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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Previously, we have used this way of drawing and talking to you to interpret the imaginary pictures of BMW X7 and Audi A8 models. Today we look at a new car of our own brand, which is in Changan in 2017. In the new car plan, it is positioned as a compact SUV, which is connected between the CS35 and CS75 of the same series. The spy photos about it have been exposed, so the next homework is done by me.

Open the official website of Changan Automobile, the current SUV product sequence is like the picture above, but a new compact SUV, CS55, will soon appear between CS35 and CS75. Some people say that it can continue to write the CS75 sales record, some people say that it is the next Haval H6, so what does it look like?

• Chen Zheng and his Changan design

The initial understanding of Changan Automobile began with a red CS75 I tested two years ago. Since its launch in 2014, the increasing number of appearances on the road shows its sales. As the “cousin” of the protagonist CS55 in today's article, it is not actually Changan Automobile's first SUV.

At this time, the internal code-named S301 project was launched, which is the future CS75. In the design of CS75, the designer's intention can be clearly read: muscle feel, metal chrome plating, block cutting. I think many of the features on the CS75 are magnified, rectangular headlights, bright chrome grille, and more masculine temperament. These breakthrough performance techniques make it quickly emerge.

Subsequently, the 2015 Changan CS15 was unveiled, and the CS95 mass production version was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2016. What was impressive was that the back-shaped grille of the CS95 was replaced when it was exhibited at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November of the same year, and the final shape of the CS95 was finalized.

In fact, it is not difficult to see from the pictures on the official website that the common features from CS15 to CS75 in design are not obvious, and it can even be said that there is basically no commonality. Compared with the many joint ventures and imported brands with prominent family characteristics, how does the design team of Changan Automobile consider?

When it comes to family design, Chen Zheng has a clear understanding of independent brands. He believes that the response of the market and consumers is a criterion for good or bad design. If consumers like us, we will keep these elements. If they don’t like us, we will introduce other elements to enrich the design. There is no need to deliberately solidify family elements, because for Changan, the design has not yet settled down to the thickness of inheritance.

• What is CS55?

Previously, Changan CS55 exposed a batch of spy photos, with front 45° and frontal angles. After multiple collections and comparisons, we tried to analyze some design clues. In terms of power, Changan CS55 is expected to be equipped with Changan Blue core 1.5T turbocharged engine.

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The spy car of the Changan CS55 is more kind, and the light camouflage allows us to explore a lot of front details. In order to be closer to the finished car to a greater extent, we refer to some design elements from the CS95 and CS75. As one of the leading independent brands in the field of design, Changan Automobile and its European Design Center in Turin have drawn a lot of inspiration for its independent design. We look forward to more excellent designs from Chinese brands.