnival ST and MX-5, forgetting about it for fun… Then the question is, in the domestic auto market, are there any front-wheel drive mid-size cars of non-luxury brands that have a great control? The answer is obviously no, so why don't I focus on those cars with better comfort? Before, speaking of comfort, I would think of Teana, Camry, Lacrosse, but today, there should be one more player in this list-Citroen C6.

Citroen C6 2017 380THP Premium

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


After spending so much tongue, I finally brought the topic back to the protagonist of this issue on the basis of clarifying my taste. It happened that our editorial department had a C6, and I took Shen Fat to tell everyone about this car. Why should you bring him? The objective reason is that the eight characters of his birthday meet the rigid requirements of this topic, and the subjective reason is that I don't want to let go of this opportunity to tease him.

It's still the old rules. Let's start with the appearance. For a detailed introduction, you can read the past test drive evaluation articles. This time, let's pick a few key points.

The aesthetics vary from person to person. Whether you like a modest and watchful conservative, or a new generation who appreciates individuality and youth, you can find some resonance in C6. After all, there is a lot of it in the relatively plain overall design. The small details worthy of fun, in my eyes, this is the most commendable aspect of its design.

As early as when the C6 was just launched, its interior left a deep impression on me. I still remember the promotional vocabulary of those manufacturers, such as “water and air”, “French luggage”, etc., those leather and The wood grain matching, delicate workmanship and exquisite texture are all beautiful, but all of the above are only applicable to top models. Can non-top models still retain the sense of luxury?

When buying a car for the second time, many friends around me value the silent performance very much. People who have experience in car use tend to be more rational and more targeted when choosing a car again, knowing what is important, not to mention that a car with good NVH (noise, vibration, and roughness) performance is likely to be a complete car. Workmanship, materials and assembly technology are all at a relatively high level.

In Shen Fat’s eyes, the non-sporty interior is like poison gas wafting in front of him, so hot that he can’t open his eyes, so that he insists on showing me some photos of Porsche’s interior while acting like a coquettish. What kind of interior is luxurious and sporty at the same time, I rejected his “kindness”, because I never accept men's “unreasonable making trouble”, haha! If you have this time, let's quickly drive C6 on the road and experience the dynamic feeling!

Static experience, Shen Fat and I can't talk together, the aesthetic difference is too big. So how does C6 open up? I drove Shen Fat for a few laps on urban roads, and exchanged driving experience to experience the handling of the C6. I am very satisfied with its realization, but for Shen Fat, that's just…

Shen Pang was already in the back seat and he felt like he couldn't do it. I decided to find a place to park and talk to him about the comfort of the back seat. According to what I know about him, although his body is already honest, his mouth is definitely not willing. recognition. go! Let's hear what he said.

I know that Shen Pang’s mind is all about handling performance and driving pleasure. Otherwise, how can he pretend to be a “car-knowledge”? Therefore, the C6, which has a more soothing overall driving feeling, will certainly not be too appetizing for him, as expected…

Model recommendation

I think C6 is suitable for two types of consumer groups: 1. Corporate official cars. It is too suitable for French foreign companies' branches in China. It not only reflects their corporate image, but also has a good sense of comfort and luxury. I can think of this Like potential customers, I was moved by my own wit. 2. A medium-sized car consumer group who does not value brand recognition too much, pays attention to the actual car experience, and wants a decent and comfortable means of transportation.

In terms of specific model configuration, the one I recommend most is the 380THP premium model for this test drive. In terms of power, although the 1.6T model is 17,000 yuan cheaper than the 1.8T at the same configuration level, for a medium-sized car, the small displacement still seems a little emboldened, not to mention the 1.8T engine power. Strong, so if the budget is not very tight, I do not recommend buying a 1.6T model.

Model configuration comparison
Model 380THP luxury type 380THP premium type
Official guide price 218,900 yuan 239,900 yuan
Spread 21,000 yuan
Large light source halogen Full LED
Ambient lights in the car
In-vehicle interconnection system
Car Wi-Fi
Adaptive cruise
Active emergency braking system
Collision warning
Pedestrian recognition
Dynamic brake assist
Lane departure warning
Speed limit intelligent recognition
Three-layer soundproof glass Front door Four doors
Front seats are ventilated and massaged
Front row four-way adjustable headrest
Four-zone automatic air conditioner with negative ion generator
AQS Air Quality Monitoring System

Among the three configurations of 1.8T, the low ratio of mid-range configuration has more LED headlights, front seat ventilation, adaptive cruise, 18-inch wheels, independent rear air conditioning and some active and passive safety configurations, but the price is only It costs 21,000 yuan, which is definitely the most cost-effective choice. However, comparing it horizontally at the same level, to be honest, I think that with the positioning and price of the C6, the mountain in front of it is indeed insurmountable. You must know that this mountain is the Magotan.


It should happen to be New Year's Eve when you read this article. Here I wish you all a New Year! I wish netizens good health in the new year! Buy a new house! Change to a new car!

At this time, you may be on the way home to reunite with your family, or you may be preparing for the New Year’s Eve dinner in the evening. If you are lucky enough to see this article, I sincerely thank you! You can leave a message and tell us if you have any comments or suggestions on this article, me, and Auto House. If you have any comments on Shen Fat, I will try to reduce his appearance rate in the next article, haha! (Text/Photo: Xu Chao/Photography Yuan Lu)

Finally come to a festive ending: